Saturday, January 26, 2013

Random Saturday continued

I was in the middle of cooking dinner when the phone rang and all I heard was "your pick lost"
It was Walsh.

Walsh-:"They just updated the website and the guy you picked as the wild card for the big pay per view tomorrow, he lost."   Walsh had dropped his little sister off at my mom's for her to babysit for the night. Both his dad and step mom have to work tonight.

Me-:"I thought that it was meant to be the pre show tomorrow?"

Walsh-: "No. Looks like it was a live event at the fan thingie. Anyways, he lost."

Me-:"Huh. So you going to tell me what it was the tarot reading said?"

I heard him take a drink of something and the sound of both my mom's voice and my 6 year old cousin's voice in the background. Seems my cousin was telling my mom about her dance class.

Walsh-:" Well, she pulled the cards, and said that my wife would get a promotion. Then went on about..."

Me-:"How many cards? You remember what they were?"

Walsh-:"...huh? 3 cards and I don't remember what the first one was. But the second had a woman with a two cups  and the third one had the number 10 and a house and some coins. And then she pointed to the number 10 saying that we would be getting a vastness of wealth and a trip would be given to us for free. Then she made a worried face and pointed to the one in the middle saying it would only come to us after a relative had their moment to shine. Then she added another card on top of the middle one, of a woman with a crown holding a cup. She said that it would be an older female relative who'd cheated death and who's voice influenced others, after her golden chariot came then we'd get everything we needed."

Me-:"Okay, wow. Older female relative who'd cheated death. I can't deny that does sound like me when you think about it."  I started to get a bit of a weird feeling then cause I couldn't help but start to remember the car accident I had been in few years ago.  The doctor's kept telling me they had no idea how I survived it.  "And I suppose that part about who's voice influenced others,  definitely sounds like what a blog is about. Damn." I let out a deep breath for a second rolling it over in my mind cause I didn't get the final part about the golden chariot coming?  And I told Walsh that.

Walsh-:"You don't think that the voice influencing others is about the wrestling industry listening to you?  Cause I think that is what it's meaning.  That the wrestlers still read you and still use your ideas. I don't know. To me, the gold thing has to do with someone you like winning. Getting the championship."

Me-:"Maybe. But anyway, you asked me to pick one wrestler in Company #1 and write about him. And I did, and suggested he be added as a wild card, which I wrote like five days ago; and there have been double the normal amount of hits to that blog post on my wrestling stuff, and in the last 24 hours they announced the wild card match putting my pick in.  I'll take that as getting done what you were looking for.  Which ... you said one of the things already came true? What was it?"

Walsh-: "When my wife went back to work after New Year's, she got a promotion. Which was a total shock, cause she's only been at this job for a year and usually you have to be working at her company for two to be inline for a promotion."

I think I made a noise, I can't remember cause I was still thinking about the part about the golden chariot and the comment he'd made about my time to shine.

Me-:"Well, I say as far as the rest of it, act like it's already happened. Just think positive."

Walsh-:"What's wrong?"

Me-: "Nothing really, just trying to figure out what the golden chariot part means and why I came up in your reading?  I could understand if it had been about one of your sister's or your brother or something, but me? And you're totally sure you never talked about me to the tarot reader or anything?"

He was silent for a moment then laughed "I had just checked your one blog like two minutes before she got there. But the computer was turned off by then. Why?"

Me-: "That's most likely it. You most likely were still thinking about whatever it was I had said on the blog when she did the cards. Mystery solved. And with that, I need to finish dinner."

Half hour later, finished supper and still can not get out of my mind the comment about  "the golden chariot coming"?  

Random Saturday

Phone rang, it was mom on her way out with my sister for the day. She wanted to let me know before she forgot again, that she'd gotten a message on Facebook from my cousin Walsh asking if I'd seen the website for Company #1 in the last few days?

Me-: "No why?"

Mom-: "All it says is to ask you if you have. I suppose you'll know what he's talking about once you look. Something I think to do with the major pay per view this weekend. I wasn't really paying attention just skimmed the email."

Me-: "okay, going to check now."

I hung up and went to look at the website. And broke out in a mad fit of laughter at one of the video packages.  One of the suggestions I had written about few days ago, looked as if it had been seriously considered.  I was giddy for about ten minutes. 
Walsh would be happy I'm sure cause this was the "sign" he was looking for.  Which, he still hasn't completely filled me in as to why its so important or why he was in a rush about me blogging it in the first place?


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Shake down the walls

I had just picked up a book off my reading pile by Anthony Bourdain, and made it about three paragraphs in, when a door slammed so hard in the building, a picture frame fell off of my living room wall bounced off my sofa and onto the floor.

Then the fighting began from PartyGirl's apartment which is right below me.  Something crashed, then her screaming about the neighbours and the stereo kicking in.

It's starting to get a bit on the scary side lately.
I put on my iPod which did nothing to drown them out, and waited.  Waited till the music stopped, waited till there was footfalls on the stairs, waited till the door to the building slammed. 
Then I went to the window and peaked out into the parking lot. 

