Monday, April 30, 2012

shame- review

Plot: A man battling sex addiction has his life thrown into a mess of chaos when his sister moves in with him and she starts to date his boss.

I have been hearing nothing but good stuff about this movie for the last three months, and had the chance to rent it. 

The first few minutes are a series of shots of the lead actor naked, only you don't see his face.  Just the mid torso down, as he walks to and from the camera.   It sets the tone in more ways then one. 
He's faceless therefore you can not connect with the character.  Which is the idea of the film.  The lead never connects and we're not suppose to connect with him.

As I was talking about this film earlier, I made the comment that it feels like the two leads have had an incestuous relationship in the past which seems to play out in the way that the character of the sister keeps trying to gain comfort from her brother by climbing into his bed. Though it's never said straight out if that is the idea behind their reactions to each other.
Her actions are classic traits a woman would use to make an ex jealous, that it leaves little space for any other conclusion.

The title of the movie comes in the forms of the lead having his boss complain about how much porn was found on his work computer saying that someone would have to be really sick to watch the amount of stuff on there, and when his sister walks in on him masturbating calling him a freak.
This propels the lead to throw everything in the trash, his pornography collection, toys, condoms and his laptop. He then tries to have a normal relationship with a co-worker but just can't seem to get it up. He then goes out and has sex with a series of prostitutes before finding himself in a gay bar and picking up a random man for oral sex.

The movie itself is grey, cold, dislodged, and had me thinking of the Christian Bale movie American Psycho,  which also deals with a man who can not connect emotionally.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The naked guy in the next bed

While in physio therapy this morning for my knee, they brought in a new patient. He was given the bed next to where I was.  It looks as if he'd had surgery on his right leg as well.

I think I freaked the guy out because I was half off the bed crying, while my therapist was moving my leg trying to get a measurement.  Then all of a sudden, a towel went flying past us.
It landed on the guy next to us. One of the female therapists was over beside him then trying to get him to cover up.

He was not wearing any underwear and kept bringing his robe up over the edge of the one machine they had him hooked up to.   And grinning.
He did it again a few minutes later. 

It didn't take long to realize he was doing that on purpose to get the one therapist to "help him" with his clothing.

Me-: "Bad monkey"  

My Therapist-: "I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that."

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Post-It April 21

Watching a sci-fi show, a coffee beside me and listening to the neighbours outside as they gather with their dogs.
I'm bored.
So Mr. Scratchy, what are you up to tonight?  Work, I'm guessing. The gym maybe?  A hockey game?
Why do you think movies and tv shows about space and aliens are so popular?  More so I think then even superheroes?  And what is it with men and cartoon women?  Is it the male version of the knight in shinning armor that women dig in fairy tales? 
Well, Mr. Scratchy; whenever you might catch this, hope you're having a good day.
Catch you on the flipside.

Monday, April 16, 2012

You've got male-Stranglehold

As I was checking my emails this morning, I saw I had received a stack of messages from a dating site. One I didn't remember ever being part of.  Ends up, it's a spin off site from one of the other ones I had been part of few years ago. 
When I read the messages, of which there were four, I saw they were all from the same guy. No photo of course. 
He seemed really eager to let me know that he's a local guy and  a part time wrestler.  My gut told me to just pass.

No photo is always a red flag.   Bigger red flag, why would he tell me that he's a wrestler? 
I have to guess that he must already know who I am.  And if that's the case, why send me a message that way? 

The other question I've been asking myself all morning is why is it only men without photos seem to send me messages?  What are they hiding?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dirty Laundry 16

"You are not watching that right now?"   This was my aunt as she came to get my cousin whom my mom had been babysitting.
My aunt was referring to the fact I was sitting in front of the wrestling pay-per-view. The Celebrity and The Other Guy were on.  They lost.  Bit upset over that fact but I was digging on the new pants The Celebrity was wearing.

Me-:"Yes it's live don't touch the remote. I've paid $50 for this so don't even.. they lost.  What do you mean they lost? Damn it!"

Aunt-: "Ha! Serves you right for watching that with a 6 year old around. Did your skunk cut his hair yet?"

Me-:"Sure. I'm trying to listen to the thing.  I have a review to do."

My mom was gathering up my cousin's stuff and getting her coat.  "The Other Guy shaved those stupid sideburns off."

Me-: "I'm blogging that. You've been warned."  I had the ice pack on my knee and it was caught in the edge of my brace. "You missed the disco shorts that  the DoubleStarr was wearing. Spiffy very spiffy."  I caught my aunt grinning then as she's made comments before about liking the DoubleStarr.  

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Therapist

"Nice ass eh?"   A middle aged lady laying on the work out bench next to me commented.  I turned to see her nodding in the direction of the physio therapist.  "If I was just fifteen years younger."

"I was noticing his shoulders actually."   We both got back to our leg exercises in silence for a few moments.  "I wonder how long he's been dating her?"   It was out of my mouth before I had even thought about it.

