Sunday, July 31, 2016

Dirty Laundry 55

I was typing so fast my text came out like this "ohmygodheishere" 


Me-" He's here! Upstairs!"

Pussycat -"Who?"

Me-"My ex!"

Pussycat-"Your ex is where?"


I really didn't understand how that sentence could be misread? I then shot the same panicked message to my cousin Walsh.  He didn't reply right away.

Pussycat- "What do you mean, he's upstairs?"

Me-"I mean my ex just moved in upstairs!!!!!"   the phone binged while I was typing. It was Walsh.

Walsh-:"What's going on?"

Me-:"He's here. In the building. Upstairs. Saw him as I came home from groceries."


Pussycat-:"Tell me exactly what happened."

Walsh-:"You sure he moved in and not just visiting?"

Me to Walsh-:"Yep! I was coming across the parking lot, and he was pulling out of it, looked at me, looked down as if caught doing something he shouldn't, then ripped out of the lot like the devil after him."

Walsh-:"Again, I ask, are you sure he moved in and is not just visiting?"

Me-:"Yes! He's been back and forth with stuff making noise on the stairs."

Walsh-:"It's a huge building. He might not even be on your side of it?"

Me-:"He's in the apartment right above. I've seen him go past my window twice in the last hour."

Me to Pussycat-:"My ex, the one who shattered my self esteem, just moved in to the apartment above me. I can't breathe."  I sent him the same message I had just sent my cousin.

Pussycat-:"If you made him that uncomfortable it is better than you think if he turned and walked away with his tail between his legs you have a one up."

Me to Pussycat-:"I don't see it. I just see death and destruction."

Walsh-:"Go for a walk. Calm down."

Me-:"Don't want to. Just want him to leave. I was here first!!!"

Walsh-:"Yeah, that's mature."

Me-:"Mature was never in the...hold up Pussycat is phoning."

Walsh-:"You ran and told your little drag queen?"

Me-:"Someone's jealous."

Walsh-:"Whatever he tells you do the opposite!"