Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Post-it 1/31/2012

I was tossing out a few old magazines, when one fell to the floor.  It opened to a photo of a bowl of sugary cereal with little books in it.   Three colourful little mini books right in the bowl of fruity sugary cereal, just floating there.
I smiled.  I smiled and thought about something I had written back in 2010 and something that The Celebrity wrote a few days later on the company blog. 
And I wanted to share that with you, Mr. Scratchy.  I know you're shaking your head and smiling, maybe even giggling at that, cause you know which blog posts I'm referring to. 
What I wouldn't give to have you tell me something from your day, but... anyways, I know I missed your check in at supper time.  So I am guessing this is being read in the morning, maybe even over breakfast?

Monday, January 30, 2012

Are the gurus wrong?

As some of you reading this might know, I  over the last two years, have signed up for almost every relationship course and newsletter I've come across and even worked with a few Life Coaches.
And I've noticed something.

Less then 1% of them talk about finding the right person for you. Most of them all talk about how to change the person you are with or how to change your ex.  How to make them want to become the person you want them to be. 

Why do you think that is?

They all in some ways, talk about finding a way to make the mistakes couples are making into a bridge of love... and I'm not being cocky either.  That is the term over half of them use. 

Does anyone else feel like that is just a pointless thing to be doing?  Trying to turn the person you're with into someone they're not?  I can't help but wonder why they would be telling us as a society to be trying to change the people we are already with instead of how to bring the right person to us?

And for those of us not already in a relationship, are we to believe we are just shit out of luck?

Either way, it seems that two wrongs just do not make a right.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Seeing is believing

"Tell me about the guy."  Nura said few hours ago in chat.

Me-: "I believe he's about 5'9  with brown eyes, pale skin and jet black hair, wrestler, scratches a lot."

Nura-: "Not him. The guy. The Guy-Guy."

Me-: "Who? What guy?"

Nura-: "I saw a guy.  Saw you with some guy talking in a vision. He's bald was wearing a button up sweater."

Me-: "Were you awake when you had this vision?"

Nura-: "Yes.  I was in the kitchen a while ago getting a cup of tea and I had this vision of you and this guy talking. He was bald and there looked to be shelves behind you.  Oh cold chills as I said that."

I was rattling my brain trying to figure out who she might be talking about, as Nura is more then a bit psychic.  It's why she teaches tarot cards and does Reiki healings.  Her ability to work with energy is amazing and in the 5 plus years I've known her, she's only been wrong twice.

Me-: "Oh you're thinking of the sales guy from the tea place. He's not an option. Total flaming hoop"

Nura-: "You need to stop hanging around so many gay men and drag queens. This is why you're not finding anyone."

Me- :"I'm not finding anyone because I'm not actively looking right now. Besides, the last 48hours Mr. Scratchy has been keeping me aware of him.  Even mother has started to believe a bit."

Nura-: "I still say you're going to meet a guy through this Monster's Library thingie of yours."

Me-: "Oh that reminds me, I promised to add  A Clockwork Orange to the Monster's Library list few days ago.  I need to put it by the DVD player so I remember when I get back from mom's again."

Nura-: "Take it with you."

Me- :"You lost your mind?  I wouldn't get past the first two minutes of that film before mother was ripping the DVD out and smashing it. Take it with me she says." 

Friday, January 27, 2012

High school is never over

I was in a rush as I made my way through the grocery yesterday.  All of a sudden I hear this high pitched voice asking how I was and where I've been.  Turning around I spotted Beth, one of the ladies from mom's building heading towards me with her walker.  I ended up helping her take her groceries to the building as I was on my way to mom's to begin with.  Only, this made me slightly off schedule.  She opened the back door to the building because her apartment is located near the rear and made a face as we entered. 

Beth-: "Hold your breath the smell almost made me vomit this morning."

Honestly, I didn't smell a thing then again I have sinus issues. 

Beth-: "I'm moving in a few weeks.  I'm tired of cleaning dirty kitty litter and dog shit off my door. I know who it is too!"  she pointed down the hallway towards G-Babbs's apartment. "What are we anyway? She's in her 70's and she's acting like she's in high school. I'm not putting up with this anymore."

Wow.  I know the two of them don't like each other but that's beyond juvenile.  I said nothing, just stood there in semi-shock as she continued to tell me some of the other stuff that a few of the women in the building have done to her in the last few months.  And while she did, I looked at the edge of her door. There was no denying that something had been smeared across it. 

