Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween afternoon

Was at mom's for a bit today, there's a shocker for ya. And my uncle brought Mavis over for a few minutes after school to show my mom her costume.  She was wearing this really expensive purple plush witch's outfit, green face paint and long fingernails.

Mavis-:"I'm a witch for tonight!"  she spun around showing my mom trying to cackle then put the hat on my mom's head as she jumped and spun some more. "A real witch! Like Connie and her friend, yeah they are real witches, not like the kind you see in the movies, well, my costume is like the one from that movie we watched last week with the girl and the dog and the trolls."   she meant munchkins. "But I'm a real witch! Like Connie." she took the hat back from my mom as she continued to spin around the kitchen. "See my socks even have spiders on them, they're orange on top see auntie see."  she stuck her foot in my mom's face, then mine while my uncle just laughed.

Mom-:"There is no such thing as real witches." she glared at me.

Mavis-:"Yes there is! Connie and her friend are real witches, and you need to cover your ears cause I forgot I'm not suppose to talk about it in front of you." she ran over to me and grabbed my hands putting them over my ears.  "they bought this book from the store and, well her friend got it on the computer online, but it's got real love spells in it and they used it on this one boy in their school, he's on their hockey team, and it worked!" she pointed at the ceiling. "Cause you know how I know it worked, cause he's her boyfriend now. Connie's friend. And they hang out with all these new kids at their school, that they didn't hang out with before they became witches, so there are real witches cause Connie's one and her friend is one." she looked at me making a motion with her hand to let me know I could uncover my ears.

Then Mavis grabbed her treat bag and held it up for mom as she screamed trick or treat. She was more then disappointed when mom told her she hadn't bothered to buy any treats. She ran over to me with her treat bag and literally shoved it in my face, it smelled like cat pee. I had nothing either to give.

On my way home, I stopped at the grocery, and there was a charity book sale. I was going to just pass by it, cause books I have mounts of, but the lady in front of me in line bumped into the rack of books that were near the check out, knocking over a bunch, and as I was helping her to pick them up, found a copy of The Bride.  I had to get it.  That's just too cool. I didn't even know there was ever a book tie-in for the movie. The movie from 1985 starring Sting.
Halloween day, finding a copy of a book based on one of the best Frankenstein movies around, dude how could I pass that up? And it was for a good cause. It was a breast cancer charity, so win win.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday 8:15pm post it note

Last night, my ear was burning for over two hours.  From just after 10:30pm EST till after 12:30am.  Who could possibly have that much to talk about in regards to me?
I hope it was just you Mr. Scratchy and your buddies.

Been a quiet week, with nothing but watching movies. No Mr. Scratchy, I did not see the ppv last night. I read on the social site that the Pack lost though. Very upset to hear that.

The fairy tale is nearly ending. I broke my number one rule the other day, got the two lead characters together. I wasn't going to do that, but the posts that I'd written hinting at that were some of the posts to get the most hits. So I thought, could lead to a good twist. If nothing else, it's an easy wrap up for one of the subplots.

Okay Herman, hope you read this and smile. Or smirk, or pout or something.

P.S. for some weird reason I want to ask how the left side of your skull is? And your left leg?  Like I've said before, I've learned to just say what pops into my mind, for better or worse.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bad Sunday

What is it about the people who live in my building and fried chicken?
I'll get to that in a second.  

Mom babysat last night, and Mavis was suppose to be gone by 11:30am. So I got ready, went over cause we had dvred a bunch of movies last night to watch today.  I got there 11am.  Mavis wasn't even dressed to go home yet. Too busy making a kite out of scraps of paper.
Okay, I get that mom let the kid stay in her pajamas because didn't want to get glue on everything. 11:20am and they start to rush around getting her dressed for her mom to pick her up. 
11:30am comes and goes. 11:45am and the phone rings. My aunt can't pick her up till after 5pm.

