Friday, September 27, 2013

27th Sept 2013

Well, I think I'm actually loosing my mind.

Two days in a row I've come home and there has been a strange perfume in the hallway between my living room and kitchen, and it looks like someone went through my laundry. A pair of pants were pulled out from the middle of the pile.
Here's the thing, my landlord is the only one with a key to the individual apartments. Nothing else seems to be disturbed. But it's unsettling.

Either that or I've got gremlins.  I'm rooting for the gremlins. Lest then I know I'm safe. Crazy but safe.

Speaking of going nutballs, was in the Halloween store earlier, just looking around at the displays. One of which is an automated haunted house in the back of the store, and the display of monster babies got to me.
There is a zombie baby eating it's foot, a demon baby with horns and a tail, and a vampire baby with a bottle of blood. They make horrible noises when you walk past them. Motion detectors.
So here's me, standing there looking at this holiday display, smiling at first at the demon and vampire babies and thinking, "yeah that's what my kid would be like."
Then I pretty much started crying.

What the hell?   I hate kids.

This isn't the first time I've gotten little mushy over the idea of a kid.  First time I've gotten mushy in the middle of a Halloween display over robot dolls... hence the loosing my mind part.

Every few years, I have a few weeks where I get like that. Thinking what if.  Just seems the last few times, it's gotten worse. Way way worse. Maybe it's true, no matter how settled in your ideas and values, there comes a time when every woman starts to hear that damned clock ticking away.

That biological clock needs to be smashed.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bad dreams morning coffee

You know when something is on your mind to the point you start dreaming about it?  I've been having a few nights like that lately.

But my dreams, have been all about my fairy tale. I just finished the next big chunk on it. Give myself a few days rest from it, if my dreams can settle down.  I'm debating what to do with the two leads? If I take them where I think the readers want them, then the main conflict is over and there wont' be a story.
It's so weird though, the few times I've hinted at letting the characters go in a certain direction, that's been my biggest amounts of hits. Which is why I've been thinking a lot about the direction of the fairy tale.
When I write, I tend to dream a lot about the characters. You put so much of yourself into a story when you write, your own issues, your own desires, your own fears. It's no wonder I'm dreaming of the characters.
The big curve ball I had originally planned for it, just didn't seem to work. I ended up going in another direction, which has me half mad at myself for caving in. 

Well, Mr. Scratchy, Herman. I think it's time for a really large cup of coffee.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

post-it Saturday Sept 21 2013

Herman, Mr. Scratchy;
One question, left shoulder and left side of neck...what did you do?  I got strange pains again in the last two hours. And since I was only sitting watching tv when it happened, it's not my pain. So it must be yours. Ghost pains, got to love them.

Caught last night's wrestling. Loved that the Pack had more then half the air time. Still waiting for them to turn on everyone. I liked their storyline better when they had no sympathy for any of the others, including the bosses.

Saturday, Pluto and Coffee

Checking the newsletters I get, researching astrology charts, notes, and this is a time of scandals. Could explain the bad vibes I've been having all week. Then again might not.

There are times I miss being part of a coven. I really hate the word coven, like I'm not as thrilled with the word witch either.

I went with mom to her dentist appointment yesterday, and while I was sitting around the place waiting, this one delivery guy came in.  Really cute, tall dark hair, and waxed legs.  What now?
I've dated my share of bi-guys, but our city has become a magnet for them.  Yes, I am assuming stuff about the delivery guy, which I shouldn't. He might be an athlete. Might be a swimmer. Might be an actor? Who knows? Then again, he might be really really vain.

Don't bother trying to follow my train of thought, because I'm not sitting here making the post responsible, just free flowing babble. Over coffee.

One of the chats on the social site last night got heavy. Angry. I had to literally sign out of the site and just stop taking part in the chats altogether. It gave me weird vibes, I had this sudden feeling like I was going to vomit for no reason and made me mad. This is why I don't want to know about famous people's real lives. Back to that idea of scandals.

But anyways.

This is becoming a trend, the overly smooth men. Waxing and all. I have said once before I like the idea of men shaving their armpits every so often, but really, legs?

Well, Mr. Scratchy, Herman; must ear is burning so someone is talking about me. It's you and your buddies this morning isn't it? Talking about the latest part of the fairy tale. I know it, you love me.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Must be the Full Moon

Went to the grocery to get milk. Simple, one thing should have taken me ten minutes total to get there and back.
It took an hour. Seriously, everyone seemed to be standing in line at the grocery tonight. And the traffic was freaky heavy.

