Monday, July 30, 2012

Post-it July 30th 2012

Morning Mr. Scratchy.

Woke up to thunder storms and fire trucks.  What a combo to listen to. 

There will be a Blue Moon in Aug.  That signifies the end of a cycle and the beginning of another.  So everyone will be feeling like they're on a roller coaster for the next three weeks and then things should smooth out for beginning of Sept.
I have no idea if you're into astrology?  But it's always good to have a heads up on things.
The way I see it, even people who are not into things like that, still feel the energy from everything happening, and might not understand why.
I only have a basic study in astrology.  Haven't completely wrapped my brain around Western style, let alone dig into Chinese or Vedic.  I seem to be completely useless with the language of numbers, which is what you really need for proper astrology.

I'm thinking of expanding the Monster's Library project for a second year.  I know, my levels of dorkdom and geekiness have no end. 

Are you a comic guy?  Damn I hope so.  The type of guy who can plan his day around needing to get to the comic or book store before it closes for the new releases.  The type of guy who sees no problem with saying he needs a new shirt and buying a tee shirt with a horror movie logo or rock band or something.  

Yes, Mr. Scratchy, I hope when the time comes, I find you to be a shy-ish, homebody artist nerdy type.
I'm sure you're rolling your eyes as you read this, maybe groaning or even spitting your coffee on the computer screen from laughter.  Cause if you're in the wrestling business your suppose to be the total opposite. 
But I imagine you to be ... more real.
You know I'm just a big goofball. A hopeless romantic who would spend the rest of her life doing movie reviews.  (I'm really starting to feel like the lead character in the movie Trick or Treat writing fan letters to Sammie Curr.)

Well, anyways Mr. Scratchy,  hope your day is relaxing.  

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Post -it July 28th

It's a Saturday night.
The heat is still too much at a +27c with a +31c humidex.  That's too hot no matter what time of day or night you're sitting at.

Mr. Scratchy, I had this image of a guy in a fedora.  Navy blue/black with a light coloured band around it.  Short dark hair, dark tee.  Could not see his face.
Maybe it was you?   Maybe I really am loosing my mind?   Either way, I thought I would come in here and write a bit.

So Mr. Scratchy, let me ask you something you might want to answer... are you for or against the 87% ?

I hope Mr. Scratchy, that you're having a wicked night tonight.  I hope it's cool where you are unlike it is here. 
I imagine you tonight, just relaxing with some music and an art project. In a pair of grey shorts, with a cup of tea. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Dirty Laundry 18

I was in physio therapy this morning.  It was the last day for the two students who have been working with my therapist.
While the one who's been working with me the last month was working on my knee taking measurements, the other one was sitting at the desk texting and swooning over her latest boyfriend.

My phone buzzed and I answered it. When I did, my student therapist leaned over pointing to the wallpaper I had and asked who they were.

Me-: "That's the celebrity. And that's The Other Guy."

ST-: "He looks familiar." she pointed to The Celebrity.

Me-: "You're a wrestling fan?" 

She shook her head and shrugged saying she never watches wrestling " I like his hair."

Me-: "It grows on you."

ST-: "Yeah, I don't know.  I swear he's really familiar."

Me-: "He's an international wrestling superstar, you could have seen him in an airport, or who knows."

She was called over to the desk for something and I guess from her body language, was telling the other student what we had been talking about.  The expression on the other female student went from smiley and up to down right hatred. 

We chatted a bit more just before I left, as she'd on a plane back to Southern Ontario tomorrow. 

ST-: "I think it's great your doing the wrestling stuff. No matter what anyone else thinks. It's obviously something you care about cause your face was just lit up when you were talking about it."

Me-: "Yeah, for the most part it's pretty damn cool. The down side is I have yet to get an interview. Nor have I had the chance to see The Celebrity wrestle live yet. Maybe one of these years."

ST-:"Speaking of celebrities, I know you're a vampire fan, what do you think about all that stuff in the news this morning about that twilight couple?"

Me-: "They're still just people."   I nearly laughed at myself when I said that.  Everyone is always reminding me that the wrestlers I happen to dig are still just men.  They still have the same issues the rest of us do, they just happen to have a spiffy spotlight to do most of it in.

