Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Steaming up your windows part four

'What's wrong with wanting to be wanted?' 

"What?" Estelle breathed as she wrapped her arm around Caleb's waist.  He shook his head, his eyes wide not having realized he'd said anything out loud.

"Nothing. I was just... thinking." he stared down at her as he slid the strap off her shoulder. He started kissing her again as he reached to the bedside table for a condom.  His strong pale fingers hit the smooth surface of the table finding nothing but the alarm clock and an empty coffee cup from earlier.  "Just a second." he moved across her, pinning her slightly to the bed as he opened the drawer.  Feeling around half blind in the darkness, he found two pens and a set of earbuds for his iPod, but nothing else. 
Moving back across the warmth of her body, he kissed her shoulder as he rolled off the bed and started towards the bathroom.  He riffled through the medicine cabinet but still came up empty.
It seemed he was out of luck and out of condoms.  'Crap' he thought to himself. Turning towards the bedroom,  he let out a deep sigh.  "You didn't happen to bring anything did you?" 

"I didn't even bring my purse." 

He followed her voice back to the bed in the still darkened room climbing over the foot of it, his lips leaving a trail of small hot kisses across her stomach as he stretched out beside her, his right arm around her hips tight. Another deep sigh escaped him. This one was of pure defeat.
Part 5 soon

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yours, Mine, Ours

I was sitting with my cousin and his youngest, watching a wrestling dvd. I made a comment about "that's my team"  which is pretty typical of me.  And I was asked by the 4 year old who I was talking about?  I pointed to the screen and said the two guys in the red and black pants. Then She asked me how were they mine?
I simply said, they were my favourites like her dad's favourite hockey team was the Oilers.  She nodded and continued to stare at the tv screen, suddenly finding the contents of her nose interesting.  Turning to her dad, she asked "So that makes you their favourite too right? If they are Darling's favourite then she has to be their favourite too."  {said as a statement more then a question}
Walsh just sort of grunted as an answer.

She's 4, there is no point in trying to explain it.

Walsh giggled and threw a look at me then out of nowhere asked me "You ever think they have called you theirs?"  This he seemed to find amusing to the tenth power.

I shrugged and said "why not? I'm sure they've called me their favourite blogger, or their  pain in the butt."

Walsh-: "That you are.  Big pain in the butt."  he giggled a bit more. "But really now, why do I get the feeling there is more here then you've ever told me?"

Me-: "You know all I do on the topic."   


Monday, June 27, 2011

Do I have to loose me to be with you?

In the series finale of Sex and the City, {An American Girl in Paris Part Deux}   Carrie goes to Paris with her boyfriend Aleksandr Petrovsky, the Russian artist.  She leaves everything behind, her friends, her apartment, her career in order to be by his side.
After only two weeks of constantly being left alone, Carrie starts to admit it was a bad idea.

This is all shown with the metaphor of her loosing her famed Carrie necklace.  An item that has been a constant symbol the entire 6 years the show was on air.
It being gone represents the lost feelings that she has while in Paris, the one place on the planet she's always dreamed of going to.
While sitting a few feet away from her boyfriend's art show by herself completely forgotten by him, she finds her missing necklace in the bottom of her purse in the ripped lining.  {the purse is also a piece of the show's iconic history}  It's that moment that Carrie gets her courage back to be herself.

Why is it, that many times for someone to be part of a couple; they end up loosing their own identity?
When does compromising become giving up? 

I've sat back and watched as members of my own family have put their own dreams/goals on hold completely in order to boost up their mates.  It can be a sad thing to watch. 

One of the last lines of the series, is about when you find someone who loves the you that you love then you've found the right one.   Doesn't that include your dreams and desires as much as theirs?

At the end of the day, all this has got me wondering: Do I have to loose me to be with you?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

But it was the wrong colour

I sat in Starbucks waiting for the book club to start.  The Drama Queen was there on her lunch break. She spent nearly half an hour telling me about her recent trip to see her in-laws, and how her husband can do nothing right.
I feel sorry for the guy.

Then she showed me a necklace he'd gotten her and a ring.  It was a beautiful set, gold chain with a heart shaped charm with a diamond on it.  Classic actually is what I called it when she showed me. The ring, it seems not so much, as it was a light blue colour.  The issue was she wanted a diamond as well.
I know I shook my head, as she still wears her engagement ring plus her wedding ring on her hand, wouldn't a second diamond be confusing?
And you know, sort of pointless?

