Thursday, March 29, 2012

Beneath the Paper

I was watching this movie last night, and wondering why they had cast who they had together?  There are moments when we watch a tv show or movie and can't get past the actors who are on the screen. Can't imagine why the director or producer would pair up certain people?  Sometimes it works out perfectly and other times you can do nothing but turn off the tv.

It's like that in real life too.
We've all done it, judged strangers or even friends thinking "how they end up together?"  What was it that attracted that guy to that girl?

I'm always fascinated by this.  Sometimes you can see right off within a moment how mismatched a pair are, and other times you can see how perfect they are after only a moment with them.

Sometimes a couple is only "good on paper"  and sometimes they are better.

Monday, March 26, 2012

The rules of Prostitution

The CBC news just reported that certain laws against prostitution in Canada will be changed.  After months of back and forth, a ruling came through today saying that safer areas are without a doubt needed.

What does this mean? 
From what I have gathered from the snips of news, prostitution houses {brothels} will be legal now in the province of Ontario.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bare on the newsstands

The talk right now is the cover photo for a fashion magazine that has a naked pregnant star.
It's been done before so why are we all acting like we're shocked?  In this day and age does anything really shock us anymore? 

I think it's sad actually that nothing shocks us as a society.

Personally, I don't understand the draw to wanting to pose that way to begin with?  I don't care who the hell you are, if you're that pregnant, cover up. 
Pregnancy is not sexy no matter how rich you are.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Post-It March 22

Mr. Scratchy. There is fog outside our windows this morning here. Birds singing, the trees are still. And yet, it's a new season, a new moon and a new year.  Well, a new year for me as it's my birthday.
And I'm spending it like every other day.  I don't even know why I'm typing this note, Mr. Scratchy as there has barely been any scratching in the last few weeks and the only hits I seem to get on here anymore are spammers from Russia.
I guess I just feel that if I just try to connect...

Anyways, yes fog. Fog and no sun yet here. And yeah, I have too much time on my hands at the moment. Seemed just when I was starting to get back into some sort of life, well yeah the chaos of a broken leg. With a side order of surgery.
How do you guys do it?  We've all established that you Mr. Scratchy are in the wrestling business; so how do you guys get injured and just keep on going?  I've seen other people handle it well, like it's not even an inconvenience; but for me it's derailed me completely.

Wherever you are today on this planet, I hope your day/night is going smoothly for you.  You, that I imagine covered in ... spilled mustard.  Yes, I think your biggest issue today will be a splotch of mustard on your shirt. As I imagine things work much smoother for you in general then they do for me. I hope they do anyway. 
If you're working, as always stay safe.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Meet Barbie

I unfortunately got stuck sitting in the living room while my aunt and her husband came over.  This is someone I do my best to avoid as she's my dad's sister. They dropped in unannounced and with me stuck on the sofa with the broken leg, I was trapped.

They - my mother and her- talked about my cousins {I stopped counting after she had her 5th} and their spouses.   In this case my aunt's 2nd son and his new wife. Photos from the wedding made it look like his wife was in her 40's.  I was shocked to learn today that she is actually younger then my cousin who is 23 years old, and that she's in fact 21.  Shocked. My aunt shrugged and said "Yeah that's Barbie for you. When they started to date, my son flat out said she was just a fun arm candy. Now look at the mess he's in."

Malibu Barbie as she's been dubbed by my aunt, is more then just wearing the pants in the family.  She's cornered my cousin and seems to have separated him from the rest of the pack.  All the while piling up the debt.  Barbie is one of those women who actually refers to their marriage as a starter one. 

Honestly, she looks like a reject from Jerseylicious, and that's not a good thing ever.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Pulling punches

Nura-:"You should do like a whole theme of sex in another city. Like they did on the show"

Me-:"Yeah brilliant idea get right on that expect for the nagging fact my knee is broken and I'm going to be looking at close to four months or more of hell known as therapy."

Nura-:"I mean like afterwards. When you're better and can travel smartass."

