Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I hate this time of year. Honestly, if I could just jump from about November 12th to March 1st every year, I'd be happy.

I was out at the mall with mom this morning, and the santa land was up. Kids everywhere, with sticky hands and screaming and fed up parents.  And the worst part, creepy little elves. Cause, they were grown men in elf suites and beards that looked just nasty. One smelled of too much body spray when you walked past him.

This is the worst time of year to be single.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Nov 18th 2013

Sort of a post-it note.

Mr. Scratchy, Herman, how has things been?
I really hope that the Rebel without a Cause and Werewolf King get their titles back soon. Shame seeing them shiny-less.
My deadline to finish the fairy tale is coming close. Need to get it done before the end of the year. A lot to cover in it still.

Was waiting for a bus at the store today, and this really stoned guy; I'd say in his 60's, started hitting on this old lady, also in her 60's. Scared the crap out of her, and she came over to where I was standing, and literally pulled me in front of her.  Like I'm anything to protect anyone. Scare them maybe but protect?  He kept trying to get her to have a drink with him, didn't give up till the bus got there.

This city gets crazier and crazier all the time.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

His butt's not real

Yesterday, was at mom's catching up with the wrestling from Monday night. Dimmer was on. I was sitting there, cup of coffee in hand and I hear  "His clothes are too tight. How does he breathe? You never see him sitting down cause I don't think he can in those pants."

Me-:"Part of his character. His gimmick. Plus, he's got a really great butt."

Mom-:"That's not real."   I nearly choked on my coffee when she said that. "That's cause his pants are too tight."

Me-:"Few times he's been on tv in wrestling shorts, his butt looks like that."

Mom-: "Or it's one of those spandex things he's wearing under them to hold it up like what women wear to suck in their gut, or implants."

Me-:"Implants?" I was laughing at that.

Mom-:"Yeah, that's it. Like what women get done in their boobs. Men get boob implants now too, half those actors don't look that good. Implants." she was nodding and shaking a pen at me. "That butt is just not real. Dimmer must have had work done."

Me-:"He's beautiful, who cares."

She continued to stare at the tv for a few more minutes while he was standing there for his segment.  "He's okay. Better looking than that Orton."

I agree with her on that.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Big screen

Walsh came by mom's with Mavis. Mom is babysitting her tonight yet again.

Mavis-:"You here again?"

Me-:"Internet is out at my place."

Walsh-:"Half the city's internet is out." he laughed then as he was handing my cousin her overnight bag. "Speaking of, how's the fairy tale?"

Me-:"Possibly ruined. Thanks for asking."

Mavis was climbing on him trying to hang off his neck. "Why do you say that?"

Me-:"I'm thinking I'm stuck. I wrote a few things in the story and now I'm not sure how to tie them together. So stuckage."

Walsh-:"Everything else okay? Haven't seen much on the thing." he said gesturing towards the computer, Mavis sliding down him nearly falling on her butt.

Me-:"I haven't been okay in years. Yourself?"

He just nodded, all his attention taken by his sister still trying to climb on him like monkey bars. "Dad said to give her a bath.". Mom asked him about his other sister. "She's back in the hospital. I see your boys have been on a loosing streak lately."

Me-:" Way to change the topic. Not for long, I'm sure."  Walsh said goodnight to Mavis, and then just stood there waiting for a few minutes looking lost.  "Walsh, are you needing a smoke break or something?"

Walsh-:"Yes please."   We went outside so that he could have his cigarette.  "Tell me something happy."

Me-:"Mom finally got a new computer. That's happy. There's a new delivery guy who looks to be around 30ish. That's in the happy category. Otherwise, I've got nothing."

Walsh-:"Then tell me about whatever. Anything."

Me-:"Once upon a time, in a dark and lonely place, there was a beautiful queen who was in love with the idea of being in love. Only, all the white knights were gay or married and the beautiful queen was just simply alone and out of luck. But one day, a wise old witch came through the village and offered to give the beautiful queen a special magic scroll tucked into an arrow owned by cupid, and the special magic scroll tucked into an arrow owned by cupid was destined to find the beautiful queen's true love. All she had to do was shoot it during a full moon and it would find the beautiful queen's true love. And so she did as she was instructed and shot the special magic scroll tucked into an arrow owned by cupid into the sky under the full moon and waited. Before long, a handsome young knight introduced himself to the beautiful queen, having been hit by the arrow and read the scroll. He handed it to her, told her his name, and they lived happily ever after but only for three nights a month under the full moon."

Walsh was laughing his ass off at me, three shades of red, his eyes watering which ended up sticking to his face cause it was freezing out.  "and let me guess, his name was Johnathan?"

Me-:"Don't be silly. It was MoonDoggy.  MoonDoggy Spottles the fifth, the grey knight. And he was a grey knight not a white knight because he'd passed his second level exams in the grande knighthood."  Walsh was nearly peeing himself he was laughing so hard.  "You said tell you anything."

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Post it note Nov 5th 2013

 Mr. Scratchy, Herman.  How has it been going? Lovely to hear.
Halloween sucked.
It used to be a time when I got together with the people I cared about, we would spend the night in costume, rent bad horror movies, stuff ourselves with candy, then have a midnight Rocky Horror Picture Show party, and extremely late dinner.
But that was before everyone grew up, got married on me and had kids of their own.  No point in doing that sort of stuff alone. Lest not for me.

Nothing new really to chat about. Unless you count the new delivery guy. Todd...or Tad or something that began with a T. 

How often do we loose love?  I was watching online the show Witches of East End,  and one of the main themes is that all the characters are basically immortal.  The show so far has been about finding that unexpected love and loosing it constantly.  Makes you wonder how often people really fall into that?
How often, do the relationships we enter into, or the people we end up involved with, really are what the general society considers love? 
Yeah, I know I'm having one of those mornings.

The connections we make in our romantic lives. How often are they love?  When does a crush turn to the real heavy duty thing? 

Well Herman, as I ponder this morning on why my Mr. Right hasn't magically appeared in my life, or what your real connection is with me, I think I'll drag my butt over to mother's and catch up with last night's wrestling.

Stay frosty. And smile damn it!