Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Through the looking glass

In the second Sex and the City movie, Carrie and Big are feeling the pressure to be more then they are. This leads to Carrie running away a few times in the film. One of those times, she has a chat with the butler at her hotel who tells her about how he and his wife have to live apart for work for most of the year.
In the movie it works to bring them together more when they do share time.

I've never seen that work in real life.   My dad worked out of town 10 months a year, 11 months some years.  My parents split up back in 1997, and this was one major reason.
One of my uncles had a job, still does actually; that keeps him on the road 6 days a week. Its the biggest reason he and my aunt divorced back in 1989.

They say you end up with the same type of person as your parents.  One of my longest relationships was with a guy who was never home. 

I hated it. Swore I'd never get involved again with a guy who had such mad hours.

Two years later I got involved with another guy who worked hours that kept him everywhere but at home.  And the few relationships after that were with guys in the US that I'd met online. Seeing each other was impossible at the best of times.

I think I found a pattern here.

There is a rule in the law of attraction/manifestation that says what you do not want the most you will bring into your life.  This is because we think about it without realizing it. 
For years, because I declared how much I did not want that type of relationship, because of the amount of energy I put into thinking about how bad it would be for me, I created it.

I've learned the hard way what it is that I want to bring towards me in my next relationship. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The end beautiful

My mom was talking to my aunt, and Walsh was there.  Mom moved the phone from her ear so I could hear what he had to say.  He asked what I was going to do about my blogs and who was I going to give my attention to now?

I had no idea what he was talking about, then he told me that The Celebrity wasn't a celebrity anymore. I thought he was just  joking around, but he told me he'd seen it online on more then one fan site.   The Celebrity left the company.

What?  Seriously?  oh my god. 

I am still in shock. Never saw that coming. 

For those of you who have been reading this blog for the last few years, it means one thing... we'll never know how it really ends.
I still to this day do not 100% know how The Celebrity found my writing back few years ago when he did.  I only know that for a while, there was a 'affair of the blog' as I like to call it.  Things I ranted about showed up in the industry.

Anyway, if  The Celebrity is reading this right now... well hell I need a cocktail.  

Post-it May 29th

Mr. Scratchy.  It's been fairly quiet here the last few weeks. Not much to chat about.
I pulled out some of my Jane Austen movies last night. I know you will think that to be totally boring. Anyway, I started thinking about romance, writing, honesty, innocence. All the themes in Nothanger Abbey. It's always been one of my favourites.
I think all writers, all artists are in search of these things... don't you agree? I can only imagine that in your line of work honesty and innocence are the first things that become numbed for you guys. That's what I'm here for, to remind you that innocence and honesty are still something people over the age of fifteen hold dear.
I know, there isn't anything exciting in what I have to say or how I live, specially given Mr. Scratchy that you travel constantly for your job and; I'm more then sure, that you've met some very - colourful- characters on a daily basis over the last few years.
Not much happening around here at the moment, just the city crews outside trying to clear the streets from the flooding we had.  Three days of thunder storms and many backed up sewers and half the roads around here closed.
So Mr. Scratchy, while you get ready for your day, I'm sitting here with not much else going on. Much like the characters in a Jane Austen story, dreaming, writing, and just waiting to hear of someone else's adventures. One of these days maybe you'll tell me some of yours over a coffee.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 23rd 2012

I just wanted to say a short Happy Birthday to The Celebrity today.

I know if he doesn't check in today, either The Other Guy, or The DoubleStarr or even Mr. Scratchy will pass this on. 

Happy Birthday.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The never ending drama

My sister stopped by and told us that the Drama Queen has quit her job at the grocery and gotten another job at a rival store in another neighbourhood. She said she bumped into her few hours ago.

Sister-: "She said she's pregnant with twins. Again. Isn't that like a constant with her?"

Me-: "Yes, and in about three weeks she'll tell you that she's lost them. Lost them because of having to have surgery on her back or insides or something. It's always the same thing with her. If half of the pregnancies she claims to have had were true, she'd be the old woman who lived in a shoe."

Sister-: "She didn't say why she quit and got a job at this other place."   This other grocery is in my sister's neighbourhood about ten blocks away.

Mom-: "I feel sorry for her, there is just something not right in the head with her. Even when she was a kid she claimed things that were never true but she seems to be worse since her mother died."

Sister-: "Oh my god. She's like an imaginary whore too. All the affairs she claims to have."

Me-: "All I know is that she didn't want me even talking to Storm so who really knows."

Sister-: "And how's that working for you?"

Me-: "About as well as zero can. Haven't heard a snot from him since like three days before I broke my knee."

Sister-: "Better off without him. Your Mr. Scratchy come out of hiding yet?"    she asked this with a smirk as if she knew something about the situation that I don't.

Me-: "Does it look like he has?  Do you see him sitting here in the living room with me?"

My sister shrugged and got her keys getting ready to leave. "Maybe you scared him off ? Men are so stupid total babies."    she started to scratch at the right side of  her neck without even thinking about it.  Her cell phone started to buzz then and I broke out laughing for a good five minutes.  "You totally creep me out with that you know and yes it's him see."  she showed our mom the caller id to prove it was my brother in law.

Me-: "Now if only my Mr. Scratchy were that easy to get a hold of."

Friday, May 11, 2012

A time of Controversy

One of the stories that seems to be all over the internet /news, is the latest cover and article for Time magazine which talks about breastfeeding past the year and a half mark.
A few of the photos that have been online show a mother breastfeeding a child over the age of 4. The article is suppose to be about parental attachment.

As you can imagine, the comments that were attached to the online article were split down the middle, half of them saying it was wrong and half saying it was natural.

My thoughts on it... icky! 

Dude, I don't want to see that.  It's one thing when you are at the house of a new mother who breast feeds and have to sit through it, and it's another thing when it's done in public.   But, after a child has gotten to the point of having all their teeth baby ones or otherwise,  it's way past the point of breastfeeding, in private or public. 

There are height and weight limits for the use of car seats, there should be an age limit to breastfeeding. 


Sunday, May 6, 2012

39th and overboard

Yesterday was what should have been my parent's 39th wedding anniversary.  I say should have been because they got a legal separation back almost 15 years ago. 

My dad called my mother yesterday at supper time to wish her a drunken happy anniversary, acting like nothing had happened in the last fifteen years.  Mother was seething. 
Personally, I would not have even answered the phone but that's just me. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Post-It May 2nd

It's raining here this morning. It's dull, grey, with the hint of a chill.  Just the way I like it. I'm not the type of person that can handle hot bright days, I suffer from migraine headaches.  So days like this are the sort of days I crave.

I got asked why it is that I write these little personal notes when Mr. Scratchy, you've never answered me.  
I can only trust you're reading them, and that they bring a smile to your face when you need them.  That and all the life coaches I've worked with, all the relationship courses, newsletters, books, etc I've researched have said to live as if.   Live as if you've already found the perfect person.  
So, this is me, living as if you've already come into my life... and I suppose if you are reading this you already have.  Just you're on the apron and not yet in the center of the ring... so to speak.
Sharing my day.

Beyond the silliness, beyond the confusion, and underneath the sarcasm.

I think today is a very good day to relax.  Just unwind, with an art project and a pot of homemade soup. But first, I'm off to physio therapy to be yelled at by my therapist because I had to cancel yesterday's session. 
I can see you spending your day at home, wearing a pair of ripped track pants and tee; the glasses I believe you wear, making a cup of tea, while you read the sports section of the paper before doing the mundane stuff.  Like laundry, paying the bills, and working on ... painting the shed. 
However you spend your day today, I hope Mr. Scratchy you have the sort of day you crave.