Monday, December 31, 2012

Recap of a Random SATC episode p4

Season 3 Episode 38- The Big Time

This is the episode where Carrie and Big keep running into each other, Miranda feels pressured by Steve to have a baby, Charlotte falls in love with Trey, and Samantha fears she's entered menopause.

Carrie's question of the week is "Is Timing Everything?"

One of the opening scenes is of Carrie and Charlotte getting their nails done, talking about the innocence  of not having sex right away. This leads them into a side comment about erasing your past sexual history. Can it be done? One of the next scenes has Samantha being hit on by a guy who looks like he just stepped out of a bad 1980's music video. The comparison to what is "nostalgia" and what is "stuck in the past" is visible here.

During a scene where the four girls are pouring over magazines, (like teenagers over homework at lunch) they start talking about their periods being matched up, which Samantha then has to admit she's late. Which is one of the first real moments in the whole series where her age really gets a mention. Of all the topics, menopause is only tackled  a few times in the whole of the series.

We see Miranda and Steve out having dinner, talking about the fact that so many people suddenly have kids. Steve then suggests to Miranda that they would make great parents and asks her to have a baby. The whole time, Miranda is wiping spilled soup off of Steve's shirt. We see the vastly different views that they have on the topic of family. Steve is ready to settle down and live the dream that most women want, while Miranda is the one who is reluctant and is throwing up the road blocks. (which would be a foreshadow for the rest of the series for them)  We also see what seems to be the de-evolving of  Steve from a philosophical character to a more emotional mess.
They end up getting a puppy as a "trial run" while putting the baby conversation on hold.

Carrie then goes to a celebrity party on a yacht with Charlotte and Trey, leaving Aidan at home. Here she bumps into Mr. Big, who is also there without his wife. They hang out for a while, and when Mr. Big learns that Carrie is dating someone, he starts to rethink his marriage. Mr. Big shows up at Carrie's apartment little later, jealous of Aidan. (this would become the set up for the affair they have over the next few episodes)

Samantha decides to go on a date with the old guy who repulses her because she is fearing her loss of attractiveness. She ends up getting her period while having sex with him, and her entire out look on life changes. All her fears go away.

This episode deals with transitions in life. The smaller issues that somehow become the steps to the larger ones. Sometimes the problems can be fixed, sometimes they can't. It's knowing when they can or can not that makes the difference.
Ironically, Mr. Big makes the biggest (no pun intended) step in his transition. He admits that he isn't really sure what it is that he's looking for in life at that point, but that Carrie is constantly on his mind.
As the girls are all dealing in fear, Mr. Big is dealing in confusion. 

One of the best quotes in this episode is  - Charlotte "Oh My God! Vagina weights!"

 Samantha -"Honey, my vagina waits for no man"
 (when they are having drinks looking at ads in junk mail and magazines)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Recap of a Random SATC episode part 3

A Vogue Idea - Season 4 Episode 65

This is the episode where Carrie is trying to move on with her life after her second major break up with Aidan, and gets a new job at Vogue.  It's also where Charlotte throws a baby shower for Miranda, and Samantha attempts a three way with her boyfriend and a much younger woman.

Carrie gets what she considers her dream job working for the biggest fashion magazine in the world, but fails to wow her main editor, Enid.  (A character who ends up returning throughout the rest of the series and movies off and on) But is taken pity on by her other editor Julian who tries to seduce her.

Carrie's question of the week is "I couldn't help but wonder, how much does a father-figure Figure?"

We see Carrie talking about her dad having run off when she was a kid to Julian,(which is undone in the prequel books)  who informs her that she's been doing the relationship column because she never had a dad. But Miranda tells Carrie that growing up, Miranda's dad was around all the time and she still is messed up about men, when they are discussing her fears over being a single mom.

This episode is about the next stages in life. One character is dealing with a new job, another with a new baby, one is dealing with the end of her marriage, and the last the end of being single.
This episode is also another one of the traditional vs modern themes that runs throughout the series.
We start to see a more grown up sense of Carrie fashion wise. Some of her outfits start to tone down slightly, and Miranda's start to soften a bit, making her seem less businesslike all the time, as she takes on the mommy role.

This episode has one of my favourite set of quotes

Carrie-:"Is it vogue?" (when she is at the Vogue office)

"I'm drunk...I'm drunk at Vogue." (she moves her arm and her drink spills everywhere) " oopps I spilled. I spilled at Vogue"

Samantha -:"She might be 21, but I have 21 years of experience. I could f**k her under the table."

Carrie -:"In a three-way situation, it might come to that"  (when they are at the baby shower)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Defense of the Offense

"One of the guys from my company hockey team just separated from his wife."
Brother-in-law said as he helped mom bring in her groceries last night.

Me-:"Not interested."

BrotherIL-:"I haven't told you anything about him yet."

Me-:"Said more then enough. Let me guess, he's your age and if he's separated then there are kids. So not interested."

BrotherIL-:"He's 41 and yeah..." he started to laugh "He's got two boys."