I seem to have gotten into a bad habit when it comes to conversations with TDQ, and that is to pat her on her hand and say to her "at lest you have a husband".  

I started to think about the way we value the men in our lives.  I know I've posted about this before more then once, and well the types of pressures we put on them. And I'm not just talking about boyfriends/husbands but all the men in our lives, including the ones that are on the edges of our lives. (like our heroes)

We seem to expect feats of superhuman status from the men in our lives/our heroes, and when they come up short, when they are just human, we blame them.  I'm not innocent on this, as much as I wish I were, I've romanticized more then one man over the years, only to have my view of him shattered like pale glass when I realized he was just a man.

I do not have any words of wisdom here, just going to say to the guys  out there that are reading this, to The Celebrity, The Other Guy, Mr. Scratchy, Starbucks Dude, Radar and any other wrestlers that I am unaware of who reads me;  I love you boys just the way you are. Warts and all. Whether you're fully in my life or just on the tip of it by way of a ring apron; thank you for being you and putting up with me and my grammatical errors {in real life or just by computer screen}

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Well that's fans for you

Oliver is a hairstylist. He's Italian and straight and married.

I bumped into him this afternoon.  He was at the gas station down the street when I was on my way to the coffee shop. I haven't seen him in almost a year.  He hadn't changed much, dark spiky hair, black shirt, black jeans. {sigh}
He said he'd been talking to Starbucks Dude the other week.  I'd actually forgotten they were friends. And he told me in the course of the conversation, that SD had sent him a few links to my blog.  As in this one that you are reading right now. 

He had two questions for me 1) Where's the hot sex on this thing?  and 2) What's that guy's problem? {meaning Mr. Scratchy}  ... okay he had a third question but that was about my hair...

To answer his first question - this is a public blog. I can only print things to a point. Even I have standards-
And to answer his second question - Don't know-

It's true, this blog has gone in a bit of a different direction then it originally started out, but that has a lot to do with the fact I'm not dating at the moment at all. 

Then he hugged me and asked me what my problem was. I was confused for a bit until he said he'd read the post about The Other Guy and my conversation with JTGG.   So here is yet another person who feels I should be wide open to the idea that TOG is the right guy. 

I'm starting to feel like it's a conspiracy. All of The Other Guy's fans are popping up, in such odd ways.
I'm sure that The Other Guy is finding this amusing. It seems everyone believes he should turn out to be some big knight in shinning armor or something even though he hasn't offered himself as one.

It seems, everyone has taken into account, my bad track record with picking men and have decided my choice {and for that matter The Other Guy's} is of little consequence.  Which is why I'm not even trying to date at the moment. 
I've decided, that the next man I get involved with will be because the man wanted to be involved with me. All my past involvements were started by me, and every one of them failed.  So, I figure, in order for one to work, it must be initiated by the man.

I fear this is about to turn into a rant so I will end the post for the night.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Read my body

There was an article this week over on iVillage, all about a man's body language and what it means.  This only applies to the first meeting. 

Some of the items on the list were obvious, some were not.  For example, everyone will raise an eyebrow for a brief half a second. This seems to be a trait no one is truly aware they are doing, but pick up subtly from the other person.

Another on the list, is a man stroking his tie.  Now, the article has it as a preening characteristic.  I've always been told when a man touches his tie it's because he wants to draw your attention down because he's thinking of sex. 

Same thing maybe?

The one that threw me was when a man leans on the table, on his elbow.  They have it listed as wanting to get closer to you, where I have always taken that to mean the guy is bored out of his mind.

Just goes to show you, sometimes the human man is easy to understand and sometimes you get your signals crossed.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Dear You:

I was watching the movie Metropolitan (1989/90) thinking about the way unexpected love can make a person over react. 
Will I have that affect on you?  Will you on me?  And will you have glasses? (a characteristic I love in men) Will you have read Jane Austen?
I was also thinking how I loved the fact the lead character was willing to travel miles to "rescue" the object of his desire from what he thought was the worst case scenario.
Knowing there is as many forms of love as there are people on this earth, I look forward to what you'll bring into my life, and what I will be bringing into yours when we meet and fall in love. Expected or unexpected. 


