Monday, November 29, 2010

Mindless Monday

I don't flirt well.  Don't flirt well at all.  If I did, I wouldn't be single. 
I asked the question few months back on my real blog, if I was flirting with a celebrity.  Or I should say, someone else told me to stop flirting with a certain celebrity. 

I admit, I was flirting with him and not ashamed to say so.  More then a few people started to say he was flirting back.  I didn't see it. I couldn't see it. I mean, celebrity! What would he be doing flirting with me?
Though you know full well my every cell, every drop of blood that pumped in me wanted to desperately believe he was flirting back. 
But again, celebrity so that's part of his charm right?  Right?

Well, now that I've gotten a cooler head on this and have removed myself from his presence, I've had time to reflect on it.  Was his attention a real flirt or just a stage show for him to have more spotlights?
As his spotlight grows, and his life seems to be getting more and more perfect for him, with more and more fans/groupies crowding around him every second; I can't help but wonder if I missed the boat?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

But hes a drag

Last year, when I was on the dating site, I got a few messages from a guy who ... well is a drag queen.  Most of the time.  He's friends with Sophia actually and in one of the so-called hottest bands in town.  So imagine my surprise when he out of nowhere asked me to get together.  I wasn't thinking anything past the fact he kept talking about his band, so I showed up one Sunday morning for coffee not showered and wearing paint stained clothes. 
He showed up looking like a guy on a date, in men's clothes which is something none of us have ever seen him in.
We hung out for an hour and talked solely about his band.  I even interviewed him about it.  Time moved on and I never heard from him again,  it was all business. 

I just got a message from him out of the blue.  Huh.  Odd.  This is the fifth guy from last year, that I met through there, that has called/emailed me in the last two weeks.  Is there something in the water around here suddenly that I'm like the "IT GIRL"? Not that I am really complaining on being IT GIRL. Everyone wants to be the center of someone's attention.
But what's gotten me in a state of shock is that he said he just broke up with his girlfriend. 
Hang on?  He's a drag queen? Everyone in town has always said the same thing, that he's gay.  So, does this mean we've all been wrong?

Just goes to show you can't judge a book by it's skirt.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Random Friday -Nov 12th 2010

Earlier this week, I got a message from International Model Guy, asking if I wanted to get together this weekend.  I said sure and told him to call me.   It's noon on a Friday and I'm still waiting.

Are we in a holding pattern?   I thought the modern man had gotten rid of the games of dating and that the so called "three day rule"  no longer exists.   Seems I was wrong.

The thing is, I'm not getting any usual red flags with him.  Am I crazy or is it just that I'm so used to it that red flags don't register any more?

Maybe a little bit of both.

Here's the big thing,  as much as IMG is on my mind, someone else is on my mind more so and for other reasons.
Galvin.  He's lodged himself into the creases of my mind this week. He's gotten himself into a situation and as much as I want to help him out of it, it's beyond my influence.  But yet he's all I am able to think about.

Is it wrong that I would rather just have a two hour conversation with Galvin then a hot date with International Model Guy, even more so when there seems to be an all clear white flag situation?


Monday, November 8, 2010

When Your Dream is not Your Fantasy

Can you measure up?

Neptune went direct today.   While Venus is still in retrograde for another week.

What does this have to do with relationships? More then you think.
We'll start with Venus, the planet of love. Venus rules love, sex, beauty, affection, art, decor, harmony, society and friendships.  Basically how you see and feel about relationships and how things look.  When the planet goes retrograde (reverse mode) it can cause havoc on how people represent themselves and how you view everything.

Neptune controls mystery, illusion, imagination, dreams, spirituality and visions.  In other words, how you clarify something.

So the planet of love is making things seem different then they are, while the planet of dreams is coming into focus.   And what this has to do with my post is coming.

Here's a question for you... what do you do if the man of your dreams is not the man of your fantasies?
That's my dilemma.
For years, and I do mean for as long as I can remember, I've had dreams about a guy.  He's become how I think the perfect man should look. In my dreams, he's always doing something boring and normal (taking out the trash, reading in a library, painting on the porch, driving etc)  I recently (in the last few years)  found out this man exists.  Yeah, he's more then a dream man, he's the ONE. The guy I've been searching for since I was a teenager.

Dream Man has a friend.  It's his friend that stirs my nocturnal fantasies; not Dream Man.  