When I asked why they did this Beth shrugged and mumbled something about a former male friend.  If I've pieced the puzzle together right, both herself and G-Babbs had been involved at different times in the last few years with the same man.   A guy who used to live upstairs in the building but moved out last year. 

Jealousy is never pretty. 

When I finally got to my mother's apartment,  she greeted me with a strange look on her face, pushing me into the apartment closing the door as quick as possible.  "I have to change my laundry day around. That woman was sitting in the laundry room asking about you again. She's figured out when my laundry schedule is and was there waiting. She wanted to know why you were not helping me this week?"

Me-: "What did you say?"  mom just shrugged and said that she just told her I was not visiting too often right now.  "Well, feel free to tell her I moved... to Michigan or something. Ireland or London or something."

Mom-: "I can't lie."

Me-: "She's f**ked in the head. Everyone in the building is creeped out by her. Everyone even G-Babbs crosses to the other side of the parking lot when she sees her and nothing freaks out G-Babbs."  

Why on earth could I not have a nice boy as a stalker.  Or you know just a man in general?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Post-it 26th Jan

I debated if I should come back in here to post tonight?
I've been in a good mood for the last few hours and thought that I would share a bit.  Managed to crank out three other blog posts elsewhere on the internet in the last half hour which is a good thing.

Mr. Scratchy, I wanted to write you a small post-it-note for when you check in later. I could do one of my little post-its about what I think you might be doing right now while you read, but I'll just say that I hope everything is okay.  I had this vibe that I should have sent a morning post-it on here yesterday after I'd already blogged. When I'm cranky I have a tendency to not think about how my mood affects others. 
With that said, I hope Mr. Scratchy, that you are getting enough sleep and are enjoying any days off you might have right now.  And if you are reading this on your way back from a long day at work, then I hope I've said something that has put a smile on your face tonight. 
I'm currently addicted to chocolate teas, and will be every so often suggesting some of the ones I would love to get your option on, like the one I mentioned the other day the Chocolate Chili Chai. 
And, Mr. Scratchy, if you are happening to read this in the morning, just having gotten up before your day, then I hope that my post-it-note gives you a warm hug.  While you stand there in your pajamas- new ones I think with a logo for the wrestling company... does the company make pajamas? They should if they don't would be a good seller... scratching madly at your right shoulder and neck.

P.S. to The Celebrity;  A Clockwork Orange, is on my schedule.  I think you have an idea what I am referring to, even if you are not reading up on that particular issue.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nutty like chalk

"He sounds way too smooth don't trust him."   I commented to Nura and Tammy a bit ago.  I had been chatting with Nura on webcam when Tammy showed up after a coffee date.  We were discussing her date. Jeff, and he just seemed too smooth to me.

Nura-: "That what your gut telling you?"   I nodded and said it was. "Yeah, I agree. I saw him the other day when I was walking the dog.  He gave me a bad vibe."

Me-: " I wish I had trusted my gut there back when I got in with you know who.  But he was like just instant charm. No more of that, I want the next guy to be more real, more gritty like chalk."

Tammy-: "Huh?"  she was leaning over Nura the cat in her arms petting it.

Me-: "Something my Grandmother used to say, about knowing when someone was honest and when they said things for show.  If they were showoffs then they were smooth like silk but if they were honest in her mind, then they were like chalk. Gritty you know, sort of nerdy or just... unsmooth.  I have no other way to describe it other then like chalk."

Tammy-:"Unsmooth. Makes it sound like they need a shave."  she scrunched up her nose at me and turned to Nura. "We need to get going or we'll miss our bus." 

The drama of it some more

My doorbell rang waking me up.  I looked over at the clock to see it was 4:22am.  There was a shadowy figure standing outside the front doors of the building and I had no idea who it was.  But he kept his finger on the doorbell so there was no chance to ignore him.

"I locked myself out and I spotted your lights on."  

I always have lights on.

It was one of the new neighbours that moved in across the hall.  I was coming up the stairs again to my own hovel when the guy tried to open his apartment door but it was locked.  More doorbell ringing.  I heard the door finally being opened and a woman telling him he'd woke the kid.  