Steam up your windows part three

They had made it to the bedroom.  Somehow, though Caleb wasn't really sure how.  He remembered kissing Estelle by the front door, remembered the way her breath caught in her throat as she spoke to him. But he just could not remember what they talked about for the few minutes before he led her to his room. 

He propped his face on his left hand, his right slowly moving up the inside of her thigh, as he tried not to let a giggle escape his lips.  A bunch of fantasies ran through his mind all at once, fighting for the right to be the one he played out.  
Estelle reached her pale slim hand out to his hip, as she gazed into his eyes, her own twinkling with desire. 

Caleb nearly lost control of himself as she moved her hand under the material of his pajamas.  He closed his eyes, resting his face on her shoulder, this time letting a soft moan drip from his lips. 

Part 4 soon

Monday, June 20, 2011

Loyalty vs Faithfulness

One of my all time favourite movies is the bio-pic of Frida Kahol.

One of the main subplots of the film is the love story between Frida and her husband Diego.  Their love story portrays them as friends, co-workers and lovers.  It also shows both in less then perfect lights as far as being faithful. Through out the film, Diego has many affairs, which lead to Frida herself finally having a few of her own. But their respect for each other never wavers.

Neither was faithful to the other, but they proved to always be loyal.

Many of us take for granted that loyalty and faithfulness are the same thing, when they are not.  The key is to finding a relationship that is both in full balance.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

What's he thinking?

Boredom can lead to all kinds of crazy talk.  So can a few beers.
Radar was sitting on the bus bench with one of his buddies when I was coming home today.  I shall politely say that both boys were more then a little bit drunk still from their end of school party that seems to be a week long event around this city. Let me also say, they are lucky no one else decided to sniff the contents of their cola bottles.  Gotta love the JackDaniels.

As always, talk of work, how crappy this city is, who's shagging who that they wish was shagging them, and sports seemed to be on the to-do list of topics.  Radar mentioned my being a writer.  Actually, that's how he introduced me, as a writer.  Which, is the first time anyone has ever done that. Ever.  That sort of threw me for a bit of a loop, specially considering how I haven't been doing much of it in the last few months. Then he asked me how my blog was.  Which lead to this question :

Radar-: You know why he reads you? {meaning The Celebrity}

Me-: "Because I talk about him? Just a shot in the dark."

Radar-: "What? No. I mean, why he really reads your stuff?" {he was blushing}

Me-: "Because I talk about him and his best friend? And wants to make sure I make him look good with the photos?"

Radar's buddy was standing there with a dazed look on his face as he finished off his bottle. Radar giggled searching for his lighter that he concluded he must have lost at the party.

Radar-: "Woman! I'm saying, he reads you to make sure you're still single."

Me-: "I know. He's digging the dailiness of my singleton misery. He gets off on the knowledge that I'm pathetic."

Radar's Buddy-: "Who gets off on your wha?"

Me-: "The Celebrity and The Other Guy. Maybe a few of their co-workers little fuzzy on the numbers." {my sarcasm was lost on Radar's Buddy as he has no idea who we were talking about and he was drunk} "humm, The Other Guy. I wonder how he's doing with his injury?"

Radar-: "We were reading some stuff we saw in this magazine at Jake's place and I thought of you. Thought about something you said last time about how long he's been reading you and said about how he's had more then enough chances to get ahold of you and you said that, that you haven't heard for like what a year or something about him being in a relationship cause that's like a long time... shit wheres my keys, don't put that into the blog okay...."

Me-: "Just how long have you been drinking? Did you take anything of the mushroom variety in the last few hours?"

Radar's Buddy-: "You lost your keys? F**k! How we going to get in?"

Radar-: "I'll crawl in a window if I have to. Woman. Listen, I've figured it out. You're not mad at me cause I keep calling you Woman are you? Cause the last time I said it to I think it was Sarah she hit me with her purse. But yeah, you know why he's reading you?"

I was laughing by this time.

Me-: "We just covered that."

Radar-: "Yeah we did and it's still the same. To make sure...."

Me-: "He's waiting for the big release party. To be my cover model. Well, that's actually more The Other Guy."

Radar-: "...make sure... what?"

Me-: "My novel. He's very aware that he and The Other Guy are the inspiration for my two leads in my novel and is waiting to hear me say I've got it finished so they can come to the book launch."  {I was laughing to the point of loosing my breath as both Radar and his friend were beyond comprehension and I feel sorry for how they're going to feel in a few hours when they do sober up}

Radar-: "He's hard for you and I don't know why he's not...shit I think I lost my cell phone too... can I use yours to call Jake and see if my stuff is there..." {his buddy gave him his phone} "yeah and I think, I think that he's...he's ..."