Today of all days, I've been unable to get this issue off my mind.  Fantasy Guy, a few people could even argue, would be better suited for me then Dream Man.  How do you compromise your dreams with your fantasies and still keep touch with reality?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Mornings

In season six of SATC,  the character of Jack Berger looses his book deal and breaks up with Carrie because he's depressed.  They get back together for a bit and then he dumps her on a post-it.   The episode is called "The Post-It Always Sticks Twice"

You remember the last post I talked about Sci-Fi Guy,  and how I compared him to Berger in SATC because of the fact he's a writer... well, I was suppose to get together tonight with him and he canceled.  Not as bad as a post-it, but ... in an email.
He seems to have a legit reason, and there are books involved.

So I suppose all I can do is shrug, get back to work and wish my tag team much luck and zero injuries tonight in their pay-per-view match.

Friday, November 5, 2010

A random Friday Night- Nov 5th

Supper time.  Normally for me, supper time means stopping whatever work I'm doing (book reviews or wrestling reviews or trying to write on my novel) and cooking dinner. The television is off most of the time, but supper time I pop in a DVD.  (I do not have cable)

Tonight, ironically while I was making pasta and sauce, I popped in season 6 of SATC part One.  The episode I ended up watching was "To Market To Market"  which was the casual episode.  We see Miranda decide she loves Steve and Carrie get a first date with Berger.  I decided to listen to the commentary on this one, and of course, it was all about new beginnings and taking things as they come compared to how we want them to be.

One of the subplots talked about being a match for someone and how well we line up.

I got an email in the middle of writing this post, from a guy I met over a year ago.  Sci-Fi Guy.  He's a writer as well (ironically just like Berger in SATC) We had hit it off, but nothing had come of things then. 
Tonight, we ended up talking for two hours and have plans for Sunday afternoon. 

Just goes to prove when the pressure is off anything can happen.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gold Diggers

For years this city was void of men.  Now, they're coming out of the woodwork... literally.

Last year this time, the city approved a few construction ventures, and reopened one of the mills and one mine just outside of the city limits.  Suddenly, tons of twentysomething men appeared like magic in the area.

The only issues are, most of these guys work such crazy long hours even when you manage to find one once, you loose him underground for weeks even months.  The other issue, they all tend to not trust a woman is after them for their ass; believing that only their money is the desire.

It's almost like they have a celebrity phobia persona.  They're the star and you're the groupie. 

How do you prove to a man who is almost never around to give you a chance?  To let him know the weight of his coin is not your attraction but the length of his bill?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The International Model Guy

In season one of Sex and the City, there is an episode called "Models vs Mortals"  where Carrie talks about how so many men in New York only date models, and Miranda and Samantha both end up dating the type of guy, known as the Modelizers. 

A few months ago, I was called a Wrestlizer by one guy because of my addiction to wrestlers.  Now the whole idea behind modelizers; is that they never date outside of that type. 
That term does not really apply to me, as I have not really dated any wrestlers.

Last night, I complained on my main blog about how I miss flirting, and a guy I know who used to work at the local Starbucks, read it.   Starbucks Dude knows everyone from his job.  At the end of my blog post I asked if anyone had anyone they could set me up with.  Starbucks Dude told me about International Model Guy. 

Starbucks Dude  "He'll makes that wrestler you're always crushing on look like hamburger helper"

Me  "What's wrong with hamburger helper?"

Starbucks Dude  "Do you want to meet International Model Guy or what?"

You know I did, there was no question about it.
He's originally from here and moved back to town in the last few months. So we ended up having a brief few minutes chat, me and IMG, and exchanged emails.  He ended things with "I think you are very interesting and would love to at some point go for coffee"

Translation - I think you are an ugly cow but will string you along for a few weeks in case I get bored/horny/dumped -

I think I will stick to my wrestlers.


Sophia, the Wannabe Socialite. 
I've talked about her before on both my main blog and my society blog

Here is the short version.... Sophia has been in and out of rehab over the last few years. She wants to be a singer and an actress. She's gay but has not come out to everyone yet, and recently I bumped into her. 

I stood there this past weekend, when I had bumped into her, listening to her go on about the local theater company she's in and the musical she's trying to get money to produce.  I'm happy for her, she's been working on this musical for the last four years.  
When I told her about the recent success I've had with my own writing, she snorted and started to fidget with a store display not even listening to me.  Her friend who was with her, whom I've never met before was happy for me.
The worst part, Sophia is working with my ex boyfriend. She slammed it in my face on more then one occasion too. Letting me know he's one of the theater group she's planning on moving to Toronto with.

What hurts here is that she's someone I considered a sister for years.  She's one of my sister's oldest friends and when her life hit rock bottom, our mom took her in letting her live with us for three years.

I've had one person tell me she's just jealous. Okay, I'll take that as a compliment. Doesn't make the sting any less.

