Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday 8:26pm note

Dear Herman:

That was an interesting and brutal ppv last night, hope Mad Hatter's arm is okay.  Loved the grey.
Will be interesting to see where the summer storyline goes.

Song stuck in my head  Dig Up Her Bones by Misfits.

And very much distracted now by Rebel without a Cause's match...just ended. Have to learn not to post during certain matches, get distracted easily.

Anyways, I imagine you checking in tonight, dressed in a pair of track pants, a paint covered t-shirt, and a cap on cause you didn't wash your hair. A whiskey in front of you, chewing on a thin paintbrush from working on a drawing.  I think you're the Kerouac type. All smoky rooms and jazz.

Smile, smirk and snarl.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday June 27th

My sister and I were at the new apartment for a bit, dropping off some of the lighter stuff, when one of the neighbour's door opened.  No one came out, no one was entering, the door just seemed to open about two inches.

"That's the creeper." I said as we entered my new apartment.


Me-:"Every time I've been here in the last few days, that guy opens his door and just stands there. I have no idea what his deal is? Doesn't say anything, doesn't go out of his apartment, just stands there. The first day, I thought it was one of those life size cut outs of like movie stars or something, but it was him."

Sister-:"Okay. Welcome to crazy town. Have you met anyone else in the building yet?"

Me-:"One of the neighbours from the third floor. She was outside when I came to pick up the keys the other day, and when I said what floor I was moving into, she screwed up her nose at me. "


Me-:"Yeah, seems I'm moving into the 'low rent district' of the building. The third floor it would seem is high quality and anything else is considered scum."

Sister-:"Ha! If she only knew where you were moving from eh?"  she walked around the apartment opening and closing the cupboards and closets. "This place is tiny! You could fit this whole apartment into the living room where you're moving out of. Why would you move? Scratch that, I know why you're moving, but to downsize like're going to have to get rid of like everything you own to fit anything in here. You're not going to get everything done in a month. Unless you like don't sleep at all for the next 30 days."

We locked up and headed to the sandwich shop next door, for dinner. The place was packed, and even with her wedding ring, my sister got hit on by two guys. Pour more salt on that wound.

Me-:"I think this is going to be my new go to place."

Sister-:"You will get so if you eat here too often. But, I can see the attraction. And the food's good too."

Saturday, June 21, 2014

post it June 21st 2014

First day of summer, though with the dampness and rain, you'd never know it here.
Saw a dead squirrel on the road this morning, it got caught in the wheel of someone's bike. Very strange, the other squirrels didn't seem to even notice just kept zipping across the street and back again, but the birds did. Three crows were standing guard around it on the street, squawking and chasing off the seagulls from it, and one cat. I've seen birds freak out a bit when another bird gets hit on the street, but never another animal.  Odd what you notice sometimes eh?

Anyways Herman, I imagine you checking in tonight, dressed just in those pajama bottoms, maybe having just done laundry, singing along to your latest playlist, then maybe switching to the playlist I think you've been creating every so often with songs I talk about. Admit it, even if you don't always like my taste in music, you check the songs out. Maybe one of these days Mr. Scratchy, you'll let me know what your song of the night is?

Smile, smirk and snarl.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Song of the night

Midnight of this Life  by Headstones.
I've got the song stuck in my head tonight, another one of those situations where listening to it just seemed to dig it deeper instead of getting over the song.

Damn it, I miss Dimmer on my weekly tv.  Strange to think that, but I really really do.  I'll have to really give the character in my fairy tale based on him a massive story boost to make up for it. 

Speaking of storylines I'm so not happy with, the Pack being torn to pieces. Hate it. Understand why they decided it was a good time to go with that plot, but I'm still hoping they sew them back together soon. And not make the fans have to wait like five years.
Will be fun though to see Mad Hatter's character really go nutballs. Hey, here's an idea, have him start coming to the ring with Rebel without a Cause's action figure treating it like a voodoo doll, sticking pins and stuff into it. That would be an interesting road to go down. That's what I would write for his storyline if I was in the writer's chair. 

And speaking of Mad Hatter... dude how's the arm?

And as always...Mr. Scratchy; Herman, I imagine you tonight, checking in with a cup of tea in hand, for some reason I think you've got a headache. I imagine you dressed in grey pants, a quarter sleeved shirt that fits like a glove in white, and you're munching on chocolate covered peanuts.

Smile, smirk and snarl.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Box that up

I was talking to G-Babbs, this morning just outside of the grocery on my way to mom's, when my across the hall neighbour spotted us.  He came over to where we were standing, G-Babbs's dog growling and shivering like he wasn't sure if he should like the dude or not.

Neighbour-:"I heard you're moving."

Me-:"Who told you?"


G-Babbs-:"He's got a big mouth." she grabbed her dog picking it up to keep him quiet. 

Neighbour-:"You are a good quiet neighbour, going to suck once you're gone."   

G-Babbs elbowed me, I elbowed her back. "That's because I was never home. Spent all my time at mom's."

Neighbour-:"Well, if you need any help, moving stuff just let me know."

Me-:"Thanks. I'll most likely need to hire movers and I have no idea what that's going to cost? So, yeah I'll most likely be needing help when the time comes. Thanks."

He just stood there for a few seconds. "So are you moving in with your mom then?"

Me-:"No! No, that!"  G-Babbs smirked making a noise. "I'm needing to move cause of all the stairs since my knee. No, I'm as healed now as I'm ever going to be. And I just can't afford the rent hike."

