Sunday, May 27, 2018

Dirty Laundry 73

Last week, I was out having coffee with a friend, who asked me to do a tarot reading for her. The Lovers card and the Two of Swords both popped up. Indecision. She nodded and started to rub her back and side. She'd been having sharp pains for a few days. I did the reading, and asked her how things were going with the new guy she was dating, she said that's what the issue was with the indecision. As we continued our conversation, the more her pain seemed to intensify. I told her that was a sign. Her own anxiety about this new guy was expressing itself in physical pain. She needed to dump him. As we changed the topic, and began commenting on other things, her pains seemed to almost vanish completely. Then, she started talking about this other man she'd had one single date with few months ago, and how she was still halfway interested in him.

That other man walked into the coffee shop and surprised the hell out of both of us. There we were both, wide eyed and not sure how to handle it.  He waved and said hello, but didn't stop to chat. My friend turned to me and said out loud, she wondered what the universe was getting at?

She phoned me yesterday to tell me that she had been violently ill all week. The pains got to the point she was vomiting and had to go to the hospital. The doctor's could not find any cause of it. She proceeded to tell me that she broke up with the guy she'd been dating, on Thursday. The pains stopped completely and so did the vomiting.

Here's the thing, she knew all along what she had to do. She just wanted someone else to tell her what she already knew. She'd jumped into a relationship with the wrong man, because she was afraid to be alone.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Post it note May 2nd 2018

Dear Mr. Scratchy:

So, this guy I've had a slight interest in for the last four years since I move into this building, was over this evening.

Yep Herman, I had to call maintenance. Pipe burst in the bathroom, and big flood. The manager sent the one guy I happen to think is hot at what was one of the worst possible moments. I mean seriously, every time something breaks down in the building, the manager himself shows up. This 70-something year old dude who smells like garlic and alcohol. But not today. No, on a day when I look like the bottom of the laundry basket, bare feet cause I don't want to ruin socks and shoes from the flooding, pants cuffs soaked, they decide to send the hot 30 year old red-haired guy to play hero.

Still don't know if it's a laugh or cry situation?

For you Herman, it's a laugh situation but for me...anyways...I imagine you tonight Mr. Scratchy, in your plaid pajama bottoms, a glass of iced tea beside you. I imagine you are wearing those little wire rimmed glasses, snorting back a laugh at the thought of me wading through the flooded room. I think you are shaking your head at me, while at the same time, whispering under your breath about giving me a hug.

As always, smile, smirk and snarl. 

Saturday, April 14, 2018

post it note April 14th 2018

Dear Mr. Scratchy:

It's a Saturday night just before 10pm EST as I type this. Been awhile, but you know me, not a lot to chat about anymore.

I did a tarot reading for a friend last night, and it was one of those where I found myself doubting the whole thing. That was until she said to me at the end, that it fit perfectly with a decision she needed to make.  It feels good to be right sometimes.

So, I discovered today, that I'm really popular everywhere but my own country. Weird right? I let Marie talk me into signing up for that dating site and I seem to get a lot of  looks from guys in obscure places at the far end of the northern world, who all look like vikings and have names I can't even identify. But scoreless in Canada. Laugh, it's funny it's okay.

Anyways, Herman, I imagine you tonight, dressed in those striped pajama bottoms, totally faded and frayed, a cleanly washed t-shirt in an off brown colour, a cup of coffee in hand. I imagine you've got those little wire rimmed glasses on, sitting there reading this. I think I mentioned once before that I think you have taken up tarot cards yourself, and who knows; you might even be better at it than me by now? Anyways, I imagine you sitting there with a deck of tarot beside you.

Okay Herman, that's it for tonight.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Dirty Laundry 72

A very loud bang at my window had me shaking, my phone buzzing a few seconds later with a message from my cousin Walsh. I let him in the building just as the one really hot maintenance guy was walking in. The look maintenance guy gave him was interesting to say the lest. Walsh was waiting for my aunt who was at the dentist few buildings away.

Me-:"You've got to stop doing that. Scared me, thought someone had broken the window."

Walsh-:"Sorry. You excited about your trip?"

Me-:"What trip?"

Walsh-:"I thought you were going to Las Vegas?"

Me-:"That's not till like next summer. Few of the girls from the occult store are going like in July next year. I've still haven't decided."

Walsh-:"So you're not going anywhere in October? Cause your mom was over for dinner the other night and said you were talking about going away next month?"

Me-:"Marie and one of her friends are going to some fan thingie in Minneapolis. They've been bugging for me to join, make it a girls weekend."