This was not the same man PartyGirl had the fight with the other week. The other week the guy had been young in his early twenties, Native.   This guy today, white, older around mid fifties.

One of these days, one of us in this building is going to have to call the cops. I just hope it doesn't have to be me, cause I really don't want to get in that guy's eyesight.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Dirty Laundry 22

The mop that I have perched in the corner of the kitchen fell over scaring the life out of me this morning.  I wasn't happy cause that means company would be dropping by.  My mother laughs at me when I mention things like omens and signs, and every time I'm right.
So when my doorbell rang about an hour later, I was just expecting one of those door to door religious groups or someone looking for someone else in the building who got the wrong doorbell.

Surprised to see my cousin Walsh standing there.
Walsh-: "I was at my dad's, and my step mom told me to drop this off for you."   It was a book on meditation. "How is everything?"

Me-:"Fine. What's up with you?"

He shrugged. "Same old stuff. So nothing new?"

Me-:"No. Nothing. Why?"

Walsh-:"Just wanted to know if your Mr. Scratchy has come forward yet?"

Me-:"Uh no.  In fact, there hasn't been any indication that he's even still around. Why?"

Walsh-: "Just cause. I haven't heard you say much of anything lately. About anything. Not even about wrestling. Which has been your obsession since we were kids."

 I have no clue where all this was coming from, nor do I really think I want to know.  PartyGirl came out of her apartment, smiling and flipping her hair at Walsh when she spotted him,  as she went to her car.  I rolled my eyes and wondered how other women can just do that?  Just smile and get what they want.

Walsh-:"You're going to tell me that the comment you wrote few months ago about the pay per view, wasn't you?  That they just happened to do what you wrote two hours later?"

Me-: "I'm telling you that for once, yes, that's just too short a timeframe to have read my blog and then set up what they did.  Granted, for about five minutes I believed it, but now...what's gotten into you all of a sudden?  Why egg me on?"

Walsh-:"At our New Years party, one of my wife's new co-workers told us something. She does tarot readings like you do and she did one for us, and it came true."

Me-:"And this has what to do with me? You never used to let me do readings for you when we were kids."

Walsh-:"I can't tell you the whole thing because you'll laugh."

Me-: "I'll laugh? Dude, with everything I believe in there is no way I'll laugh."

But he just wouldn't tell me. He blushed a lot, which he does so prettily.

Walsh-:"Uh...okay...I can't tell you. But, write something about the wrestling. Specifically for one wrestler in Company 1. If it happens, then I know what my wife's friend said is true."

Me-:"Why do I feel like I'm about to get into trouble?"

Walsh-:"No, no this is a good thing. I will tell you this much, if what she said is right, and I really think it is, you will want to do this." he giggled blushing some more. God he reminds me of our Grandfather when he does that. "She described you perfectly. And I know she's never met you, had never seen you before, so just do this. Pick a wrestler and write something."

I was another ten minutes trying to get him to explain but he just wouldn't.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tue Jan 15th 2013

Last night was the first episode of the long awaited Carrie Diaries, prequel to Sex and the City.

I just caught up with it on CityTv which is carrying the show here in Canada.

First episodes are always hard to judge.   Did I like this... yes I think it captured the main elements of the prequel books fairly well.   I've got to be honest though, I enjoyed the second of the books more  Summer in the City,  and hope that the show starts to focus more on that part of the "diaries" sooner then later.

I can't really give a full recap as I watched it online, and it kept crapping out on me.  I will assume that was from all the hits causing a bit of a traffic jam... but I will say, if the next three or four episodes are as good as this was, then we're in for the next big thing.

Small rundown of the episode-  Carrie is about to start the new year of high school, and begins what is looking like a new relationship with the new boy in town, and then is offered a job in New York. As she begins to split her time between New York and her own suburb town, she starts to see how much more there is between the person she's been so far and the person she is meant to be. 

The final scene is her sitting at her window tying up her hair in the Carrie trademark way, and writing in her notebook.  The only difference between the way the scene plays in the SATC show and films, is that it is a notebook and not a computer.  I am hoping they introduce a typewriter at some point.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Recap of a Random SATC episode part 5

Season 6 (part 2 Episode 20 of the season) Episode 94 of the series-  An American Girl in Paris Part Deux (series finale)