Me-:"That's all there seems to be in this city. Divorced men with kids. No offense."

He laughed again rolling his eyes at me then left.  I knew this had nothing to do with me and everything to do with his buddy.  His buddy is newly single and everyone else they know is in a relationship.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Have I changed the way you think?

On another blog I am part of, there are countless spam comments. Some days, it's a job in itself to clean them out.
One of the most common things on those comments is the sentence "you've changed my life with the advice on your blog"

Right away, the sentence that sprang to my mind, was "have I changed the way you think?"
You being, anyone who's ever come in contact with my works. Have I inspired you?  Have I presented a different view point?    

There is a song lyric that I heard yesterday that has been stuck in my mind, that talks about how you think you know what you are looking for, until what you are looking for finds you.   

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Saturday 15th

Phone rang around 7pm last night. It was my 6 year old cousin, the one who's too smart for her own good.  Wanting to come here to mom's for the night. I said my mom wasn't here, she had gone to an x-mas party with her church group. The kid handed the phone to someone else. 
Someone not my aunt.  She said that my cousin was suppose to stay over there but now couldn't, and wanted to know if she could drop her off here.

Me-:"Sure. It's just me for the next three or so hours though."

I heard her turn and tell my cousin she could drop her off with her sister if she'd rather. Then I heard my cousin state very plainly that she would come here and wait with me for my mom to get back.

My 6 year old cousin doesn't really like me.  She's compared me to the witch from Hansel and Gretel.
When they got here little bit later, the lady was in a rush and said once again she could take my cousin to her sister's. The kid shook her head dragging her backpack on the floor behind her and said "No. I know she's not going to go anywhere."  dropping her backpack at my feet.

The kid came in, took the remote for the tv putting on some christmas cartoon and asked me to make her mac and cheese. Which is like the only thing the kid ever seems to eat.
What I've noticed about the kid is that she's always got to be in arms length of people. When her and my aunt are here she either sits in her lap or sits so that she can be shoulder to shoulder with her. When my mom babysits, the kid sits so that if she reaches her arm out she ends up touching my mom's shoulder or elbow.
With me, the kid just sat in the living room ignoring me. Did not ask to play any games, did not bother to tell me how her week was which are always the first things she does normally when she comes here, tells my mom all about her week and always has at lest four board games she wants to play. 
When I turned to tell her that the mac and cheese was ready, she got up from her spot in front of the tv, came into the kitchen, and said "I can have a drink of that right if I wanted to because it's only pop right, if I wanted to. But I don't want to cause I'm not allowed to have pop, but I could if I wanted to cause that's all that it is right? Just pop." 

Me-:"I could pour you a glass if you wanted one"

Cousin-:"No. My mom doesn't let me drink pop. I'm just saying, that's all that is in it right?"

Me-:"Yes, I don't like ice"

She looked at it nodding and sat down to eat her mac and cheese, then out of nowhere said "I know that if I did drink it from your glass all it would be would be pop and that's okay because it smells like just pop. You know what else I know. I know that if I go to bed before aunty gets home, even when she does get home, if I need to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I know you will still be on the sofa sleeping cause you never go anywhere. You don't go out in the middle of the night."

It hit me then.  She chose to hang out with me and not her own sister because she knew she was safe here. I knew that my other cousin, who had just come back from rehab few weeks ago had fallen back into her addictions. 
Now it made some sense.

Friday, December 14, 2012

12:23am Friday

I am unnerved at that moment.  I'd like to blame it on the last two cups of coffee, but I know full well that's not it.
Herman, I hope you're out there tonight.
You know how when everything is going well, then something small happens that upsets the whole machine.  It's one of those weeks.  Oh, and my sister quit her job. 

You know what the number one cause of relationship problems is?  Money.  So of course, Sister is totally wiped right now, and my Brother in Law is being a jerk. I don't blame my sister for quitting, her boss was a arse and one of her coworkers was doing everything in her power to make my sister's life hell.

Two hours ago I was feeling really great.  Now, I just want to curl up with a container of mint chocolate ice cream.  Only, I don't have any.  And my problems are not connected to my sister's. Other then it's all I've heard about in the last 12 hours. My problems this week stem from other things.

But on the bright side, Mr. Scratchy, it's the weekend. And, my cousin had me half believing earlier that something I wrote had been the prompt behind something he saw on tv.  For Company #1.  I don't know if it was or not this time around, but the idea that the industry is still paying some attention made me feel good.

Okay Mr. Scratchy, hope you're night has been a good one.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The scent of it

February 24th 2012.  I had woken up that morning with the intention of beautifying my life. I got dressed, got on a city bus and went to the mall. Picked up a new cd, new journal, a fashion magazine then took myself for lunch at the only restaurant in the mall. Had a martini along with it, gin dry three olives no ice shaken not stirred.  Then took myself across the street to the fabric store, bought a few meters of material for a quilt that never ended up getting made, and next door to the drug store for new perfume.  Only I ended up waiting.  Put the bottle of perfume on hold for the next day when there was to be a massive season clearance sale, then headed next door to the cinema.  When the movie was over, I took my large pop and popcorn and got on another city bus planning my day for the next day, scheduling in my mind what time I'd need to be up to get back for the sale. 
Then it happened.  Ten feet away from my door, black ice in the parking lot, and not one single lightbulb on the building's property.