So I'm in the dairy section of the store, getting milk. I reach for the container, and this old woman hits me with her walker, on purpose glares at me and rips the door to the freezer out of my hand, shoves her walker onto my foot and elbows me.    I'm thinking, damn it's just a container of milk. 
Halloween candy is out, and as I'm passing that section, little kids climbing the shelves to get to it. No parents in sight.   And I'm thinking, if they fall they are going to smash their skulls on the floor.
Go to stand in line, and there are two check outs open. Express, and one regular. Just about to get in line for the express, when the chick put up a sign saying she was going on break. Get into line for the regular, and am standing there forever as this old couple had not one, not two but three big carts full. I'm thinking  I could just have my coffee black it won't kill me. But by then it was too late to get out of line, totally trapped between the old couple and a group of guys who looked new.  They were either college students or else the new crop of miners. Either way, there was literally fifteen, twenty-something men standing inches away from me, and I looked like something you would find under the sofa. 
It would seem a few of those guys must like sofa leftovers, because one was smiling at me the whole time, started blushing at one point looking like he was about to say something, when one of his buddies elbowed him.

Finally walking home, and the traffic was psycho busy. I was standing waiting at the damned corner for almost fifteen minutes just waiting for a break in the traffic.

Then thunder.  

It is the night before the full moon.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

morning post-it Tuesday

Herman, morning... how's Rebel without a Cause's skull this morning?   After the ending of the show last night, I have to ask.

I am sitting here this morning, it seems like it's going to be a beautiful day out, but I know there is going to be bad weather. Sinus headaches for me indicate a storm.   Hope wherever you are today, it's a nice day.

I  just really wanted to ask how Rebel without a Cause was doing after the ending of last night's show?

Monday, September 16, 2013

Post it Note Sept 16th Monday

Sitting watching tonight's wrestling, having a glass of wine, chatting with a few people on the social site.  Everyone is ranting about the ppv last night and the current storylines.  And then there were those of us talking about Dimmer's pants. What does he keep in those pockets?
Everyone wants some of that topic. Seriously, it gets funny at times, weird at times, and I'd love to know how guys feel about that?    Do guys care that they get thrown into these Sex and the City style topics?

Anyways... Mr. Scratchy, Herman, I think you're checking in to get a laugh.  So... let me know if Dimmer ever decides to stuff elephants down those pockets.

Saturday, September 14, 2013


I just cleaned out some spam comments from the site. Ironically, two things 1) they criticized my spelling/typos when theirs was not good either. 2) they left a porn site link. 

They commented on not being able to tell the reality because of the spelling.  Starters, Canadian. Much different then American spelling, and yes I do have typos. If I catch a typo I will fix it. But the spelling is proper, I do have a dictionary and I do use it. My thesaurus too.  Oxford Canadian editions.
And as far as reality goes, it's all happened. Hence the note on the side about name changes.

Anyways, moving on...

Tomorrow is the monthly ppv. I'm firmly in favour of Mad Hatter, Werewolf King and Rebel without a Cause keeping their titles.  I want the Pack to win at all costs.  I did catch up with last night's wrestling, while at mom's this afternoon.  She is starting to get evil with it, cheering for Silverpants when I was clearly wanting Mad Hatter to win.

So Mr. Scratchy, damn it!

That's about all for the moment.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

It's a Thursday?

Where did the week go?

Herman, how is your day?

I imagine you checking in, coffee in hand, just getting ready to go work out, run maybe.  I came across this quote about how not all witches are wiccan, which is so totally true, and thought I needed to come in and post  you something.  How odd that would make me think of you?

Anyways, Mr. Scratchy, I imagine you checking in, coffee in hand, a green sweat shirt on, and a magazine under your arm. I think you've got your iPod blasting out something from the 1970's, and you're somewhere where there is a tv set which is turned to the weather channel.

As always Herman, I hope I made you smile.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

p.s. height?

Herman, I have a crazy obsession with height.  I'm short, because of leg and back injuries, as I've talked about everywhere online, can't wear heels.  One side of my family are all 6 feet +, the men and women. Very tall.  The other side of my family, all under 5 '11. Short.
I've always tended towards shorter men. I find that both sexy and more of a convenience.  As far as writing goes, it's the one thing that can help show the "gaps" between characters.  He towered over her, she reached up pulling him down to her height for a kiss, he bent his forehead to hers,  etc.

I've blogged elsewhere in past years about the height of wrestlers and how I don't believe that half of you are even close to what you're billed at.  I noticed a couple of the wrestlers in the last couple of years, admitted they were shorter then they were billed. Cool.