When the insomnia does not get me, the rest of the world does.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The drama of it

I walked into the grocery and The Drama Queen was working the first checkout by the front doors.  Spotting me, she called me over.  And right away, started in about having been in an accident on the weekend and how she should not have been working.
I leaned over the edge of the checkout, listening watching as she rang through two customers without missing a beat or even looking at what she was doing.  I have to give her major credit for being the best checkout person in the store.  The conversation didn't last more then about two minutes, but while I was standing there, Storm spotted me. 
He once again dropped everything and instead of doing what he's been doing which is run to the back room when he sees me; this time he made it a point of walking around the checkout and sliding up behind me saying hello over my right shoulder then proceeded to turn around and head back to his station.

I'm still shaking my head.

P.S. Mr. Scratchy, if you're near a David's Tea,  you should try the Chocolate Chili Chai.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

What would Carrie Do? Now??

"In a city of great expectations is it time to settle for what you can get?"   This is the question of the week in Season 1 of SATC in episode 9 called The Turtle and the Hare.

It's a Sunday morning and the sun has yet to rise. Though I've been awake long enough to be on my second cup of coffee and have managed to put in about three pages of writing and two blog posts elsewhere on the internet.  Now, I'm curled up with disk two from season one of Sex and the City.  I've talked about this episode before.  What made me dig out this episode I'm not even sure, just seemed like the one to go with.
And the last line of the show, hit me hard.  Carrie and Big are in his kitchen making tomato sauce when Carrie tells him that she can not date someone who does not have an interest in being married at some point. He doesn't answer her full out, but makes a slight joke and refers to the sauce.  Then Carrie comments about living in the moment and not worrying about the future so much.


I can not tell you how often Nura is telling me the same thing.  The whole watched pot thing.  So I'm sitting here now, eating cold pizza and wondering why everyone around me seems to think I'm doing the wrong thing by waiting for Mr. Scratchy and not actively dating right now?

Is it really too much to ask that they trust me on this?

And to switch gears on you here while I'm in the mood to type... my main spots have been getting a bunch of hits in the last 24 hours with people googling about The Celebrity looking sick.  Honestly, I thought he looked fabulous.  But that's just me, I was really happy to see him on the show. 
I did go back and re-watch his segment on this week's episode.
When he first walked down the ramp, he looked angry. He looked like he'd either just gotten some horrible news, or dare I say by the way his jaw was clinched and the far away look in his eyes; like he was maybe trying to remember his lines?  I don't know, but physically he looked good.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pop your corn

So I was standing in line at the cinema, and this guy was about three people ahead of me.  Tall, I'd say close to 6'2, sandy hair, blue eyes and a very sculptured nose.  He was flirting with the girl at the ticket booth, leaning on the counter his butt in the air.  The ticket girl was smiling, her hands shaking as she rang him through. 
He turned and gave this smile at the rest of the line up.  I couldn't help it, I giggled.

I bought my ticket then went and stood inline for the snacks.  I admit, I turned and looked around to see where the guy had gone to, but I was too late he'd left the lobby. 

When the movie was over, I stood in the corner of the lobby turning my phone back on, yes I am one of the rare people who actually believe in being polite enough to turn off my phone when I'm at the cinema.  And when I looked up, there he was.   Standing at the far end talking to one of the guys who works the snack counter.
He was wearing jeans that fit him as if they were tailor made and a dark hoddie under his winter coat.  I don't know if he saw me looking or if he was just casually looking around in general but he turned and nodded that half nod men do.

I'd been caught looking.  I turned smiled to myself and left to catch my bus. 

Steaming Up Your Windows Part Ten

He watched as she got dressed, her pale skin nearly glowing in the light that had managed to creep through from the hallway.  Caleb lay on the bed, face pressed into his pillow, the sheets tangled around his bare legs.  
    "You enjoy yourself?"  Estelle asked as she stepped into her yoga pants, the tee shirt already in place as she continued out into the living room grabbing up her purse and book. 
     "Do I need to answer that?"  he mumbled into his pillow. Raising himself on his knees, Caleb turned to look at her over his shoulder as Estelle was standing again in the doorway of the bedroom her cell phone to her ear. "Calling a cab?"  Glancing at the bedside clock he noted that it was around 2:30am.
      "Who else?"  her voice was hinting with laughter. 
   Five minutes later she was gone as Caleb heard her lock the door behind her.  Clearing his throat, he reached for her empty pillow sniffing, hoping to find a trace of her perfume. It was faint but it was there much like the way their relationship had become.  Without thinking he reached for his cell phone that was sitting on the nightstand and sent a single lined text. "Why do you always leave?"  He cringed then as he rolled over onto his back, his left knee bent the sheets puddling around his right thigh.  The reply was almost instant.
     "You have never asked me to stay."
It was true, Caleb was not in the habit of having anyone stay the night.  He'd never been very comfortable with the morning after part, but Estelle had been in his life now for the majority of the last three years and he wanted something more solid from her. 
     "Meet me at 7am for Breakfast?"
      "Can't. Have an 8am appointment"
He tossed the cell phone down to land on the far corner of the bed. It was always the same with her, this weird tug of war.  Rubbing both hands over his face he let out a deep sigh of frustration before getting back up to find the pajama bottoms he'd worn the night before. 
Part 11 soon