Radar's Buddy-: "You're having a book party? Can I come if I buy your book?"

Me-: "Not finished it yet, but if I ever get that far, sure you can come to it. It will be great. I swear."

Radar was getting a bit on the frustrated side that we were not really paying attention to him, and given this is my favourite topic; normally I would be hanging off his every word but today I just was sort of fed up myself.

Radar-: "I think that he's shy to tell you the truth. I think that he's...that he's you know, shy about you."

Me-: "That's your story and you're sticking to it Eh? I think a bunch of things on the topic personally. Only he knows what the right theory is. Okay guys, I have to bail because you're making me depressed even though I'm laughing so much. I need to get this on the blog before I forget it all."

Radar-: "Have you put up any pictures on that thing yet? Make me look hot." {he was giggling again}

Me-: "That will take a whole lot of ketchup. Maybe salsa."

I laughed pretty much the whole way home.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Unhappy Hour

"She's happy being a duck in a fish bowl."

This was from my sister as she screwed up her face.  She was talking about Sophia the Wannabe Socialite, after I said that I'd bumped into Sophia at the bus stop.  Sophia had talked about nothing but her latest play that the local theater group is doing at the end of the summer.  My sister and Sophia used to be best friends. Before Sophia's many failed turns in rehab.

I was returning a cake pan my mom had borrowed off my sister. The one thing sister and I agree on is that this city is where you go if you are in hiding. A place where you end up rotting. Creative people die here, the life sucked out of you like a leech on steroids. Then out of the blue, my sister said the strangest thing.  "I don't know why you didn't just stay in Edmonton few years ago? I wouldn't have come back if I'd been you."

Edmonton.  I had been visiting a friend from high school few years ago.  Stayed for two weeks and if I had had more money, or had met a few more people, I'd have just kept staying.   Only, at that time in my life, I was not in the right frame of mind. And I did not get to meet anyone other then the two new best friends of my friend, that seemed to be around the house the whole time with their kids.  Damn those play dates.  I barely ever saw the outside of the house, and when I did, we had a gaggle of toddlers in double strollers to look after.  I figured out pretty damn fast that I wasn't invited because my friend actually wanted to spend time with me, she just wanted a free babysitter.

Sister-: "You need to shoo." {she made a gesture like she was shooing a bird} "Fly away. Be the tree and all that. Be the crow. That was the movie right? Yeah, the crow. And find your whatever and do it soon. Make her look like the bug she is."

Me-: "Well that was...very uncharacteristic of you. And sort of nice. "

Sister-: "Yeah. I just think that she'll get what's coming to her and it's not going to be pretty. She's not the star she thinks she is and you can't listen to mom either. Both of them, look at me Darling, both of them, never bothered to try. Sophia always tried to copy you now she's trying to copy Beril. And mom, she's never had any dreams. Look at what she did when I was in my band. Totally wanted me to quit. So yeah."

Me-: "Wait. Hang on.  Are you, YOU, saying that mom and Sophia are jealous? Of me?"

Sister-: "Big time." {she made a noise that was something like a grunt} "I mean, okay you sometimes drive me nuts, but at lest you have a dream. Do I think you'll get your Mr. Scratchy" {and she did the air quotes too} "I can't tell you that.  Do I think you'll get The Celebrity or one of the other wrestlers, not too sure. But, I can see you getting farther on this whatever it is that you've been doing so far. You had their attention in the past. Which makes you higher up on the food chain then Sophia. Okay gotta run, the man's out of the shower and I still have to make the burgers. Talk to you later. Bye."  

My sister nearly slammed the door in my face.  I thought about all this as I walked home.  Then turned around few doors from my building, and headed towards the blockbuster.   Where upon I wandered around the store for about a half hour then decided to rent Burlesque.  All this talk about fame really stuck in my mind.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ode to The Other Guy

JTGG was at the coffee shop when I stopped in few hours ago, and we got to talking.

JTGG-: "Why are you so against the idea of The Other Guy being your Mr. Scratchy"  {he did the air quotes again when he said Mr. Scratchy}

Me-: "What do you mean?"

JTGG-: "I mean, you're like just dead set against believing he might be the guy. Why? Why?" {he giggled with his eyes wide.} "Wellllllll?"