What is it about society's obsession with tall people?  Specially tall men?  For well over a century, when a woman would describe her ideal man, three words came to play  Tall Dark and Handsome.  Why?  A tall man does not mean better. Usually it just means you need a longer bed and/or sofa for them to be comfortable when they sleep stealing the covers cocooning themselves in the blankets... sorry off topic flashbacks to an old boyfriend.

Lately, my tastes have expanded to taller men. All puns intended. Reflecting in my stories of course. Come to think of it, the last few guys I was ever involved with were all hovering around 6'4.  One used to smash his glasses on the door when he came over.

So, Mr. Scratchy...just how tall are you really?  

And I'm asking,  because I was watching one of the Pack's matches from few weeks ago when they appeared on the rookie show, and they(you) all looked the same height. All billed different of course, but all appeared...equal.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Post-it note 6th Sept

I got the date right tonight.

Mr. Scratchy, Herman, how are you tonight?

I imagine you checking in, a liquorice hanging out of your mouth. The good kind, the red ones. A cap pulled down on your hair cause you're not in the mood to wash it tonight, a Tim Horton's x-large double double in hand, dressed in those pajama bottoms and a very worn grey hoodie.
I think you're totally beat from work, are wondering why the lead guy in the fairy tale hasn't gotten the girl yet? 

I'm right about some of that, I know I am. At which point, you're grinning, dimples on show maybe a slight blush to your pale face? 

Anyways, Herman my little twist of barbed wire...hug.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday 5th 2013 SEPT

Was cleaning out the dvr at mom's this afternoon, and out of nowhere she says to me "Why don't you ever watch Skunk-boy anymore?"   Meaning The Celebrity. "I haven't seen anything with him in ages, don't you like him anymore?"

Mom paying real attention to the shows? Was the roof about to cave in on us? Did hell freeze over?

Me-:"I can't, he's not on a tv show on any of the channels we have anymore."  I left off the fact I haven't caught up with Company #2 in three weeks so I'm assuming he's still working in the Japan company.

This got me thinking about the stuff in life we get used to, the shows, the heroes, things in general that we sort of take for granted.  That got me thinking about changes, missed opportunities, staying stuck.

See, one big chain reaction.

Which has lead me back to wondering where I put some of my dvds from Company #2 that had The Celebrity?  I could use a dose of his matches right about now.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

5:34pm Sept 3rd

Herman, knock knock.

I just wanted to post something tonight. Though I don't really have much to say.
I caught last night's wrestling.  I really hate the storylines right now. But anyways...

I imagine you checking in, sitting on the floor back against the wall, knees up, reading this. This and of course having read the fairy tale.  I think you love the fairy tale, I do.   I think you're sitting there, killing time before work, and thinking that you heard something in passing from someone about how the New Moon in a few days is going to usher in change, and right off smirked to yourself cause that made you think of me. Which of course would have made whomever was hanging around you at that point raise an eyebrow and ask what's up?

Okay Mr. Scratchy, I've had some strange vibes for the last two hours that I just can't put my finger on, like something bad but not earth shattering is about to happen. 

and as always, I hope I brought a smile to your face.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Post it Sept 1st 2013

Was at mom's this afternoon, you know the usual, and my sister stopped in. She'd had a argument with her guy, and was just needing a break.

Sister- :"Men are so stupid I swear. He's been acting like I don't know what the last few weeks since he hurt his leg. But it's been worse this weekend and he refuses to go get it checked out. The more it hurts, the more he gets pissy with me. So I got into the car and just went for a drive."

Mom-:"They are all just babies. Every last one of them."

Sister-:"Oh and I told him twice to go to the emerge for x-rays, no tells me I don't know what I'm talking about. His mom turns around tells him the same thing I did, and he's like 'well, maybe I should'. Like I don't know what I'm talking about or something. I was ready to throw the coffeepot at him."

Mom-:"Give him some slack, he does all the work, all the cooking..."

My sister glared at my mom. "No he doesn't! He hasn't lifted a finger in god knows how long. No, I know how long, before football started. I come home from work, do the shopping for the week, cook all the meals, do all the laundry and the cleaning and what does he do? Goes with the kids to football. That's it. Hasn't done a thing in months."

Mom-:"Well he works hard all day..."

Sister-:"He sits on his butt in front of a computer. Works hard my ass. I'm the one on my feet all day."

At one point, I really wanted to slap my hand on the edge of the coffee table and count to two. Dude, there are rare moments like that when I'm glad I don't have a husband to be upset about.
And yes, our mother believes that my brother-in-law is god's gift to the world.  god only knows why?