I heard the sound of the crack in my knee as I hit the ground before I felt it. Pop spilled everywhere in a wet sticky, popcorn flying as my shopping went everywhere, my purse rolling.  I screamed, no one came.  One of the neighbours from the next building was just sitting there in his truck, the door wide open, staring at me.  He never moved to help, never asked if everything was okay.  I managed to reach my purse and get my cell phone.

The next day, all I could think about was the fact I missed out on the perfume sale.  That my plans to make myself feel better had been ruined because not only did I mess up my chances for starting over, but I was broken and crippled.   Again! 
I'd had my ankle broken years ago.  And it took me almost ten years to finally feel whole again. To walk without a cane, to be just a girl.

I never did get that new perfume.  I don't even remember what the name of it was. Just remember it smelled something like sandalwood and flowers.  Nothing too spicy, nothing sweet. 

All this came up just now because PartyGirl was in the hallway, spraying perfume at someone.  It was a really sticky sweet smell, like bubblegum and marshmellows.  I don't care for sweet perfumes.  Don't know how others can? Doesn't it give you headaches when it smells that sweet?

Scents cause us to react on so many levels.  From memories, to desires, to emotional states of mind. 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Recap of Random SATC epsidoe p2

The Catch   Season 6 (part 1 episode 8 of the season)  Episode  82 of the series

This is Charlotte's wedding to Harry.  Carrie has to get over her fear of heights in order to complete an article, and ends up having a horrible one night stand with a friend of Harry's.  Samantha has a bunch of little every day things happen that makes her wish she didn't live alone.  And Miranda has to face the fear of meeting her ex; Steve's new girlfriend when they come by to pick up the baby.

The quote of the week "When did it stop being fun and start being scary?"

Fans call this episode "jack rabbit sex"  because of a line spoken between Carrie and Stanford when talking about the one night stand. She comments on how bad it was because the guy really had no idea what he was doing and she was afraid to tell him that.

Throughout the series, Carrie has been searching for the "right guy" and the "right relationship"  usually ending up with disappointment.  In this episode, she lets her friends set her up with a guy who's only in town for a few days for "fun". But the guy ends up wanting more and when he realizes that it was just meant to be a one night stand, he reacts like a wounded child disrupting the wedding. 

This episode is about facing the fears that keep you from finding peace within yourself. They play off of the idea that "what's the worst that can happen?" (there is about three accidents that happen to Charlotte and Miranda during the wedding from a slip and fall to a fire)
It also expands on the theme of sometimes imperfection is the real perfection, which has been a thread through most of the season to that point.

Another point they make, when Carrie, Miranda and Samantha are gathered at Charlotte's party, is about how nothing is truly casual anymore.  All of them are dressed up, at what is suppose to be a casual event talking about the pitfalls of having casual sex. Carrie lets them talk her into the idea of casual sex but finds her original theory is more honest for her.
This is also one of the few episodes where the title of the episode is mentioned more then once. 

Cool quote from this episode when Carrie and the girls are having lunch   "It's expiration-dating"

Friday, December 7, 2012

Knock Knock Crash

I was moving around a stack of books and dvds, and ended up knocking them over, sending them spilling all over the place.  Then started to swear loudly.

A knock at my apartment door then scared the hell out of me.   I picked up enough of the spillage to get to the door and open it. 
This 6 foot 6 Native dude was stand there, the door to the across the hall apartment wide open. 

"I heard a crash and someone swearing is everything okay?"

Me-:"Fine. I wasn't that loud."

guy-:" I was just coming up from the laundry. I'm Matt, just moved in last week."

Me-:"The others moved out already? huh."

I told you that no one stays here in this building for long.  All but me, I'm trapped here. Starting to think it's a magick spell or something sometimes.  If being poor is a magick spell that is.

I realized he was waiting for me to introduce myself, which I did and closed the door.   This was nearly a half hour ago. It's taken me that long to clean up the books and dvds  and find what I was looking for to begin with.

Monday, December 3, 2012


thump thump thump  scream thump thump thump scream

I thought I was dreaming.  Or I should say, it brought me out of a fairly deep sleep. And took me a minute to realize, that PartyGirl was the cause.  Her bed was hitting the wall so much that it literally woke me.

Damn.  The apartments here are two bedrooms, why is it everyone who lives in the apartment below me over the years has always taken the bedroom right under mine?  And I've been sleeping on the sofa in the living room, so I don't want to think about how loud she would have been if I had been in my own room.

If you live in apartments, or have been to hotels you know that there are times when no matter what, you're going to hear someone having sex.  But that just now... there can't be anyone still sleeping anywhere in the building at all.