Get over yourself

Remember Jordan the Gay Guy I bumped into him again. I was out of coffee, so I hobbled down to the Tim Hortons at the end of the street. And there he was, sitting at a table right in the corner of the window with his little "pack" of groupies.

"Oh my god! You look tres tres tired. It's so chic very you." JTGG said in his girly squeal. I think I managed a smile. It was meant as a smile, but I confess it might have come off as a snear. There was a time JTGG was one of the closet people in my life, but since he got in with his new group of friends, he's become one of the fakest people around. "Look at you, where have you been hiding? "

Where have I been hiding? I hadn't realized I had been. I got my large double double and turned knowing I would be stuck chatting. I didn't like the way his friend was looking at me. Female friend. For as short as JTGG is, this girl was the opposite. She must have been close to 5'11 and as skinny as a toothpick. Her clothes were hanging off her. She gave me the creeps. Let me just say, that as much as Sex and the City has been a craze here fashion wise, so has Twilight. We have a few guys running around town who could be stand ins for the actor who plays Edward in those movies, as well as half the teenaged female population copying the Bella Swan look. She was a Bella-Wannabe down to the speech pattern. I wish I had gotten photos I really do.

We chatted about my novel for a moment, as I waited for him to mention his "designing" which was all he talked about last time. He said nothing, so I asked. He rolled his eyes and laughed saying that he had been stoned that last day when he talked to me. There's a shocker for ya. But that he was still into it. Then started going on about having seen the movie September Issue the documentary about Vogue's Anna Wintour. (Good movie by the way. ) Then he started picking at my hair. My short little pixie-ish cut hair.
This is where his friend really started to creep me out, and the point to the title of this post. She sat up a little straighter, and started asking me where I lived, that she'd seen me at the Blockbuster a few times. JTGG rolled his eyes at me again and looked over his shoulder at her telling her to not bother.
"She's only into the penis. Penis, penis, penis!"

Now, here I am standing in a small donut shop filled with seniors, the local chapter of the Hell's Angels, a table of giggling teenagers and JTGG's little band of gay friends. I'm a very pale woman, very pale. When I blush it's like a large fuschia stain from the tip of my hairline to the hem of my clothes. And here we were with everyone gaping at us like dead fish while the little gay man screamed the word penis over and over again. And I was trapped standing there for a few more minutes before he finally said he needed to get back to his table.

Now really wishing I gone to the grocery for the coffee instead.

Originally posted on my other blog on June 14th 2010

OMG! The Designer

"You know like Robert Lee Grant's character in that fashion movie" Jordan The Gay Guy said.

"You mean Richard E Grant." I know I should not have been so snippy, but we were standing in line at the pharmacy, me in pain from the shoulders down, hunched over and just the last thing I had wanted was to bump into Jordan.

"Right whatever hahaha" he said. Picture this, a 5 foot 3 boy-man (no figure to his form) with thick dreadlocks, platform shoes (which put him at 5 foot 9) combat patterned pants in red and black, and a see through shirt under a black hoodie. Did I mention the blue clip on hair extensions that were sprouting out of his dreadlocks like weeds, and the glittery blue eye shadow that looks like it has been put on drunkenly in the dark. He had spotted me, ran over gave me a big hug and started telling me about what he's up to now.
JTGG used to be married to a former friend of mine. The Designer. The Designer is Sophia's sister (Wannabe Socialite) Ten years ago, everyone who met JTGG would ask if he was gay, as he always had a great fashion sense (no idea what happened to him) and is very girly in his speech/gestures. He would always say very angrily "no not gay". They were married for seven years, then one day JTGG admitted he might actually be "Bisexual" and within two months of that left the Designer for his boyfriend and came out completely.

When he decided to become the poster child for bad gothic club kids I have no idea. It's as if the second he came out of the closet, he left his real fashion self on the shelf. Seriously, it's as if he's trying too hard to be gay. Like now that he's out, he is trying to live up to the cliched version of a gay man you see in movies all the time. It's sad really. I hope he grows out of it and just realizes that he can be sexually free in jeans and a tee shirt. Or just go totally drag.

Yes I know I sound like the fashion swat team but had you known him five years ago, you would be feeling the same fashion shame now.
So it seems he's gotten into design himself now. Said he watched a tribute to Alexander McQueen on television last week and "finally understood what his ex wife was always getting at".

This I can not see going too far. And the fact he declared his "muse" to be a character from a movie that was a mockage on the very industry he now claims to be wanting part of... well you do the math. 
Originally posted on my other blog on Feb 28th 2010