Well, guess I'm not getting to watch the movies today. Then I get sent to the grocery, okay not a problem.  Standing in line, and they switched the check out guy. New guy. Okay, not a problem. He was so slow, slower then cold molasses on a February morning, as my grandmother would say.  The guy was flirting with the 80 year old lady in front of me. Okay, I get it, part of his job to be friendly.
My turn, and as he starts his speal, I see the one thing that made me not want him to flirt. 

Jonny R.

He's another Johnathan. So there can't be any Johnathans left in the city now. That has to be it right? I've bumped into them all, have to have.

I'm getting ready to leave, then remembered I needed to pick up some tylenol. Back through the grocery to the pharmacy, and the pharmacist on duty is named John.  I broke out laughing to the point I got the hiccups.

Make it back to mom's with her groceries, and Mavis was waiting in the hallway, with a stuffed frog, that she proceeded to hit me with while mimicking the accent of that one wrestler from the rookie show promo. That was over a week ago we watched it, and she still remembers it.

Finally, get home, open the door to the building, and greeted with a large blast of pot smoke and the smell of really greasy fried chicken. Which by the way, was the same thing that greeted me yesterday when I entered the lobby of the building.

Cosmic joke = 200   me = 0

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

15th October post it note

Herman... Mr. Scratchy; 
caught up with last night's wrestling, what do you mean that Werewolf King and Rebel without a Cause lost their shinny?  That's not buddies, that's not fun game...I didn't want to see that, didn't need to see that.

Now that my disappointment for the day is out of the way... hey how are ya?

I'm at the point in the fairy tale where the lead female is going to end up with one of the heroes. There are two that could be a good fit for her. The character based on Mad um Mad dude! I suppose it would be... or the character based on Dimmer.  Either way, would make for an interesting dynamic leading to the wrap up of the serial.
And yes, the serial is coming to a wrap up soon.

Anyways, Herman, I imagine you checking in right now, deep sigh, a sandwich in hand, the lettuce slipping out making a mess. Maybe a smudge of mustard on your cheek, rolling your eyes at me.  And in case I don't get around to posting you a note before Friday, there will be both a lunar eclipse and full moon this coming Friday.  Double the crazy.

and as always, hope I brought a smile to your face.

p.s.  for some really messed up reason, I want to ask you Herman if you bought new shoes? Yeah, I have no idea where the hell that came from, but I've learned to speak it when it pops into my head. I think I need an off switch for my mouth.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

tidbits 9th october

I was at mom's for a bit yesterday, as usual, and she ended up babysitting. Mavis came into the apartment talking a mile a minute about school then stopped dead in her tracks when she saw me, dropped her backpack and let out a deep sigh.
Then literally opened her mouth wide, and ran to the kitchen. "If she's here, does that mean she made cookies? Or a cake?"

When she saw that I had not been baking, she scuffed over to the sofa beside me with a pout, trying to make me laugh I might add, and sat down beside me trying to get me to change the channel.
Only I wasn't watching "tv-tv" I was watching old episodes of wrestling on the DVR, cleaning it out for space.
I happened to be watching an episode of the rookie show right then. Mavis started to giggle and brought her hand up in my face. "...and you talk and talk and talk." leaned on my bad knee and was mimicking the wrestler's accent. "...and you talk and talk and talk...and talk...he's funny." 
I have to admit, I was laughing like a lunatic for a few minutes after that one.  It happened to be a promo the Pack were part of.

Mavis-:"His hair is so long! And his hair is really long! Are they in a hair growing contest? Cause I think he wins."  she jumped up and was tapping the tv screen on Werewolf King.  "But his hair looks like it might be long too. Is that a ponytail?"  she was referring to Rebel without a Cause. "Why do they have long hair? They're boys!"

Me-:"I wish I knew."

She ran back to the sofa, sat really still for another few minutes then brought her hand up to my face and started again to mimic the one rookie wrestler. "And talk and talk and that one again. He's still funny.  The guy beside him, he's got a lot of bruises." she meant GraveDigger

Me-:"Those are tattoos."

