Wednesday, February 27, 2013

feb 27th tidbits

I had a ...something about two hours ago.  I want to call it a sign, but I don't know if I should?
I had been cleaning out the spam messages from my emails, when I saw one with a name and a headline that jarred me.
I know it was a random junk message, but the bizarreness of it just sort of made me stop and take stock of things. 

Signs.  I've talked about them before countless times. The most powerful ones usually come when we aren't looking for them at all.  And never seem to when we are. 
Sometimes we are so stuck that when the sign does come, we miss it or read it wrong. 

Another problem is sometimes we get so stuck that we are afraid to even try to read the sign. For fear we'll get it wrong, or worse, get what we thought we needed/wanted only to learn it was bad for us or that we didn't want/need it at all.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday tidbits

I'm spending the week at my mom's, and now she's babysitting, cause you know Friday night and all.  My aunt asked me how everything was going when she dropped my cousin off.  I told her that everything was going fine, slow on the project I'm working on but fine.
She asked me why I'm doing the current round of monster's library?   Truth is part because I've been wanting to do a research paper on the general topic and part because of the obvious, I'm bored. 

Me-: "Everyone needs a hobby."

Aunt-: "Well why aren't you putting that energy into your novel?"

Me-: "I haven't written anything in 3 years."

Aunt-: "I thought you were working on a short story or two?"

Me-: "I haven't been able to get more then a few pages of anything lately, before getting bored or totally loosing my inspiration for it. I am starting to think I'm done as a writer."

Aunt-: "I always find if I do something else for a while, then I'm able to do whatever it was that I was stuck on. Just comes to me like magic.  What about the wrestling?  You haven't given that up have you?"

Me-: "Not totally.  I'll always have a sideline on that. But even it hasn't been inspiring me the way it used to.  I'm still missing the element that The Celebrity gave.  That one British wrestler is the closest so far to inspiration."

Aunt-: "Which guy?"

I pulled up the website for company #1 and showed my aunt a picture of who I was talking about.

Aunt-: "Gotcha. He's not bad."

Me-: "Hum, there are a few in that company too that look like Vlad the Impaler."

Aunt-: "Never heard of him. Is he an actor?"

Me-: "No...Vlad...the...Impaler. You know the real life Dracula. Anyways... there are a few wrestlers who look like him...I'm wasting my breath aren't I?"

Monday, February 18, 2013

Post it Monday night

It sounds like rice being thrown at my window the snow is blowing so much tonight here. Too  bad it's not loud enough to drown out PartyGirl and her man de jour.  I swear the walls in this building are like paper.
It's not the middle aged white guy she's with either, he went out two hours ago, his car is still not in the parking lot, but there is a truck there now.

It's a restless night.

Had a half conversation with one of the fans from that website I've been hanging around lately. Another round of wrestling chats that led to nowhere.  She said she read some of my latest posts on the wrestling stuff.  Not sure how I feel about that?  Her final comment to me tonight was "why don't you just Twitter with them?"    Meaning wrestlers in general.
I don't really care for that.  Besides, I would feel like I was stalking them. Feel cheap.   Twitter works for some I'm sure, but... the wrestlers who know about me read me already. It's up to them if they want to chat.  

I was going through some old diaries earlier, and came across a bit I'd written after I'd had coffee with my sister and one of her friends.  Her friend had been interested in Wicca and in the course of things asked me how come I haven't magicked my dreams coming true?
I used to wonder that myself at times.  Sitting back watching how other people manage to work a spell and have their life seem perfect, while others never seem to make anything work for themselves. I can't explain it, other then it just doesn't work for some people.   I have had rituals work in the past when I did them for other people or helped in a group ritual, but I've never been able to do things for myself.
Haven't so much as been able to get a simple "call me" spell to work.  Not for me anyway, I did one for Bonnie years ago to help her with a former friend and it worked.

And trust me, if I could get them to work for me, I'd be married by now.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The winner is....

I got a quick message from mom saying Walsh sent her a Facebook message to tell me that his wife won a trip.  She'd entered a radio contest for tickets to see some country singer, and they won. It's for next month sometime, in Toronto.

A free trip was one of the things the tarot reader had said they would get.  Damn. If only my life would be that smooth.  I'm still trying to figure out what the tarot reader meant of "golden chariot coming to me"? 
Is it going to be my knight in shinning armor... or is it something else?  That's the thing about predictions, there is no timeline to them, they could mean in the next few hours or in the next decade.  It's also in the wording.  Sometimes it's literal, sometimes a massive metaphor.

I know my cousin thinks it has to do with the wrestling industry paying attention to my blogs, but I'm leaning more towards... well a new relationship. I suppose we'll have to see what turns into what.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Meanwhile, in a chat across the internet

Few nights ago, I talked about how I was feeling old because of a chat online with some people on a website.  Well, I found myself talking to another few people on the same social site, about wrestling.  I'm wondering why I get myself into situations like this?

Most of the people were complaining about the Pack, in company #1 and how they've been so called, mistreating their favourite wrestlers.
It got my shackles up after awhile.  I wanted  to type that "those are my boys".   But I don't have any solid proof that they were "created" because of something I blogged about. (ah to be those boys puppet master pulling their...strings. Well they're hot, even the Pack member I've complained about is nice to watch...great ass!)