Friday, January 20, 2012

Dirty Laundry 13

I got a message from Walsh asking if I'd caught this week's show yet.  I had not, and didn't even realize it had been posted online yet.  So I decided to check.   It was up and running so to speak.  As always, I ended up fast-forwarding through much of it till I spotted the DoubleStarr. 
I can not even tell you what made me decide to actually pay attention but I did.  I'd been having this weird sick feeling since the message from my cousin, then I heard it.   The theme song for my tag team.   The Celebrity had returned.

Here I thought I was going to find out something really horrible the way my cousin was taunting me about watching the show. 

The Celebrity looked good. Then again he always looks good.

And had he been sitting here beside me when I watched it, he would have slapped me upside the head because that sick feeling turned into this weird cry-laugh thing for a brief few seconds.  Yes, he's got some really crazy affect on me and I can't understand it myself.  Which I think he totally gets his rocks off on knowing that he can make me react like a 12 year old. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hot or cold?

Uncle -:"That guy gave you a free order cause he was staring at you. You should go back in and give him your number ask him out."

Me-:"He was not staring at me. And it wasn't a free order."

Uncle-:"Oh really. What was that he put in your bag?"

Me-:"My order. My order and a menu thingie."

Uncle-:"Okay if you say so. I'd go back in if I was you and ask him to a movie."

Me-:"Feel free to do so.  I really don't think I'm his type. Being I'm a girl and all."

This was the conversation as we left the coffee shop this morning on our way back from mom's.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dirty Laundry 12

"Ever thought that maybe the poor guy has nothing to say right now?"  This was me around a mouthful of spinach chips last night.

Nura-: "No. I think that he's scared shitless. I also don't understand why you're not dating in the meantime.?"

Me-: "So I read this book right, two books actually.  The ones you sent me actually. And in it, there are stories true real life stories about people who when they stopped dating they found the right person for them.  It was like they said to the universe 'okay I'm ready for the real deal now no more musical chairs'. That's why I'm not dating. Which I've told you before."

Nura-: "No what you've said before was that you're too old for bad one night stands."

Me-: "Same thing."

Nura-:" Earnan wants to know how your Monster's Library is coming along?"  she said pushing up her glasses as her husband moved around the kitchen behind her.

I let out a sigh scratching at my right ear. "Fine. The project is going in all sorts of directions actually. I need to reign it back in a bit. I've got so many ideas because of it, been using this one sketchbook to keep it all.  Sort of becoming a side project of it's own."

Nura-: "OH oh.  I just got chills when you said that. You're so going to meet someone because of your Monster's Library."  she giggled and clapped her hands together. "Besides, Mr. Scratchy is still recovering."

Me-: "Okay where did that come from?"

Nura just shrugged at me pointing to the ceiling.  We talked then a bit about some of the new people that have been coming in for tarot readings with her, and she showed me a few of the new tarot decks she'd been given as gifts. Earnan waved at the webcam over Nura's shoulder as he kissed her hair informing us he was off to bed.

Nura-: "I think you're on the right track now. You're learning what you need to to move forward. It's his issues not yours right now."  she started to shuffle the one deck of tarots, a card flipping over her hand. "Ten of cups. Perfect means you're going to have a happy marriage."

Me-: "Yeah read the rest of the meaning."

She read the rest of the page of the instruction book she had open in front of her, trying to learn the new deck. "Um... it says you will have a prosperous marriage to your equal after the high tides have been waited out."

Me-: "See even the tarots are against me. I hate waiting."

Nura-:"The Ace of Swords"

Me-: "Usually means a champion. Courage."