I went to Starbucks for a few minutes after I got home.  Storm was out side having his smoke break. He was talking to me and I wasn't even listening.  Then he sat down on the ground, cigarette hanging out of his mouth and his hands up covering the rest of his face, one eye sort of peeking out.  Like how kids watch scary movies.  He was asking something about my apartment again.   I'm not sure what his obsession with where I live is about?
Do I even want to know?

And of course, while I was standing there listening to him, my right side started to itch.  So I know I sort of half smiled, Mr. Scratchy.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

G-Babbs knows all

The windows were open in the living room, and about an hour ago, G-Babbs was out walking her dog.  She spotted the open windows and came over chatting through the screen. She asked me how I was doing and if I'd heard from Storm at all.
I told her no.
She then asked me if I'm dating anyone?  I told her it was pointless right now given my injury and that I'm still a few months or more from being able to walk proper.

G-Babbs-: "You should do that online dating. Saw a commercial for it while I was watching tv.:

Me-: "Done that. Didn't really work for me."

G-Babbs-: "Why not? Too picky?"

Me-: "Not picky enough. I kept getting weirdos and cheaters. I had a few guys tell me that I wasn't what they had expected.  Which I don't understand, I mean, they saw what I looked like, talked to me in emails and on the phone how could I not be what they were expecting?"

G-Babbs shrugged and made this dismissing motion with her hand, her dog thinking she had a treat for him and started to jump up and down barking.

G-Babbs-: "Screw'em. Then you can do better. You're a nice girl, young still, good looking enough."

I said nothing, just sort of smiled and made an excuse to end the conversation.   I was scratching the right side of my body like mad, Mr. Scratchy.

I hope that your evening has been going well. I did a tarot reading shortly after all that, and the King of Swords reversed came up.  It means a man who abuses his power.  Watch your back at work.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Post-It July 25th 2012

The commercial for the episode of Sex and the City called "The F*** Buddy" was on.  Which was from season 2 episode 26.
In it, Carrie tries to turn a casual thing into a relationship but fails horribly because that's not what the guy wants.
He's her rebound guy.  It's about dating patterns and trying to break out of our comfort zones.

Life can get us stuck in ruts.  Be them romantic or career or just general patterns.  I've got more then a few of my own.  Mr. Scratchy, but I'm sure you've already figured all that out.

I'm thinking of digging up an old project from like a decade ago, Mr. Scratchy.  From before even my vampire movie.  Which I suppose is neither here nor there at the moment...
maybe it will help me break out of a few of my relationship patterns?

Anyways Mr. Scratchy, hope you're having a relaxing afternoon.

Monday, July 23, 2012

post it 23rd july

it's 1:00am here.
Just winding down for the night.  Thought I would get a little bit of blogging in now that our company is gone for the day.  The big scuffle here has been that there are new ministers at my mother's church.  Everyone is up in arms over it.

I guess I can't say 'bit of blogging' as I was just working on some other blogging stuff the last hour.

You ever wonder if you're really doing what you are meant to be?  I've been thinking more and more the last few days about that.  There has been a situation with one of my cousins, and everyone keeps talking about how she wasted her life.
Just the kind of thing, Mr. Scratchy that makes you sort of wonder.  Well, it makes me sort of wonder.

I imagine you tonight winding down from a busy day outside.  Maybe you had a bbq with your buddies?  Or caught the new Batman movie?  I can just imagine you in shorts with paint splotches on them, maybe ragged cut offs, singing the theme song from the old 1960's Batman, thrashing your skull around like the lead singer of Megadeth or Slayer or something cute like that while you get yourself a cup of tea before bed.
Ever notice I keep things fairly innocent... I don't know Mr. Scratchy, I guess I just like the comic book type. 

Hope you have a great night man.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Post it July 20th

My sister texted me a few minutes ago and told me to turn on the local channel.  There was an interview with some of the local actors in town, talking about a movie they made.
My ex boyfriend --- was one of them.  He looked the same, hair a bit thinner on top but otherwise the same.
I changed the channel to the weather network.  I can't even bring myself to look at a video of him. This was the one from 2006 who was working on my vampire film with me.  The one I abandoned my old myspace and flicker accounts because of.

Does it ever get easier?  This isn't even the big big big heartbreak.  But he did break my heart.
Are we ever able to just smile and nod and say "yeah we used to be" ?   Or is that something only really lucky select people are able to do?