Me-:"At the rate this is going, I'm looking at not being able to even get to the grocery until October."

Nura-:"You really need to calm down. But I was watching SATC this morning, the one where she dates the writer. And I started to wonder what happened to that writer you were with."

Me-:"Sci-Fi Guy? What about him?"

Nura-:" I thought you said the two of you got along. Why don't you call him?"

Me-:"Because that was three years ago and the last time I did talk to him, he seemed like he was into someone else."

Nura-:"But you liked him?"

Me-:"Bit. He has these blue eyes that could give The Other Guy a run for his money."

Nura-:"And there is your problem. Enough with the wrestlers. No man will ever measure up to The Other Guy or The DoubleStarr and not The Celebrity. Specially not The Celebrity so you really need to you know, think about normal men."

 Me-:"And I wouldn't call one date being with."

Nura-:"It was more then that wasn't it?"

Me-:"Few emails, couple of phone calls but otherwise no. Just a date."

The chat was short tonight, or I should say it got derailed as I started to have a freak out over the new blogger regional issues. Nearly had a full on panic attack when things started to go shifty on me. But as I sit here now trying to deal with the new blogger stuff, I have to admit Nura is right. No one will measure up as far as I'm concerned. That is other then Mr. Scratchy.  But in the meantime...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I got an email from Nura, commenting on my post about "affairs".  She said it felt like the opening statement and not the whole article. I read over the blog post and had to agree, I've been doing far less then usual on the blogs.  I'm just not feeling it lately.
She also made a comment about how they got a replay of the ppv from last month. Pointed out the colours in The Celebrity's new pants.  Pink and Green.   I didn't follow where she was going with this, until she pointed me to one of my own blog posts from last summer where I mentioned "sex and the city pink and slime green"
Nura was sure that The Celebrity choose those because of my post. It would be nice if that were the case but this is one time when I have to chalk it up to just randomness.
It would seem that the topic of The Celebrity's pants is one none of us can tear ourselves away from.

Ironically, I was watching a show about how to pick the right pair of jeans this morning. Ones that help to shape a person's butt so that it's more appealing.  I know there has been countless surveys and scientific research done over the years by magazines and professors, etc on the biological urge that humans have for looking at butts; so it shouldn't be a big surprise that a great butt will get you noticed.

The best butt in wrestling  right now... The Irish Lad  over in Company #1.

The things we talk about when we have nothing better to do...

Monday, March 12, 2012

An Affair?

What is it about certain people that they can't stop having affairs?
One of my cousins is like that.  She's had a hand in breaking up more marriages then I even want to think about. Her own included.

Was it the thrill of sneaking around? Was it the challenge of taking someone from someone else?  Or was it just loneliness in her life?

We see it in books, movies and tv shows all the time.  The lead character falling into an affair usually with the reason of a better chance at romance, and what is it about us as a society that we accept affairs so openly?

In the third season of SATC, Carrie has an affair with Mr. Big and the only one of her friends that tells her to think about what she's doing is Charlotte. The rest of them accept it like she just told them their out of toilet paper.

I hear more often then I care to, about the people around me having affairs. And I can't help but wonder what it is in their lives that would lead to an affair? 

In the end are we all just relationship intolerant or is there something deeper going on? 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Return of G-Babbs

There was a knock at mom's door few hours ago.  Five minutes after mom had gone out to check the mail. G-Babbs had been in the lobby talking to her for a few minutes and found out I was stuck on the sofa.

G-Babbs-: "What the hell did you do now?" 

Me-: "Fell, destroyed my knee. How are you?"

G-Babbs-:"Fine, just great. You look like your in pain. How long before you up and moving again?"

Me-:"Couple of months actually."   I was wondering what the attitude was about?

G-Babbs-:"Your boy was wandering around the area few times.  Think he's looking for you." 

It took me a few minutes to realize she was talking about Storm. I didn't even know that G-Babbs had seen Storm and me few weeks ago when he walked me to mom's.

Me-:"Interesting. Did you talk to him?"