Nura-: "Sounds like The Celebrity" she giggled "Hey yeah The Celebrity. I was going through some old emails and came across a link you'd sent me. It was a youtube of The Celebrity and The Other Guy from like a couple of years ago in the tee shirts that looked like they were melting.  I totally see what you mean by his smile. He swore too in that one."   Nura put her arms out imitating the particular interview that they'd done. "They beeped him when he said shit."

Me-: "He's a handful alright. Damn, now I'm going to have that image of him doing that interview stuck in my head all night."

Friday, January 13, 2012

Post-It Friday 13th

Got another one of those "you've got male"  messages again today.  No-one of interest.  Lest I'm not interested. Starting to wonder if anyone will spark for me again?

Starting to wonder if The Celebrity and The Other Guy will ever appear on the show again?  It's been months and months.  I know that they must be somewhere working for one of the companies because I get hits daily to my regular spots from fans in Europe looking for stuff on them. I am more then sure the fans get disappointed when they figure out I do not write the typical fandom stuff. 

I miss the red pants.

I hit a snag with my writing. There is a shocker for ya eh?  And since the lead is based on The Celebrity, I decided to dig through some old episodes of the show for inspiration.  He's got a smile that could stop traffic.   I have this giddy impression that when he was younger that smile got him everything and anything he wanted.  And not just in that way either.  I am betting his mom couldn't say no to anything when he smiled.  {okay putting down the rum and getting back to the blog as I am romanticizing again}

I also missed Mr. Scratchy this morning by about four minutes.  I was coming in to write a short post-it-note and in the middle of it, Mr. Scratchy seems you checked in.  Hopefully I get this one finished before you check in tonight.
I think tonight, you're all about flipping channels and trying to find a movie to watch.  That or else you're painting something.   I think you're an Artist when you're not working for the wrestling company.  A painter, photographer.  Maybe you've got a thing for vid-cams?  Maybe I think that's the most perfect combination, a writer and an artist. But since Mr. Scratchy, I have not been able to entice you to write me,  I have to keep guessing and wishing and dreaming.   

Have a safe night Mr. Scratchy. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bad to the bone

In the movie Jane Austen Book Club,   one of the characters makes a comment about how Jane Austen always has a thing for the bad boys.  After watching Twilight ... I'll let you chew on that for a second before spitting it out... I have to ask what the big appeal is for young girls and the type of guy that Stephenie Meyer wrote about in her damned books?

Here you have an innocent girl -Bella- who not just falls for the worst guy she could-Edward- , but throws herself at him only to find herself in what in the real world would be a cult like situation after dodging possessive tendencies.  Then there is Jacob who seems to have boundary issues even though Bella has told him she's involved with someone else.

Clue you in for those who are not Jane Austen fans;  Twilight is a remake of Pride and Prejudice  up to a point.  Jane Austen's most popular novel ever, has the innocent girl falling for the wrong guy - Elizabeth falls for Wickham- who ends up with her sister and shows more then a few abusive traits. The sister in P/P has the same attitude as Meyer's Jacob does. 

Little confusing but my grande point is that when a young girl reads stuff like Twilight, it's a dreamy opening for creeps in the real world to sneak in. 

When I was 16 years old skipping school and smoking was the worst thing that the "bad boys" were doing around here.  Pretty damn innocent actually.

So what is it about innocent girls falling for scumbags?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Red white and Eww

Valentines Day has started in the stores. 
 Last year I skirted past it and it did not bother me.   This year,  my being a Singleton is screaming louder then a banshee. 

Another one of my cousins got married over the weekend.  I pity the kids they both brought in from other past failures.  Yes, it was the woman's 2nd marriage and my cousin's as well.  I saw the photos, how could I not it's all mother has been talking about for the last two days.  The woman my cousin married is suppose to be younger then him at a scant 25, but she looks like she's pushing 45. 

I hate this time of the year.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Twilight Time