He started looking through the kitchen for something before grabbing the kettle and filling it.

Walsh-:"You don't want to go? Why not?"

Me-:"Remember the scene in Gremlins when they stuff the one in the microwave and it explodes?"

Walsh-:"No, but say I do."

Me-:"That would be me crossing from Canada to the states. Besides, isn't there like a civil war or something happening down there? Practically anyways?"

Walsh-:"No. I don't think it's that bad yet?"

Me-:"There is no point in going. I'm not into the event or the people doing the convention. I find sitting in a car for 6 hours dreadful. Their big plan is to stay at a casino the weekend. If I wanted to hang in a casino, I'd go across town to the one we have here. It's a boring plan. To me, it's boring."

Walsh-:"Wow, you actually sound angry."  he made himself a cup of coffee before sitting at the kitchen table.

Me-:"It just sucks. I haven't been anywhere in years, and that's my only option right now. Something that I have no say in if I go. And if I don't go, then I loose out on any invites with the group later on. Just a no win situation."

Walsh-:"I'd go if I was you."

Me-:"You know how I feel about the states. Leaves a bad taste in my throat."  He halfway laughed nearly choking on his coffee. "I didn't mean it that way."

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

post it note Aug 23rd 2017

Dear Herman:

I don't know if you ever get like this, but lately, I am finding the less I have to say the more I feel I should have something to say.  Weird right? 

Anyways, Mr. Scratchy, I imagine you checking in tonight, dressed in a pair of those plaid pajama bottoms, a slime green t-shirt, and socks. I think wherever you are right now, the weather has turned damp, rainy even. I think you've got a bit of the flu too. Yeah, once again I have no idea why, just roll with what pops into my head. I think you've got a large mug of lemon tea beside you, and you're just crusin there for awhile in front of the tv watching a movie. Maybe catching up with a season or two of something you haven't seen in awhile before it's new season comes on. 

I just felt I should pop in and say hey.

Okay Mr. Scratchy; Herman, hope you're having a decent night. As always, dream of me. 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

post it note July 30th 2017

Dear Mr. Scratchy;

It's just before 7:30 pm EST here, and still we are sitting at +30C with +32C humidex. I've said a million times over, I'm not designed for this heat.

I've watched my friend Marie chase after a guy getting mixed results. I say it's mixed results because she keeps sabotaging herself. Purposely doing rituals and love spells to push him towards someone else, someone she thinks is more his type physically. Yet, the more she does that, the harder she falls for him herself.  She's not listening to me when I tell her it's because she's meant to be with the guy. Sadly, I'm seeing this sort of thing in people a lot lately. Most of the witches and pagans I talk to have been blocking themselves from their own happiness, just because they think the other person will ultimately reject them. Usually over something really stupid like career or their own insecurities.  I'm talking some really strong spell crafters here too. People who can say something once and have it manifest within hours without any other effort.

Anyways, I believe Herman, you are checking in tonight, wearing dark jeans, white t-shirt and a yellow a yellow dress shirt open over it. I want to say you were at church or something where you had to dress appropriate. Airport even. Good god man, I just see a horde of little old ladies flapping around that shirt. Dude, going out on a limb and saying I imagine you were spending the day with your grandmother, taking her to lunch or something the like. Don't ask, I just roll with what pops into my brain as I write. I can't shake the feeling you're a bit unsettled tonight.

Okay Herman; Mr. Scratchy, should you feel the need...

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Pressing to Impress

I mentioned the other day that I've started to use twitter again after not having been on it in the last few years. Still not my favourite place on the internet, but it's one of those evil necessities.  Anyways, I couldn't keep up with it this last hour, everyone in a mad rush of anger and jealousy posting at neck breaking speed. Seriously, I'm sure there are a few people out there right now with sprained fingers from posting so fast. And 98% of what they are posting are retweets or likes of other people. Not even their friends for that matter, but people they are crushing on. 

Remember the guy I mentioned I talk to on facebook and instagram through private messages? Well, I just saw him fill the twitter feed with nothing but retweets of this girl who commented she didn't remember ever meeting him. I feel half way sad for him. Then there is my friend Marie, who is so into this one guy, she's completely ignoring the fact she's got two other guys hot on her tail. And it's one big weird mess. She retweets her crush's stuff, and the guys crushing on her retweet/like that because it was in her feed.

Does anyone bother to pay attention before they hit that retweet/like button?  Definitely gives new weight to the old phrase "what goes around comes around".