Me-: "Cause it's just not?"

JTGG-: "I think it is. You need to stop fighting the idea. Because you KNOW you need to find out and do something about it! Hahahaha! You're going to end up like your mother old bitter and ALOOOONNNE!"

Me-: "What makes you so sure it's him? I don't feel it."

JTGG-: "What? Cause I do!" {he leaned over and screamed at me then got up to get another coffee} "And I'm always right." {he kicked me under the table lightly more then once.}

Me-: "Put it this way, if he is it would be a bad sitch at worst, and a complicated one at best. And so yeah he can not be Mr. Scratchy. He just can't."

JTGG-: "Hellooooo! You don't get to choose if he is or not! I choose!" {mad laughter for a few minutes then he sipped on his coffee for a minute and started to play with his new eyebrow ring} "And I say that he's more then possible to be Mr. Scratchy. Tell me why you don't. Tell me"

Me-: "Wanna start with the fact he's not available, and move on to the fact that because of many things I've teased him about in the last few years, and then pile on the fact that he's... "

JTGG-: "Auhhhhaaa?"  {his eyes went wide for a second and I knew what he was hoping I'd say.}

Me-: "... gorgeous. He's down right gorgeous. Besides, I've said this a few times in the past, from everything I've witnessed, everything I've come to understand, he'd have been the one to have said long long time ago that he was if he thought for a second that he was. You know."

JTGG-: "What? Ohhhh! You mean you think he would have called you already if he was your Mr. Scratchy. Okay now I get it.  I still think he is though and from what I've read few times of things on the internet he's totally perfect for you."  {he started to play with the eyebrow ring again} "I so don't understand why you don't want him?"

Me-: "Never said I didn't want him. Just said I don't feel that he's the guy."

JTGG-: "Fine. but why would it be a bad thing or why would it be a complicated thing?"

Me-: " Bad because of what I already said, his not being available and too good looking and because I'm me.  Complicated because of who he is."   {JTGG looked at me for a few seconds not understanding or no longer listening, or possibly both before shaking his head and saying he didn't get it. }   "Because he is The Other Guy.  You know, The Celebrity's bestest bud. Say The Other Guy is my Mr. Scratchy that would mean I'd never be totally able to settle into a forever because The Celebrity would be on the edge of everything. How damned unfair would that be to The Other Guy. So he just can't be the one."

JTGG-: "Whatever. But I think he is. And time to talk about me."

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bare or Sparkles

About a year and a half ago on another area of the internet, I had written a post about how I think the idea of a women bedazzling her nedan is a crazy idea, after having read an article on it.   Either shave it or leave it.  Don't try to pretend you've been made out of glittery gems.

I recently read a follow up article on another website, stating one of the latest crazes for men is to bedazzling their lower areas.

Okay, my stance on this is the same.  If I was getting naked with a guy and saw that he was looking like some sort of mirror ball, I'd be running literally screaming in the other direction. 

Guys, keep it trimmed or shave it off, but don't act like you're a Martha Stewart DYI project of the week.

I've been with guys who are wax-aholics and guys who could be mistaken for werewolves. Personally, I like my men in-between.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Good night kisses

I had written a few different posts and kept deleting them.  I chickened out is what I did.

Okay, swallowing a bullet here and asking Mr. Scratchy to do a big big favour for me... the group Haywire the song Buzz.    

Big Kisses

Tuesday Tibits- 14th June

Yesterday was Pride day here in the city.  Sophia the Wannabe Socialite had been front and center at one of the main events.  Saw her on the news. 
I made the mistake of mentioning seeing her on the news when I bumped into her and her latest girlfriend whom she did not even bother to introduce,  at the coffee shop this morning.

Sophia-: " I didn't get a close up.  Jen got a close up. They interviewed her."

Me-: "Um. Yeah but isn't she the group representative?"

Sophia-: "And what's your point? I'd had planned to talk about the plays my theater group has going right now. But, no they spent all their time interviewing Jen."

Me-: "Sophia, it was a thirty second sound bite. The entire piece was less then two minutes."

Sophia-: "Darling, you just don't get it do you."

Me-: "No, seems I don't."  {then she hugged me for some reason}  "Okay, need to go now. Take care. Nice to sort of meet you..." {I nodded at her girlfriend}

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Scarlet Letter Strikes Again

I had gone to the coffee shop after a short walk few hours ago, and bumped into The Drama Queen.  She was her usual overly talkative self, and just as I was about to take my cappuccino and come home, she leaned in all secretive and told me to stay away from Storm.