I've had enough boyfriends, bad one night stands, crushes in my life that have left me crying.  But both --- and ----- are the only ones who really left their mark on me.

I guess I'm now looking for that one guy who will be the opposite of those other guys. Someone who won't leave me shaking at the sight of him. 

Does it, Mr Scratchy, does it ever get easier?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Post-it July 18th

It's been one of those crazy mornings where I've been feeling like I'm spinning out of control and not getting anything done.
Having to sort out some really old internet accounts and just running in circles with the whole thing.

And the heat is getting to me. 

Everyone knows that the rise in temperature often is accompanied by two things; a rise in temper and a rise in lust.
My temper is causing me to have a headache this morning. I once asked on a different blog if you could go forward in your love life if your past was present.  Today I'm asking that about your career.  Can you move on to the next phase of co-workers if you're not free of your past ones?

I talk all the time about romantic possibilities but rarely do I think to mention work relationships.  This is where my thoughts are today.
There was a time when a person started a career at a young age and kept working at that skill set nearly their whole lives.  Much like marriages of that time.
But now, one could switch careers many times between ages 20 and 60.  Much like the way relationships in general seem to have become in the last two decades.

This throws the dynamic off for anyone.  You have to struggle sometimes to achieve the same level of balance with each new start.

Has our relationship patterns and ideals transferred over to our work environments or has our dissatisfaction in our jobs left us looking for more in our relationships?

Mr. Scratchy, I hope you are having a smoother day in the office then I am.  And if you're sitting in the shade with a drink, have a gin martini for me. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tidbits Sunday July 15th 2012

I just saw the new Marilyn Manson video (S)AINT  the explicit version. Though I'm not coming across a version that isn't.
And you might be wondering what would cause me to mention a video by one of the greatest known shock rockers on this blog, a blog about relationships and romance.  Well, because it's pretty much pornographic.  And I think it's brilliant. 

The video depicts the lead singer alone in a hotel room strung out on drugs and then flashes around to scenes of himself having sex then flashes back to him alone with the drugs.  At first glance you would think it's a straight up episode of rock stars being extreme rock stars.  Which I'm sure it is.  But it really put me in mind of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Basically, a drug induced fantasy.

The lyrics in the first few lines seem to be about a nasty break up. The downside to being on top of it all is that you have to deal with social climbers who will climb over you for the next big shinny.
Either an actual romantic break up or a business one, take your pick.

This is a man who's made his name for being morbid and grotesque and violent. There really wasn't anywhere else for him to go visually to top himself other then pornographic.  I don't think anyone else could have gotten away with making this video.

Back to the drug induced fantasy theory.  You get the impression that he's alone, when he just doesn't want to be alone.  The video just plays like it's all in his head.

I have been asked why, for a person who writes about sex, I never seem to actually write about sex?   It's because I write about romance and relationships.  This blog is about how people communicate and express themselves in their relationships, be it romantic or otherwise.
I find it ironic that I came across this video for the first time right after my mention of American Psycho yesterday.  A movie that pushed and blurred the lines between what is real and what is fantasy in both the extremes of violence and sex.
How rejection can make a person snap sometimes to the point of never being able to come back from it.

I suppose if I were to put one of my questions on to this post it would be to wonder how fragile the human heart really is?  And how much the ego and the desire for respect are really connected to the relationships we enter into?  How much they dictate how worthy we end up feeling at the end of the day?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Post-It July 14th 2012

I had come in here with the full intention of talking about family and when you have kids after the age of fifty.  But I deleted that post. 
Mr. Scratchy, I bought the book American Psycho  this week.  Haven't cracked the spine of it yet. I have a stack of books that I hope to finish reading before the end of the year.  I think it just went to the top of the pile.
And for anyone who hasn't seen the movie or read the book; who might be asking what does it have to do with this blog; tons.  I oddly am one of the only women I know who actually likes the movie version. But I loved Clockwork Orange (movie) and Naked Lunch (book and movie) when other women I talked to were grossed out by them.  I do have to admit, Naked Lunch has one of the craziest pornographic scenes I've ever read.
When I was doing book reviews, I found myself reading a lot of  erotica that was labeled as romance. And trust me there was nothing romantic about half of those novels.  Nor were most of them very erotic, just sort of there in your face.  No real plot, no character development.  One book I had to review was listed as paranormal romance and it was a mess.  A ghost, a werewolf and the same sex scene repeated every seven pages for the majority of the book.  Even the very thin character outline seemed to not match up from the first few pages to the end.  As if the actual story was an extreme after thought.
I actually tried my writing skills at an erotic short story few years ago.  It was for a contest. I lost, totally rejected by the publisher.  But I don't really blame them, as my heart wasn't in it.  I did end up having it posted on a former friend's website.  I got two extreme responses for it.  Half the people who read it thought there was too much sex in it and half thought there wasn't enough.
Maybe one of these days I'll re-write it, sort it out a bit and build on the characters.