Anyways, I have to admit, I've been less then silent about my own personal views on the Pack, the last month or so, but tonight I found myself defending the choice of these guys, their individual skills  and their place in the storylines. 
What it comes down to is that you're only as good as the guy you are working against.  It wouldn't matter how skilled or talented a wrestler you are if your opponent is no good or careless.  Timing has to be right, the trust has to be there that they are going to do their best not to screw up the moves, etc. 
All this fell on deaf ears.  The people I was talking to were stuck on the fact that since the Pack has been on the show, their favourites have been loosing.

Well, boohoo.  No one can have a perfect wrestling record. That would be boring. And in the grand scheme of things, every hero needs to loose part of the quest in order for the rest to matter.

Ah, the hero.  That's something that can hold a different meaning to each person.  To me, a hero is someone who follows their heart no matter how out there it seems to others, someone who is honest and loyal.  Not always the popular vote on things, sometimes not even the one who does the right thing.  Take the tv show Once Upon A Time for instance, I think the characters of the Queen/Regina and Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold are just as much heroes as Snow White and Charming are. They don't always do the "right thing"  but they tend to do what they do for the "right reasons". (usually love lost)

I suddenly feel a Sex and the City style conclusion coming on... On nights like this, I just had to wonder, are we in this to win this or just to be in it; and if it is just to be in it, how do we know we won, or for that matter what side we're truly on?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

2013 Valentine's

My plan was to read or bury myself in a movie marathon or something today.  But that didn't happen because of the noise from PartyGirl downstairs and her guy.  It's been one of those mornings when there is nothing anyone else in the building can do but blast our stereos. 

Many people think this is just a holiday created by card and flower companies.  Sort of not true. Sort of true.  It's become known in the last 50 years or so as a paper holiday.  But, as a practicing ... witch (I hate that term but saying "practicing person who believes in a bunch of different things that no one can really hold in their hand" doesn't roll off the tongue) I've come across many folklores and myths about holidays in general.  And one that I always found interesting was how in certain places, on or around this time of year villagers would put their names into a collection and randomly draw one.  These were fertility rites.  You got to spend some time with the person who's name you picked.

 It's how I think the giving of Valentine's Day cards actually started. Specially those of us who remember being in grade school and having to buy valentines for the whole class and give them secretly by those art project Valentine boxes. 

This is me, wishing everyone a day of love.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

13th Feb 2013

It's official, I'm old.  I've just spent the last few hours chatting on some sites with fan about random stuff, and the topics have jumped from Valentine's Day to Twitter to stuff that seemed like gibberish to me.  Which in fact ended up being instructions for some sort of app one of them just got.  The average age of the people I was chatting with, it seems is 21.

I came away from the chats feeling more then just my age, but feeling like I belong in a display case or something under glass, like those wax and stuffed displays in museums. 

Feeling out of place, like I don't belong, or even that someone is out of my league I'm used to.  But feeling old?   Not something I want to get used to.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tues Feb 12th

I just finished reading this book about how love can take a turn in directions we at first might not realize.  How friendship can turn to love, and how when we fall in love sometimes because of circumstances we have to settle for it just being a friendship. 
It was sad and the last ten pages had me crying my eyes out.

But, it really got me wondering.  About how blind love can be, and how we view ourselves and the way we think others view us can get in the way of true love.  Stirred up a ton of questions for me.

But otherwise it was a beautiful book.   Alice Hoffman's  A Probable Future.  The same author who wrote one of my favourite stories,  Practical Magic.
Both novels are about a family of witches and the men who come into their lives and the dangers of not listening to your heart. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

post it on a Wed night

I just realized, I missed wishing The Other Guy a happy birthday this week.  I'm a bad fan. It, if I am remembering right, was on the 4th.  So if The Other Guy is reading this,  happy birthday.

I was coming in here to post about something completely different, my mind racing after having watched the movie Eat Pray Love,  when I got distracted by a newsletter from a self help guru.  Well, it's to be expected, these newsletters and such at this time of year.  Valentine's Day is next week, and tis the season for everyone to panic if they are single and for the love gurus to rake in the cash on the panic.
So not going there this year.

While I'm on the topic of chick-flicks,  what is it about opposite attracts films?  Why do you think they are so popular?   The romantic comedy seems to thrive in the area of two people from different worlds realizing they are star crossed lovers.  What is it about us as a society that we seem to feed off of that?
Granted, I've had relationships that were based on that.  They never lasted obviously, but still... is the phenomenon really that important that whole genres of books and movies are rooted in it?  Makes you wonder.

I guess this brings me to the part of the post where I wave at you Mr. Scratchy.  I think you're still out there somewhere.  There are moments lately where I think I caught something in a monologue from a wrestler, that hints at who you are, but those are brief seconds. 
But all this has me wondering out loud to my computer, Mr.Scratchy, Herman, do we fit into the opposites attract category or are we more alike then we realize?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Feb 2nd 2013

It's been a week, and I still have not figured out what was meant by the term "golden chariot coming to me".  I'm completely at a loss here.
But it has been on my mind.  As have a few other things. Like the fact Mr. Scratchy seems to have disappeared farther into the shadows.  I'm not too sure how I feel about all that?
The weird part is, it's got me thinking about my tag team, The Celebrity and The Other Guy.  Who haven't been a tag team in something like a year.  Strange how we think of people certain ways.  I wonder if they still read me?  If they miss me at all?  It would be nice to think that they do, given I wrote about them for a few years. I wonder how things are going in their careers?

I came in here to do this post, and when I logged onto my blog, my stomach dropped. In a good way, in a weird vibe of something great is going to happen.  Odd.  It's just a blog post. A random post on yet another random day.