I think I had a bit of a Carrie moment, you know when on the show she's in slight shock and does that double head shake  with the wide eyes and says "Excuse me?" 

TDQ-: "I saw you talking to Storm yesterday afternoon. I just think it's a bad idea for you to be trying to get so chummy with him." 

And that was about it.  She spotted her husband coming into the building from work and seemed to forget I was even there. 
All I can say is yeah, totally weird.   I thought about this a bit as I headed into the Blockbuster next door to rent a movie.  Mitch was working, so I chatted with him for a few minutes, mentioned what had just happened and he gave me this look.  

Okay picture this, a 5'11 guy who is about the same size as a mic stand, with a full thick dark beard that makes him look like he should be living in a cave.  And he's a total puppy.  But he raised an eyebrow at me, sucked in a deep breath and out of the corner of his mouth made a comment about how he's seen her trying to snag Storm herself.

Mitch-: "She's just trying to keep you at arms length so she can screw him without competition. Anyway, I thought he was seeing someone?" 

Me-: "That was what I thought.  Have to find out if he still is or if he's single again."

I finished my cappuccino tossing the cup in the trash, and looked at the stack of DVDs that Mitch had just sorted to shelve.  Sitting on the top of the pile was a copy of Easy A
Which is a combo remake of The Scarlet Letter and Can't Buy Me Love.   I hadn't seen it yet but thought it was just too rich of a sign not too get it.

(Yes, just finished watching the movie and it was fabulous. I might post a review)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Case of the underwear thief

I was out at the lingerie store bra shopping, which I hate doing.  Sales lady dropped everything forcing a line up of crazed women on a sale day; in order to shoo away a guy who had come in and was touching all the displays.  { I've seen this guy standing around the music store many times. He stands there most the time, listening to the new releases swaying with a cup in his hand. It's been known that he's at the mall on day passes from the hospital, and the staff at the music store almost always has to call the ward to let them know he arrived} 

Saleslady-: "You know you're not allowed past the check out table. The back is off limits."

Daypass Guy-: "I'm just wanting to see the new ones. I won't move anymore."

Saleslady-: "No, I'm very busy today and I can not keep an eye on you, go please or I'll have to call Frank"

Daypass Guy-: "I promise I'll just stand here okay. Okay. Hey okay? Frank doesn't need to know I'm here. I'll be really quiet, like a mouse. Okay?"

She managed to get him out of the store for about a minute while she tried to get back to the customers. Then he was back in the store beside a bin that was full of thongs. The Saleslady reached over and picked up the phone. Another minute later and security was there to take the Daypass Guy out of the store.  The lady standing beside me in line asked what it was all about.

Saleslady-: "He's got mental problems, and normally is really harmless but he's got a fetish for women's panties. We've caught him sniffing the ones in the sale bin a few times. Nearly ..."  {big round of ewww from most of us on that one} "...uh-huh yeah. There's been a few times our inventory does not match up at the end of the night with the sales numbers. I can't prove he's taken any, but I'm nearly sure he has."

The lady standing next to me in line shook her head and asked what we all were half way thinking but not wanting to ask. 
"But if they are new and clean...I don't get it?"

Saleslady shrugged waving at us.  "I don't want to speculate."

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Would you do a sex tape?

We're hearing about this all over the place about once every two weeks. Another star has gone and had their sex tape/nude photos splashed all over the place.
Once upon a time, something like that would destroy your career.  Now, it seems to be a major stepping stone for so many stars who would otherwise be just nameless try outs.

Okay, here's my thoughts on this. 
If I were famous I would NOT do a sex tape.  No matter what. Nude photos, that would depend on the ifs ands and butts of where it was meant to be shown and how they were done.

If I was in a long term faithful relationship, would I do them for my guy?   Depends on the guy.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Steam up your windows part two

Caleb hung up the phone a few minutes later, rubbing both hands over this face as he got up out of bed. He crossed the room still yawning when he decided he'd better brush his teeth before Estelle got there. He was very self-conscious about stuff like that even though he knew Estelle would care less. Leaning on the bathroom counter, Caleb stared at himself in the mirror. 
His short dark hair was freshly cut and spiked with gel. Or at lest it had been before he'd originally gone to bed few hours before. Holding the blue toothbrush between his teeth he ran his hands under the tap then began to rework his hair. No need to look overly dishevelled. Finishing up in the bathroom, he made his way back through the apartment hoping he still had some wine in the kitchen.  