I realize I missed your check in tonight Mr. Scratchy. 
Have I mentioned that my cousin Walsh is hoping you turn out to be the DoubleStarr.  For once I'm the one who is telling him not to be having such a wishful thinking.  Feels weird.
Take a breath, stop laughing it's funny I know.

Tonight, I imagine you Mr. Scratchy, sitting reading this with your windows open letting in a light breeze, maybe the smell of fresh donuts coming from somewhere nearby, a cup of tea beside you. And you wearing a pair of shorts- blue- pushing up the little wired rimmed glasses I think you wear, suddenly thinking that you want to watch the movie American Psycho.
While I sit here listening to an Alice Cooper song wondering if I should take some of my cousin's advice and give in, checking out The Celebrity and The Other Guy's side project?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Late night post-it

There is an episode of Sex and the City called "They Shoot Single People Don't They?"  it's from season 2, episode 16.  It deals with the idea that some people are just fooling themselves into thinking they are alright with being only themselves and not part of a couple.  The question of the week is "Is it better to fake it then be alone?"
In the episode, all the girls end up in desperation relationships that they just really don't want to be in just because of a magazine cover that makes them doubt their worth.

As I watched that episode today, I started to wonder if men ever feel the need to validate themselves relationship wise?

Ironically, I was taking part in a discussion earlier about the value of taking a break from dating and just being with your own comfort zone.  Basically the reverse of what the topic of the episode was today.

The idea that if you're single, you have to not be afraid to be so.   I had decided to do just this awhile back.  I just never intended it to be as long as it has been.  It seems to me, that whenever someone around me says they are taking time for themselves, it is exactly when they meet the big love of their life.

I mentioned this morning about having done a tarot reading.  Well, I did a second one about a half hour ago and this time, the 2 of Cups came up. 
This is a card of love, partnership, friendship, union and marriage.
The Knight of Cups also popped up in the reading.
That's a card of creativity, love, a shy man, a loyal man, a dreamer, truthful expressions of love, and messages

If I take all this today it seems I'm being told two extremes.
It's been one of those days where nothing has made much sense. And just keeping balance has been a trial today.
As I wrap this up, I see it's almost midnight, almost tomorrow.  I hope Mr. Scratchy, that it's a bit more of a balanced day tomorrow.

I imagine you sitting there with a beer tonight, twirling your hair while you read this. I have no idea where that idea came from either just there.

post it july 11th

It's one of those mornings that started off beautiful.  Not too hot, not too cold, just lovely.
Then, the construction outside the windows started.  Scared the birds one flew into the window.
Okay that made me decide to do a tarot reading.    the Tower card came up.   The tower is one card that sends fear into many.  
It's chaos, but for a purpose.  It basically means the end of a cycle so that a clearing can be made for new things to start. 
I then made the mistake of checking out the news.  Something I rarely do, and heard about the situation facing Company #2 this morning. 

Now the morning's events make sense.

I don't know about you Mr. Scratchy, but I'm just going to take the tower card this morning at face value and say, it is a lead in to something stronger. Something bigger and better.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Internet insecurities

In season 2 episode 15 of Sex and the City,  called "Freak Show"   Carrie starts dating a new guy who seems to be too perfect and starts looking for hidden secret freaky behavour.  In the end, she has to admit that it was her own insecurities that made her the freak in the relationship.

I was thinking about this today after seeing the commercial for it.  That got me thinking about insecurities and how society has become one big web of jagged emotions.

The internet has opened up so many ways for people to get together and meet whom might have never been introduced other wise.  This is both good and bad.
It's also opened up chances for people to become sneaky, jealous and insecure.   The fact that nearly everyone now has some sort of online persona, be it a blog like this, or a youtube or a Facebook or Twitter or Myspace etc, it also means everyone has a chance to stalk or be stalked by someone.