He nodded, made a comment about his new hair cut, and smiled grabbing a cigarette but didn't light it. "Yeah my girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, she had to move cause of disability and not being able to afford where she was anymore either. Totally sucks. I mean, I'm just me and I'm finding it difficult with a full time job, well part time now, but I don't know how much longer I can handle it there either. The rent is ridiculous."

G-Babbs tugged on my purse strap gesturing towards the grocery. "We shouldn't keep you, we need to get a few things and head back to her mom." 

My neighbour nodded and was off then towards the apartment building while I walked a bit with G-Babbs and her dog. "Huh."

Me-:"Huh what?"

G-Babbs-:"He's cute."

Me-:"Don't remind me."

G-Babbs-:"How long he been living there?"

Me-:"Not completely sure. He moved in when I had my knee injury two years ago, then he left or so I thought cause there was an older woman living there, and he's been back the last couple of months. So I really have no idea what's going on."

G-Babbs-:"And you're sure that older lady wasn't his girlfriend, excuse me ex-girlfriend?"

I shrugged. "Doesn't matter."

She slapped my arm nodding back towards the direction he'd gone in as we entered the grocery, her little dog firmly in hand. I spotted Storm working and asked him if he could get me some more boxes.

G-Babbs-:"Doesn't matter? A guy, a young cute buck like that offers to help you move and you say it doesn't matter? Spill it. What's going on with you two?"


G-Babbs-:"You saying you aren't sleeping with him?"

Me-:"I'm not sleeping with him. He's like married with a kid."

G-Babbs-:"He didn't say anything about a wife and kid. In fact he made it very clear he's single. I saw the way he was leaning towards you. I say go for it. You deserve it."

Me-:"Ex wife, ex-girlfriend, current girlfriend. Doesn't matter, he's still got a young kid. So not going to even think about it."

G-Babbs-:"Well, then you're making a mistake cause he's obviously got a crush on you."


Monday, June 9, 2014

post it note June 9th 2014

Dear Herman:

Mercury is in retro for the next few weeks. Crap will happen big time. Traffic jams, computers having meltdowns, messages getting mixed up or missed. And situations you thought were done will show up to drive you nuts. I wish I had read my horoscope this morning, cause then I would have been prepared for the countless chain of bad that's pooped on my day, but I didn't. I didn't get around to reading it till just now. Hindsight.

Anyways, I imagine you checking in tonight, dressed in shorts, the kind with pockets, and those pockets stuffed with junk. Literally, a donut in one pocket, two packs of sugar for your takeaway coffee in the other along with napkins and your wallet. I imagine you wearing a yellowy-orange shirt that has a big stain from having spilled soup on yourself, and those wire rimmed glasses I think you wear, feeling a bit loose. And during all that, I think you misplaced your watch. But now that you've read my upper part of this post, and you know once again Mercury is in retrograde, it all makes sense.

Smile, smirk and snarl.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

7:30 am post itNote

Dear Herman:

It's just after 7:30 am EST here, temp +5C, and sunny for once. Song stuck in my head "Bang Bang" the Cher version.

Wherever you are, I do hope you got more sleep then I have been lately.

I imagine you checking in this morning, licking the corner of your mouth, crumbs from a blueberry muffin sticking to your lips, dressed in a baseball cap, khakis coloured pants, a brown shirt and dark hoodie.

Smile, Smirk and Snarl.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Got a message a bit ago from my cousin Walsh.  "Did you watch the show?"

Me-:"Yes. And I saw it."

Walsh-:"Haha! Your boys are done. Toast."

Me-:"Ruin my mood why don't you?"

Walsh-:"It was bound to happen. No one stays together forever."

Me-:"I'm hoping they pull a swerve. Too many fans are going to be pissed at this storyline, and I hope by the end of the week, the story is fixed and it's all a swerve for Rebel without a Cause's character."

Walsh-:"That I'd like to see...they did have him looking, I don't know..."

Me-:"Angry, but neutral."

Walsh-:"How can you be angry and neutral?"

Me-:"Usually when they have a big heel turn like that, the character smiles or blows up. Rebel without a Cause didn't do anything. Just had this intensity...if I didn't know better, I'd say he looked torn, heartbroken...wonder if it was a last minute storyline? His acting has improved."

Walsh-:"I hope your right and it's a swerve. Was thinking about getting tickets for one of the shows next month for the Southern Ontario shows. Wouldn't be any good if they break the Pack up."

Me-:"Rub it in some more."

Walsh-:"Would you like some salt in that wound? With them touring through here, you could meet them."

Me-:"Um...???? They're not coming here."

Walsh-:"If they drive through town on their way to their tour dates. You never know, right place at the right time..."

Me-:"And I thought you were suppose to be the logical one? Dude, that's just...just..."

Walsh-:"You can't argue with me on it. Haha! Could happen. Totally could."

Me-:"I don't see it. Giant ouija board says no."

Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2nd post it

Dear Herman:

Rain and thunder here, hope it's nice where you are.

Caught the ppv last night, and I think I figured it out. Mad Hatter with hair in his face = good guy, Mad Hatter with hair fixed = bad guy. 

Sitting here, bored, few back spasms from the packing and lifting of boxes last few days, thinking I should be working some more on the fairy tale before things get too busy with the move...but don't know where to take it now.

okay, so I imagine you checking in tonight, dressed in dark jeans with the cuffs frayed and a splotch of something just under the knee on the left leg, a yellow shirt, baseball cap on, chewing on a toothpick or straw or plastic spoon. I imagine you carrying around your sketch book, drawing...moose and wolves. Maybe a vampire or two. I imagine you tonight your right shoulder bothering you.

Well, that's all I've got in my imagination for you right now...

Smile. Please.