He suddenly felt sheepish. It was the middle of the night, Estelle had called him asking to come over; there was no need to be trying for a seduction. Caleb scratched at the back of his skull as he put the bottle of wine back into the fridge. Moving away from it, he turned on his heels and opened it again pulling the bottle back out and getting two glasses from the counter.
The doorbell rang before he was back out to the living room.  He made a small grunting noise in his throat as he put everything down on the coffee-table, letting out a deep breath. 

He counted to five before opening the door,  wishing suddenly that he'd changed into a pair of jeans, instead of  having left his pajama bottoms on.  Estelle was standing in the hallway of the building dressed in a black slip dress, which was always Caleb's favourite on her. Any thoughts on trying to look bored at her arrival was useless. 
Reaching one arm up to the top of the door, his eyes swept the length of her, catching at the edge of  flesh just above the lacy neckline of the dress. His mind went numb and it took him a few seconds to realize the redhead was saying something. 

"Huh-huh" he mumbled as he gave her a sideways hug closing the door locking it. Moving completely on instinct, the dark haired man pulled her to him quickly for a  kiss. He felt her smile as the kiss was deepened, her own hands on his hips. They stood there in the darkened hallway for a few timeless moments just kissing; their bodies nearly molded to each other, her pale slim hands roaming gently over his thighs and lower back, his own at her neck and ribs. They finally broke the kiss only when they stumbled against the wall and Caleb moved his left arm to balance them both placing his hand firmly on the wall just over her shoulder. 

"Hey you." Estelle whispered into his ear as she wrapped both arms around him pulling him even tighter to herself.
Part 3 soon

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

With the internet, I rarely need to physically go to the bank anymore, unless of course I need to cash a rare cheque.  Today was one of those days. 
There is a new guy who works there. Young, cute, looks a little like the actor from Bold and the Beautiful who plays Liam Spencer.  Too bad he's only got an attention span for Fanny.
I went to his window, cashed my cheque, didn't even get a smile out of him. Cause he was too busy glancing over at Fanny.  Ironically Fanny said hi to me and took the two steps from her window over to his before I could leave.  She leaned over and asked if I've talked to Starbucks Dude lately.  Haven't talked to him in a few weeks, far as I know he's out of town again.
Liam-lookalike heard us obviously and seemed more then a little shaken.

I left thinking poor guy I know how he feels 99% of the time,  and if I hurried I could get to mom's before the end of Bold and the Beautiful.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Steam up your windows part one

She wrapped her left arm up under his, her right hand snaking it's way around his jaw as she came up behind him. He felt the warmth of her lips on his left shoulder, then the back of his neck; causing him to shiver under the softness of her touch. She trailed kisses down his back, her hands sliding down over the length of his stomach.  Closing his eyes, he threw his head back letting a sigh escape his lips,  the heat of her mouth now at his waist sent another bolt of electricity through him. But it was the delicate tip of her tongue as she slid it over the center of his spine, that got the reaction out of him,  as she once again moved up the length of his body.

He opened his eyes, swearing as the phone was ringing.  Looking at the caller id, he debated if he should answer it or not.  He did. "What?" he yawned into the phone.

"Hey. Did I wake you?"  a soft female voice asked on the other end.  He shifted his weight on the bed, pulling the covers up to the middle of his chest, suddenly feeling exposed. He looked at the clock on the bedside table as it flashed 3:13am.

"Yes. What are you wanting?"  he yawned again hitting the back of his skull on the headboard as he rolled over. 

"I missed you." Her voice was nothing more then a soft hush on the other end of the phone. Caleb hated to admit to Estelle, but he missed her too. And if his dream was any indication as to how much, he figured he'd better keep that to himself too.  "Are you alone?" her voice cooed in his ear.  Caleb cleared his throat, asking again what she wanted.  This time, his own voice was hushed with more then the desire to sleep. 

Okay some of you realize I do write. If you've seen any of my work in the past around then you know I like to throw these bits and pieces up every so often.
And I thought what  a lovely way to change the energy on this blog.  And yes, this is the same two characters from my short Mad as Hell  on my other blog.