Lady-: "Who?"

Me-: "That blonde therapist."

Lady-: "Did he say he was dating her or what?"

Me-:"No. But every time the blonde therapist has moved out of the room, my therapist has moved to his desk where he's able to look out into the hallway, and when the blonde therapist was standing near her patients, my therapist has moved back over here to where we are, and I've seen him glancing over at her. She's made a few glances around the room too."

Lady-: "Huh. You see too much. "  she laughed at me.  

My therapist came back over to where I was, dragging this boot shaped machine.  I spent the next half hour with my leg strapped into this electronic boot that sent a light jolt into my leg to get the muscles working and helped to bend my knee. 

Therapist-:"You okay? You look like your going to pass out on me? And I've never had a woman pass out on me before."

Me-: "Am I suppose to be light headed?"  I asked feeling like the room was starting to spin a bit. Good thing I was laying down.

Therapist-: "No. That's not good.  Maybe we should turn the machine down a  few notches. Did you eat this morning?"

Me-: "Yeah. You think that's why I'm feeling light headed?"  

Therapist-: "Make sure you eat lots tomorrow. I plan on wearing you out."  he nodded as he moved back across the room to one of his male patients who was working the mini stairs.

Lady-: "Oh my god."   she was laughing at the whole thing. " He's never talked like that before."

Me-: "Huh. Yeah, I have a theory there's a wrestler somewhere laughing right now about how much a wimp I am."

Lady-: "Pardon?"

Me-: "Nothing, just an inside joke."

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

You might hate me in the morning.

"So when can I see you again?"

The words every woman wants to hear.  Too bad I heard them this morning from my physio therapist.  Well, he was hot so it took some of the sting out of it.  But not much.   While I was busy staring at his dark hair and grey eyes, pale lips and high cheekbones, he was forcing my knee to bend while lifting my ankle and getting me to flex my foot.
I ended up in a total snot running scream/cry from the pain.   Way to make an impression eh?
The first cute guy I've come across in months and all he wants to do is fix me. 

Seriously, this guy has model worthy looks and the attitude of Vlad the Impaler. I go back in first thing in the morning, and this time I really hope I don't scream when he touches me.  Well,  you know what I mean. 

You know, The Celebrity and The Other Guy are snickering right now as they read this.  My Mr. Scratchy is shaking his head wondering how anyone could be such a wimp.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Yes have some

"So what are you up to?" my aunt asked putting a bag of oranges down on the counter.

"Werewolves."  I answered.  She stopped dead in her tracks as my mother laughed. "For my Monster's Library. I'm working on some werewolf stuff."

Aunt-: "What a perfect waste of your time." She said checking her messages. "You really need to think about how you can make some money off this. Maybe go back to doing some reviews."

Me-: "I didn't make any money off of the reviews. Besides, I just felt so drained from the book reviews."

Aunt-:"What about the wrestling? I saw you're back to doing that when I read your blog, see if you can get yourself a job working for one of those magazines."

Me-: " Yes, and did you notice my typos too?"   I cringe at my own inability to spot editing errors. "I'm so out of practice with that whole thing.  I only went back to it because The Other Guy made his big return to the company."

Mom-:"Here we go again. Don't encourage her."  my mother said as the phone rang.  It was my sister and she went off into the other room to talk.

Aunt-:"Huh. No wonder you feel the way you do with her around you."

Me-:"Changing the topic. You read my wrestling review?"

My aunt nodded as she stuck a slice of an orange in her mouth. "I noticed a few things. You said something about getting your questions answered, so I went and watched part of it online. You know what I think, I think The Other Guy has a soft spot for you."

Me-:"Sure he does. Why does everyone always... you know what thank you and leave it at that."

Aunt-:"I don't understand why you refuse to see it."

Me-:"As a writer sure totally see it. He likes the fact I talk about him, made him the hero in two of my novels.  Who wouldn't like having their own personal Jane Austen?"

Aunt-:"I still think you should try getting a job writing for a magazine. Don't understand why you refuse to even try? Have you tried getting an interview with them?"

I laughed for a few minutes after she said that.  Which caused her to raise an eyebrow and get a bit huffy. 

Me-:"Yeah few times.  I have a better chance of having The Celebrity asking me to a Twilight movie marathon."  I thought about that for a second and laughed again for another few minutes.  Actually, that got me in such a laughing fit I ended up with the hic-ups.

Aunt-:"Well, I still think you have enough talent that you should try to make something of it."

Monday, April 2, 2012

Tidbits April 2nd

The first few photos for the show Carrie Diaries have hit the internet in the last few weeks.  Everyone is buzzing with the hope and promise that the prequel will hold it's own.
I have to admit, I'm looking forward to the show finally hitting airwaves.  I just haven't come across a schedule for it yet. {are we looking at a Fall debut or a Spring?}

 Fans are also wondering when the next chapter in the book series {Book #3} will be released?  Is there going to be another book or are we to assume the new tv show will cover the bases?