We open with Carrie in a Paris restaurant telling us that she's been there for two weeks with her artist boyfriend, and is now going to meet his ex-wife for lunch. We are given a nod here to Carrie's trademark purse, when the ex-wife comments on it and Carrie says it's vintage and falling apart but still in love with it. ( A hint that she's not as progressive as she's been making herself to seem while in this latest relationship. )  She also learns that the reason the marriage did not work out was because of the work he does.
We then see Charlotte and her best friend shopping for an outfit, that Charlotte hopes will help to impress a young couple who have agreed to let them adopt their baby.
The next scene is Samantha and Smith at a hair salon, both having gotten the same shade of dye. And Smith brings up the topic of them not having had sex in a while, because of Samantha's lack of sex drive from the cancer treatments.
Carrie starts to smoke again after having been clean from it for the last few years, and brings it up to her boyfriend Aleksandr Petrovsky, hoping that he would show concern for her health. But when he brushes it off by saying that everyone smokes in Paris, and then makes a comment about how he leaves her alone so much.  Once again, Carrie finds herself spending the day alone, and is in bed when Aleksandr comes home.
The next scene takes us back to New York, and Miranda's family are sitting around the dinner table. Her mother in law doesn't seem to know who everyone is and Steve takes her to the hospital only to find out she suffered from a small stroke. And they decide to have her move in with them.
Back at Samantha's, Smith is packing for a movie shoot and Samantha gives him permission to have sex while he's out of town. Making a comment about how if anyone knows how important sex is it's her...was her. Smith then replies that he's not wanting just meaningless sex.
Back in Paris, Carrie sees a copy of her book the French version, in a store and goes in to look at it. The shop keeper sees her and calls towards her co-worker who decide to throw her a book party.  Only it ends up being on the same night as Aleksandr's art opening.  He talks her into missing her party and going with him to his opening instead, only to be left once again by herself.
Back at Charlotte's, her and Harry meet the young couple about the adoption. The couple end up changing their minds and not letting them have the baby, which sets Harry into an emotional state. Which is one of the only times we see Harry loose his composure.
Samantha comes into work to find a potted plant from Smith and decides to call him and tell him that she changed her mind about him having an affair.  It's the big turn in Samantha's free love theory, as she's always been throughout the series against the rules of relationships.
Back at Miranda's, her mother in law wanders off by herself and Miranda ends up searching the streets of Brooklyn for her.
After Carrie has been left alone yet again, opens up her purse to get her cigarettes only to be told by a security guard that she can't. Putting them back into her purse, she discovers a tear in the lining and her missing trademark Carrie necklace that she thought she had lost. At that moment, she makes up her mind to leave the gallery and try to make it to her own book party.  While she's running around Paris trying to find the address, a cab pulls up in the distance behind her and we see Mr. Big in the backseat.  Neither notice each other, and Carrie continues on to her party, only to find that everyone has left.  Seeing the damaged book cover on a table, littered with spilled food, Carrie gives into the sadness that she's been feeling the whole time she's been in Paris. The disappointment, the loneliness. Knowing that she let down her fans adds another layer to her own feeling of being lost.
When she returns to the hotel, her and Aleksandr have an argument and he hits her. This ends up being the last straw for Carrie and she heads down to the lobby to leave.  Here she bumps into Mr. Big who's been looking all over Paris for her. When he finds out that Carrie and Aleksandr have broken up and why, Big goes on in a rage to fight him, only to be stopped by Carrie. The two then leave the hotel and walk the streets of Paris together and this is where Big finally tells her she's the ONE.
Back in New York, Charlotte and Harry get the news that they are able to adopt a baby from China. This gives Charlotte everything she's been working the whole series for, the fairy tale. 
Miranda then has a moment of realization herself, when her housekeeper comments about how good she was at looking after her family.  This brings Miranda's arch to a close, making her believe that the world doesn't need to be such a cold and mean place.
Samantha then is woken in the middle of the night by Smith returning home for the weekend. He tells her that he loves her, and she has to admit that Smith is the first guy to actually mean something to her.
Carrie and Big arrive back in New York, and we see her get out of his car, and ask if he wants to come up, which is a full circle for them as that's how the first episode of the series ended. With Carrie getting out of Big's car in front of her apartment.
We then see the girls are gathered for their usual Sunday lunch and Carrie return.   The comment she makes at the end, is about learning to love yourself.

I think it's interesting that once we get to the art gallery for the opening, we see Aleksandr Petrovsky  written in large bold letters everywhere, and always with big open spaces around it. Almost like a metaphor in itself about how he has to be the center of things.  And when Carrie is running back to her party from the gallery, his name plate is there. It's as if she's running from him to herself.

This is also one of only one or two episodes that does not have Carrie asking a weekly question.

I think I have seen this episode about 12 times over the last decade and it still makes me cry every time. There is just something about the idea of a happy ending that draws us in, specially when you've followed the story as closely as the fans of SATC have.

The elements in this episode are fairly clear cut.  Just like the last few lines that Carrie says about the only real relationship you need to have is with yourself, and if you can find someone to love the you that you do, then all the better... I mean Fabulous.  You should never feel that you have to give up any of your core beliefs in order to be in a relationship.  Nor should you be afraid to want everything you believe in because of how you might come across to anyone else.

Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year, same old stuff

Screaming.  A male voice telling someone that they are a whore.  A door slamming, and running up the stairs.  Another person running up the stairs after them, female from the screaming telling them that they are an ass. Door to building opening, both outside under my window threatening to call the cops on each other.

Welcome to my slummy world.

From the smell of the place, PartyGirl  has a thing for green leafy.  And by the way everyone slams doors around here, I'm surprised that there are any windows left intact.

It's moments like this that I'm actually glad I'm single.