I know myself, after one particular break up back nearly five years ago, I gave up my Myspace and my Flicker accounts simply because they were heavily connected to his.  I didn't want anything that would allow me to see random updates from him, or that would make it too tempting to be checking in on his profile five hundred times a day.
I saved myself a ton of heartache but it was also sort of an extreme coward's way out.
About two and a half years ago, after thinking I was finally over him, I spotted him on a dating site.  And I don't have to tell you that his profile was littered by comments from very young, beautiful women.
I've never felt so frumpy and un-girly as I did staring at the photos of the women who were commenting on how hot he was.

While the internet has made meeting people much easier, has it made accepting ourselves worse?

On a night like this I just have to wonder, what messages are we sending to ourselves?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Post-it July 8th

I was watching the pay-per-view tonight.  There was a preshow interview with the DoubleStarr. 

I knew there was a reason I wanted to write a cookbook with him. (To Be or Not To Be)

A message came in from Walsh through my mother's Facebook profile, asking if I'd seen the pre-show interview, and making the comment that he thinks the DoubleStarr is just perfect for me. 

Yeah, I'll get right on that; order up one deep dish DoubleStarr with a side order of goat cheese and artichoke dip.

I do adore the wrestler, I think he's one of the best in the business, but even I know when to draw the line at some things.  And if he's reading this, which I think he does once and a while,  it was a wicked match.  One of my favourites of the year. If fans are not talking about that match for the next five months then they don't know their arse from their elbow.

I'm serious about the cookbook if you're ever thinking about it.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday night SATC

Every week, there are mini Sex and the City marathons on the Cosmo Canada channel. 
It's Saturday, and tonight's mini marathon is the last episode of season 2 and the first 5 episodes of season 3.

Season 3,  I believe is when the characters really started to fit.  The actors had become familiar enough and comfortable with the roles they were playing. And by this time, the fans were locked in martini in hand.

If you've been reading much of this blog over the last few years, then you know I do my best to tie in my real life (and those around me) with as many of the episodes as possible.

The end of season 2,  Ex and the City  episode 30, has Carrie trying to deal with Mr. Big's new marriage. It's also the episode where they all talk about how they can't be friends with an ex.   I can not be friends with an ex.  I'm very much in the Miranda camp on this one,  very much the idea that we didn't work out you need not to exist.  Carrie's question of the week is "can you be friends with an ex?"
This is also the The Way We Were episode.  The four girls sit around and compare their lives to the Robert Redford/Barbra Streisand film from 1973.   They even have a scene that mirrors the last scene in that movie.  I have to admit, that it was that episode that finally got me to break down and see the ever so classic movie. 
And I got it.  The whole plot of that season.  If you haven't seen the movie The Way We Were, you will be missing out on a big subplot of SATC. 

I would love to be able to tie this into something tonight, but I can't at the moment. 
I just love this episode and when it came on tonight... well I don't have an excuse or reason for talking about it other then wondering if relationships are really based on the idea that some people are simple and others are more complicated?   There is a comment that the girls make in their scene when they talk about the movie The Way We Were, where they bring this up. 

Relationships that are simple vs ones that are complicated.

Everyone wants a relationship that is easy and simple. But are those the ones that are best for us?  Should we be settling for simple and stress free or paying more attention to the ones that challenge us and force us to grow?

I suppose that would be my question tonight. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Random Friday -July 6th

I sat down to post on here a bit ago, had this long emotional post all written.  Then I looked out the window, at the semi-grey sky.
We finally seem to have a break in the heat.  It might actually be a nice day here.

So, I deleted what I had originally written and wrote this.

The one thing my physio therapist keeps saying to me is to concentrate on the progress I've made in the last few weeks and not about what my limitations currently are.

It's not a natural expression for me to think positively. Or so I thought until I sat down to write this morning.
I'm a hopeless romantic.  I believe in love, real love, true love, deep love, honest love.  I have seen first hand with my Grandparents that it's possible to have that deep a connection and love.
I've also seen way too many examples of bad relationships with little to zero love.  My parents were shinning examples of that.