Mavis-:"Do those come off? Like the ones I had after I went to the fair? Cause that would take a lot of scrubbing."

Me-:"No, they're real, like mine. Don't come off."

Her eyes went totally wide then she started to laugh and dramatically fell on the floor holding her stomach, "I forgot you had one."  then got back up, ran to the tv and started to count. "He's got a lot of them. Pause it! I want to know how many."

At that point I was laughing so hard my face hurt.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

When love gets in the way

I've mentioned before about liking the song "I put a spell on you". That old song from like the 1950's/1960's.
Well, I can't get it out of my head last few days. It's stuck there, no matter how many times I listen to it.
I've also mentioned many times, that I believe in a lot of things. I've seen too many things not to.  When you surround yourself with self proclaimed psychics and real shamans and voodoo priestesses, you would be stupid not to expect to see things. I'm a magnet for the weird, and I love it. Most of the time I love it.

And you're wondering what does the title have to do with that right?  Some might say, I've let my desire for real love get in the way of my spiritual search. Some might say that I haven't found that right love because I'm constantly on the look out for it. And some might even say, that I need to keep searching for it to find enlightenment.
Confusing isn't it?

It always comes back to that for me. No matter how you slice it, love is the missing factor, the driving factor in my life.
I get myself tangled up in the who's and where's of it constantly.  I was chatting with a random person last night on the social site, and they were telling me how they met their girlfriend, at the cinema.  It made me stop everything and try not to cry. As what they were telling me, was nearly word for word something I had written a few years ago in a short story. A story I had given up on because once I had written the meeting of the lead characters, I felt that was all that was needed.
It was really crazy. It literally left me breathless, not too mention speechless.

Add it to the weird magnet column.

So, it seems I can write the happy ending. Just not for myself. But with that said, Mr. Scratchy, Herman... I hope you read this and smile, nod, chew your bottom lip and mumble to yourself "that's my girl." while your buddy leans over your shoulder reading out loud, with a giggle and agrees with you, spilling his coffee carelessly on your jacket.

and as always, hope I brought a smile to your face.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

post it note 5th oct

My landlord was stoned out of his mind yesterday.  Went to pay rent which he never bothered to come collect, and he didn't even know what day it was, standing there spraying air freshener as if that could hide the layer of pot haze that was pouring out of his apartment like fog.  Oh my god.

Herman, Mr. Scratchy; how you been? I imagine you checking in today, tired, an extremely large travel mug of coffee in hand, going over your schedule for the week. I think you're dressed in grey today. Some grey like say your shirt. I think that if you weren't a grey type guy before, you've become one since reading my stuff. And a yellow hat, no idea why I think you have a yellow hat...wool hat. One of those winter knitted things. They're really popular here with guys. 
Okay Herman, I hope I brought a smile to your face today. I hope I bring a smile every day.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuesday October 1st

Mornings are starting to be the same lately.  Coffee, check stuff online that I missed out on while sleeping -aka the drama from the social site- then write or go for a walk before the seasons change and I'm stuck in doors, go to mom's to catch up on the shows she recorded for me the night before.

So, right now, coffee and checking online.

I had been wondering what I'd done to piss off Male Friend #1 the kid from Mexico.  He hasn't been talking to me other then to say hi.
Answer, nothing. I did nothing. He's been dating this chick he met at work for the last few weeks.
See, I knew it would have been a bad idea for him to continue his crush on me.  I was a blockage for him.

And then there is Male Friend #2 John.   The creepy guy everyone told me not to chat with anymore. I had commented on a topic of his, and he flipped out, removing me from his friends list.
And then sent me comments wondering why I hadn't replied to him?    Dude, you removed me remember? 

It's a new month, Mercury getting ready once again to turn backwards for a few weeks causing all sorts of trouble. 

Once again, there are no male friends in my life.

Even you my Mr. Scratchy seem to have gotten quiet on me, my scratches have healed. There has barely been any indication I'm on your mind much.  I hope all is well in your real world.

Coffee cup is empty, need a refill.  Take that any way you like.