Love - Darling

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday June 5th

The last hour has left me in a state of disbelief.  I'm not even sure it is something that fits with this blog, but it has to do with The Celebrity.   In a back ass sort of way.

Bumped into JTGG while he was waiting for the bus, which is right outside of my mother's building. He'd missed the one bus and came in with me to mom's to wait the half hour for the next one. We started talking about jeans.
Jeans, and styles and length.  We mentioned how The Celebrity had the cuffs of his jeans rolled on the show the other day, and I made the comment about how short is he really. {question actually}

Then the whole thing exploded.  Mother out of nowhere said "It doesn't matter if his a munchkin if he's a runt, you're never going to see him."

The gasp that JTGG let out would have put a crash victim to shame.  He grabbed me saying he needed a smoke and for me to go stand outside with him while he had one.

JTGG-:"You're mother is a bitch! Ohmygod! How do you put up with her? That's crazy!"

It's not even what she said that's got me all messed up, it's how she said it.
She did not say "well you can't afford to get to a live show so you'll never get the chance to meet him"  or  "aren't you a little too old to be standing in line for autographs so you most likely will never have the chance to meet him"   
Which would have made sense and would not have hurt.

But that's not how she said it. That's not what she said.   She said it the same way you would if you were grounding a teenager  because their friends were bad influences or something. 

I don't know man, that comment just totally messed with my head. 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Zaniness of it part 2

I was walking home and bumped into G-Babbs who was walking her dog.  We were standing on the sidewalk behind the grocery.  The dog started to bark it's head off, so I bent down to pet him to see if that would quiet him.
Then I spotted what the dog was barking at. Or I should say who.   Zane was coming around the building.
Let me tell you that it was a very hot +28degree Celsius here today, and I was wearing a cammy. Low cut.
When Zane got close enough for me to see that it was him, it was too late.  I'd pretty much fallen out of my shirt. The guy stopped, lit a cigarette (I had no idea he was a smoker) and kept his head down.  He did wave though and said "hi".
G-Babbs continued to talk, the dog continued to bark and when I looked over, I spotted Zane turning the corner of the grocery I suppose to go back to work, and he looked over at me.
Damn, I got caught looking, as did he.  
Only, because of the cammy, I think he saw more then needed of me at this time.

Friday, June 3, 2011

To You

About a year and a half ago, I did a small collection of poems/letters on my blogs that were to my unmet future man.  Done in the style of a Gratitude Journal, thanking the universe for bringing him into my life.
If you've never worked with the idea of a gratitude journal before, it's purpose is to be thankful for what you know is coming but has yet to manifest; and it's done as if the item/event has already happened.
I thought I might start doing that again here.

To You:

You were on my mind again, keeping me from working. 
I know I'm on your mind too,
Just wanted to wish you sweet dreams and hope you have a great day tomorrow.

Yours Lovingly 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday Tidbits

 Saw this big burly biker hop the fence in front of the garden/lawn of City Hall.  He was picking lilacs from the front of the garden.  Security was standing right there and just did nothing.  Biker was in full Hell's Angels vest.  Then saw him hop the fence again, run over to this blonde who was walking down the street, and hand her the fresh flowers.

Seriously, would you have tried to tell him that was against the law?  Me neither.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Zaniness of it

Normally, I do not go through Zane's checkout.  Simply because his express line, smells like the perfume counter at the mall.  Women of all ages, sizes and styles flaunt themselves at the poor guy.
Today, I spotted him in the regular checkout  and at 2:30pm it was nearly empty so I got into his line.

Me-: "They moved you over here to this end today for a change of scenery?"

Zane-: "Yes. And I hate it. I hate working this end. It's lonely"  

Had there not been some 80 year old guy standing a centimeter away, I would have lingered long enough to flirt some.  But there was an 80 year old guy standing a centimeter away waiting his turn in line. One of the rare times I've seen a man in Zane's line by the way.

Not too mention, all I could think as I left the place was that Zane could not possibly ever be lonely, given how much female attention that guy gets where ever he goes.  I've seen him at the mall walking minding his own business with his earphones on, a few high heeled stalkers flipping their hair; trying to be first to get his number.  I've seen a few girls nearly wrestle each other out of the seat next to him on the bus.

Then again, if I think back to something The Celebrity and The Other Guy once said on the show "it's lonely at the top".
Maybe Zane's finding that out?