Thursday, December 30, 2010

Do you have a passport?

Was hanging out last night again with my buddy the Musician and a few of his friends and out of nowhere he asked me if I had a passport.

Me: "Yeah why?"

Musician: "I want to go to Duluth."

Me: "What does you going to Duluth have to do with me having a passport?"

Musician : "Wanted to know if you ever go over the border into the states... if you want to go sometime just let me know." 

Me: "Um... I never have that kind of money."

Little weird when you think about it, but he was drinking very heavily all night, so that and the off handed comment about how he's the first guy in town I've met in over a year who's not married; I'm just sweeping under the rug with a "your drunk" note for it.

My comment to his comment was simply "I like my men like I like my tag teams young and from Detroit"  Then he asked me if I only date guys from Detroit. 

" I mean if they'll have me."

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

You should meet him but he has a girlfriend

I went out for coffee yesterday with my friend the Musician.   We are working on a project together and this was the first time in a month he's had time off.

Somewhere around the hour mark of sitting in a crowded Tim Hortons, the talk came around to how we both are single at the moment.  Then he says sort of out of nowhere that I should meet his friend D. then said "but he's got a girlfriend at the moment."

Um... then why would I need to meet him?  I'm confused.  He continued chatting a bit about the topic of dating in general and made another comment about another friend of his and all I can say is warning bells went off. 

When a man says to me "You totally have to meet my buddy he's really depressed right now"  I know he's not someone who I should be getting anywhere near.   It's great and all that he wants to see his buddy doing better, but no one wants to be the band-aid rebound.  Ever.

So I showed my friend the Musician a photo of my wrestler and flat out said "This is my type."   Topic got changed very quickly.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Random Friday Dec 24th 2010

I was at the grocery and this woman who I've known since I was about 6 years old was working, The Drama Queen.  She's got the gossip on everyone not too mention is constantly having a mid-life crisis of her own every week, and it's always something different. 
Anyways, she was working and she said to me out of nowhere   "I think you've been hitting on the wrong guy."

Me:  "What?"

The Drama Queen : "I think you've been hitting on the wrong guy."

Me: "Um okay. I haven't been hitting on anyone recently.  So whom are you talking about?" 

TDQ :"That wrestler. I was reading something and I right away started to think about your blog and started to think that that other guy; the one you were telling to get a haircut, he's who you should have been giving your attention too." 

Me: "Okay that's pointless but why?"   (I was laughing)

TDQ: "I read something he wrote and right away remembered something you wrote on your blog and was reading your blog last night and it sounds like he was lecturing you."

Me: "I'm sure he might have been lecturing me. After all the stuff I've said on my blog about him, I would not doubt he decided it was time to lecture back. Doesn't mean anything other then maybe he was bored or pissed off."  (me still laughing) "What was it anyways?"

TDQ: "Oh I don't remember now. You were talking about your novel and how it's not happening."

Me: "I meant what did you read of his that made you think he was trying to talk to me?"

TDQ : "Choosing your goals and stuff and how you are responsible for your own life." she shrugged as she took my money and turned her attention back to the line up of people at her checkout. 

I have no idea what she was referring to and am very confused at this conversation.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Used and Abused

I have made it no secret that over the years musicians have been my downfall. This time, a musician friend of mine got the shaft.

He was telling me about how this new girl in his life messed him over.  She was from an area outside of town and had made plans with him last week. 
He went to pick her up, and found not just her but a friend of her's as well. They spent the day together in town shopping, had dinner and then to his gig. 
At the end of the night, he found this chick and her friend had left the bar with other guys and left him with the bar tab. 

Not cool at all. 

This is how nice guys end up getting torn to shreds.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Who's Your Andy Warhol?

Celebutantes.  Socialites. Debutantes. Glitterati.  They're all looking for one thing. The Paparazzi.

I got an email from Starbucks Dude asking how things went with International Model Guy. I had to tell him nothing happened as IMG never followed through with his promise.

Starbucks Dude -"I think he was put off by your lack of enthusiasm." he commented.

Me -"I think he was put off by my ... well me. I knew it wouldn't get anywhere."

Starbucks Dude -"Candy my Darling, where's your spirit?  You have become a hermit and no one wants a hermit." {referring to the fact I look like Candy Darling.}

Me -"Thanks for that really point out something I don't already know."

Starbucks Dude -"The woman I met few years ago would not have let anything get her down. What happened to you?  You were going to be the next Andy Warhol. Are you even still painting?"

Me -"No. Haven't done a canvas in about two years."

Starbucks Dude -"Did you ever get your movie finished?"

Me -"No. Totally dead on that." 

Starbucks Dude -"I think you need to give up writing, at lest for now cause it's killing the rest of you. Get out, get drunk, get over the past.  You used to have your nose to the fashion grind stone and I can't even remember the last time I saw you in make up. You hear about Gilly's sewing group thing?  She's doing costumes now for the theater group. I can't stand that woman but she's taken a step forward which means you should be miles ahead of her. Her stuff is shit."

Me -"I can't sew to save my life."

Starbucks Dude -"I don't mean actually sewing Darling, I mean you have more style then she does. Christ, I have more style then she does. I don't understand why you never tried to get a job on that show you always watched." {Fashion File}

Me -"I don't live in Toronto. I live here. Sucky old here."

Starbucks Dude -"So move.  Move to Toronto.  Move to the States.  Move to Montreal.  Get out of your little batcave, get out of your pajamas, and no wrestling shirt. When was the last time you got pretty, made an effort to look sexy? And don't say sexy is wasted on you because that's your problem. You gave up. There used to be something delicious about you try and find that again. Go sing or something the bar still has karaoke on the weekends."