Yet, I still believe in the fairy tale.  If I didn't, I wouldn't be trusting the omens and I sure as hell wouldn't be coming in here all the time writing notes for a man I've never met, or wrestlers whom have laughed at me countless times.

But I do, and I am.

There is an episode of Sex and the City, where Carrie is asked by her publishers to write a dedication for her book. She then has to figure out if the whole time she's an optimist or a pessimist.  ( I think it's season 5 episode 70 Cover Girl  )

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sit, Get fixed, Stay that way

My cousin had a vasectomy few years ago after he and his wife had their second kid.
Now, out of nowhere after six years, he suddenly is talking about reversing it. 

My question is why?

I was always under the impression that they was no reversal, that they were permanent.  Seems certain types are in fact reversible.
Scary if you as me. 

There is no medical reason for him to be considering such a drastic second operation.  My money is on his wife pressuring him for another kid.

Again, I would ask why?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The flock

I woke up to an email from my cousin with a link to a youtube, which said "found this"
It was from a few years ago, of The Celebrity and The Other Guy.   They were talking about music, fashion and tag belts.
I'd seen it before when it was still new.  I know my cousin was just trying to make me feel better, or at lest I hope he was just trying to make me feel better.  Would hate to think he sent it to make me feel worse.
With my family, sometimes I never know.

My mom returned from cousin's BBQ around 1am,(it seems no one in the family wants to be out done this year, third BBQ in four days my mom has been to)  which is odd given she hates family get togethers.  The first thing out of her mouth was "Birdie was there, with SP"

Me-:"That didn't take her long. What happened to that Dave guy she was dating?"

My mother shrugged.  I didn't even know SP was back in town.  He was this guy that hung out with my sister and Sophia back in the day. Birdie is one of my many cousins on my mother's side. There's like 15 of us grand-kids on my mother's side. SP is wealthy.  Birdie only gets involved with guys who can afford to buy her stuff.

Mom-:"All any of them were talking about was that movie."

Me-:"Can you vague that up for me a little bit. Lest pin down the kind of movie?"

Mom-:"Oh I don't know.  The Hens were talking about the one they went and saw on Friday, with the guy from the one we watched last week."

Me-:" They were on about that?"

Mom:-"Yeah, no. Not the movie, the guy from the movie. Anyway, the Hens (meaning Walsh's wife and Walsh's sister-in-law) were talking about that movie all night. Then Jessica said she liked it. Everyone turned and your aunt made the comment about it being an R rated film, how did Jessica even get in to see it."

Me-:" Oh the stripper movie, Magic Mike. Let me guess, her mother didn't know?"

My mom rolled her eyes. "Oh her mother knew. That Hen spoke up saying it was only 14A. But still, they let her go on her own. No wonder her kids are the way they are, you see some of the stuff she gets into herself. Then they were all talking about Walsh's sister and how she's back in rehab. The other Hen commented that she's a drunk.  I did all I could not to remark back at her that she is too. Probably a good thing you didn't go. Knowing you and those three; might have been calling the cops to stop a fist fight."

Me-:"Or an medic." 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Post-it July 3rd

Mr. Scratchy, morning. 
I really am wanting to know what it is you do when you're not doing wrestling industry stuff?
Music, paint?  Do you own a store?  Are you in university?  Are you a professor?  A banker?
Under age porn actor?  
Mr. Scratchy...  tell me how your day is

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Post-It July 1st 2012

The Doors.
That's all I can think about right now.  Just had this overwhelming need to listen to Doors songs.  Ended up shuffling through youtube until I found Riders on the Storm and Break on Through

Are you a Doors fan Mr. Scratchy?

It's the long weekend here, and I'm wishing... well I'm wishing a bunch of stuff. 

Something tells me Mr. Scratchy, that you have never had to give up on your dreams. That you wouldn't know what failure tastes like. I'm fairly sure you've reached all your goals X times over.
Me, I'm wishing I had a second chance at that vampire movie.  I got as far as shooting half of it. Then one bad thing after another happened and it fell to pieces.
The crazy part of it was, nearly everything I'd written for the plot of the movie managed to happen in real life.
Nasty breakups, bankruptcy, backstabbing, drug addiction, stalkers, and a death. 

It's my one real regret. Well that and never having seen The Celebrity wrestle live.  
Well, anyway Mr. Scratchy, I hope you're having a good evening.