G-Babbs-:"Just hi. Nothing else, why hasn't he called yet?"

Me-: "No. Don't even think he's realized I haven't been around in over two weeks. Guess I didn't matter too much to him in the end."

G-Babbs waved her arm around making a face before laughing. "Well, you're not too bad looking a girl, you've got plenty of chances still. F**K him you deserve better. Go get yourself a doctor."

Monday, March 5, 2012

Post-it March 5th

Mr. Scratchy... it's been awhile since I left you a note.  The past few weeks have been chaos and I'm not even sure anymore that you're getting these.  I think you've disappeared on me.  I don't know if that means something has happened on your end, or if maybe you're just in a new relationship?  But my scratches have healed which to anyone else on the planet would be a sigh of relief, but to me that's troublesome. As the scratching has stopped almost dead cold the last week.
How are they on your end?

If you are by chance checking in and see this; I hope your day is going smoothly for you.  If you are working this week, I hope you are safe.  If you're just hanging out at home I hope you are having a relaxing week working on your art. Which as I've stated before, I think your a painter or photographer or something along that line.  But I also know musicians seem to be the men that end up popping up in my life repeatedly.

So what is it today?  Getting up for your day, coffee in hand, a sports magazine maybe before getting the laundry?  Or are you working on some assignment that needs you to spend all your free time pouring over textbooks of some sort?  English maybe?  That would be too hopeful on my end, you being an English major on the sly. Feed way too much into my personal ideal. 

Anyways, Mr. Scratchy, if you do check in today then I hope I've brought a small smile to your face as you move through your day.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wink wink

Yesterday, while propped up on mother's sofa with my braced up knee, I decided to rent a movie on the tv.  Puss in Boots.   The very name of it sounds naughty doesn't it?
It was the new version that Disney put out few months back, and from the opening scene which is Puss leaving a fluffy white cat in bed to sneak off, my eyebrows were raised.
I am forever wondering how certain things can be slipped into what's suppose to be children's programs that are very much for adults?
It's been happening for years in movies, and it's gotten less hidden as each movie has been made. And yes, I know much of it floats over the heads of the kids who watch it, much of it is soaked up on an unconscious level.
Who Framed Roger Rabbit  comes to mind as well. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Tidbits 2nd March

One of the roommates I had when I was in the hospital this past week after my knee surgery, was telling me about how she met her husband.
They had been together for over 35 years.  High school sweethearts who just knew they could not be with anyone else.
She also seemed to think that this one Medic who had brought me in was interested in me because he hung around for an extra half hour afterwards.   I don't know about that cause he didn't even bother to tell me his name. Besides, me screaming my head off clutching my knee I'm sure was not a turn on.

The second roommate was telling me about how she met her husband too.  Again, they'd been together for over 30 years, which I didn't believe at first because she didn't look old enough. They met through her dad whom her husband had worked with.  Another case were they said they just knew after one hour of talking that they were going to be together for the rest of their lives.

Third story of love came from one of the hospital cleaning staff.  Said she met her husband 15 years ago right out of high school.  He spotted her in a bar and left his cigarettes on their table as an excuse to come back to talk.  Said they've been together ever since.

These are the types of stories I love to hear.  Forever love, the kind that has you smiling for years.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tidbits march

They say things happen in threes.  For me, that seems to be true, in a bad sense.
Last summer, I injured my right ankle, back in November I broke my right foot, and last week, I shattered my right knee.
I know that I said that the universe was trying to tell me something, I just wasn't too sure what? And that I said it right when I said I had decided to start actually dating again, if I had better options then what was being offered me at that time last week.
Then less then twelve hours later I ended up in a horrible slip and fall and now will be grounded for half the year with a shattered knee. I guess the universe wants me to sit and wait for the right guy after all.

Ironically, I met a really cute Medic and two cute male nurses. I also had a bit of hope to keep wishing for love.  Three ladies told me about how they meet their husbands- their soulmates. Two were sharing the room with me the other was a member of the cleaning staff.