And that is what it is right now.  The sun has just set for the night, and my mind keeps coming back to that old song by the Platters.  It was the theme in one of my favourite vampire movies too.   Blood and Donuts.  And it's the song I've got replaying tonight in my mind... yes Mr. Scratchy I'm doing my best to plant that song in your brain right now too.   Though, I'm sure you're reading this tomorrow morning maybe at dawn.
So since I believe you are reading this in about 9 hours from the time I'm writing this; I'm picturing you in a pair of blue plaid pajama bottoms... yes men in plaid is something I find hot - {hey I'm Canadian men in plaid is a natural thing }- and a grey tee shirt that happens to have a small splotch on it from you having spilled your tea on it as you were turning on your computer.  I think your hair is sticking up in the front sort of off to the right, and you're finding yourself with an ache in your left shoulder which means that you might bypass the gym and go for a run instead.  {Dude you've got to let me know if I've been close on these images of you
As I write this, I've been scratching the right side of my body for the better part of the last hour {between 7-8pm EST} which is what prompted me to write you this post-it-note  Mr. Scratchy. 
Well, I'll wish you a good day, while I - writing this at bed time- am actually going to try to find what storage bin my copy of Clockwork Orange is in. The movie not the book, I long since gave up trying to find where I put the book though I know it's in this apartment somewhere...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

To be or not to be

"So it's NOT the Musician?"  Nura asked me few hours ago.

Me-: "He swears it's not him that he's not touring right now, says he's been in town for the last few months."

Nura-: "Okay hon, you have any clue who this is?  This is like bordering on stalker."  she licked her lips. "Shit I'd be freaking out."

Me-: "Well, whomever it is, I have to remind myself my wrestlers deal with this kind of thing all the time.  So far, I'm guessing they are harmless cause they're just you know hitting the blogs like five times a day. This week, Elliot Lake."

Nura-: "That's not far from where you are... could it be an ex-boyfriend?"

Me-: "I don't know. But getting back to the Musician, he emailed me yesterday and asked if I had a lot of readers cause get this, he wants me to promote his new cd."

Nura-: "Yeah, you seemed pissed about his email. What did he say about your warning?"

Me-: " I don't want to talk about him and that cu--"

Nura's eyes went wide and she gestured at the webcam for me to relax some. 

Nura-:"Okay back to the other things. I think it might be time for a protection spell. Could it be Mr. Scratchy?" she asked her voice taking on a bit of a sing song.

Me-: "No.  Mr. Scratchy is very American."

Nura-: "Oh what about the dude from that electronics store few months back?  Didn't he send you a fan letter. Evil fan letter?"

Me-: "Never thought of that.  I doubt it's him thought."

Nura-: "I still think he was going to hit on you but said what he did to save face."

Me-: " I'm changing the subject now.  You know who I'd love to work with... the DoubleStarr. Like write with him."

Nura-: "Um okay why?  Is he a writer?"

Me-: "Hell if I know.  But I'd love to work on a cookbook with him."

Nura started to laugh, one of those sputtering laughs. "Total non-stop tofu" When she finally stopped she gave a small sigh then made a comment about The Celebrity and The Other Guy. "They might get jealous."

Me-: "Jealous over what? A raspberry tart? A bowl of mushroom soup? Oh yeah can see how that would draw a line in the sand for those boys. Make them want to just have a falls count anywhere in the kitchen match with tables ladles and chairs. Jealous. No man has ever been jealous because of me."

Nura mentioned a guy I was friends with a few years ago who worked the wrestling stuff with me for a brief few months.

Me-: "He was jealous of The Celebrity. There is a difference."

If the microphone fits Don't put it there

I just got an email from the Musician.   Out of the blue told me that he is "working"  with the slut who was one of the reasons my ex left me.
She's a whore.  I'm not even saying that because the bitch did what she did to my relationship, I'm stating facts.  At any given time she's got some guy paying for her way with only her body as anything of payment.
She's a female dj who can not sing and wants the attention of everyone at all times.  She doesn't know how to get things done on her own.  {I often wondered how she gets gay men to do things for her?}
She's has a thing about hitting on men that are in my life.  She even tried hitting on one of my cousins once because she saw us hanging out  and thought he must be mine cause how can a woman have just a male friend, they must be a couple.  The wedding ring on my cousins' finger didn't stop her at all.   About a year and a half ago, she's managed to manipulate this one other guy into supporting her, a guy whom she knew I was more then interested in. The Musician would make guy #5 in a string of her hit an runs of men connected to me. {there had been my ex's best friend too}
Now, she's done I have no idea what to have the Musician promising to be her producer.
And it's always the same story with her.  Gets a man in her targets, lays on this sob story about how her boyfriend is an abusive drug dealer, flirts, makes these stories up about having lived on the West Coast for her music and how she ended up coming back because of the drug dealer boyfriend and how he kept her from her dreams.
Her reality is more a case of she's not as talented as she thinks and has a drug problem of her own.

Is this a lesson The Musician needs to learn on his own?   I don't know.  But I have no intention of sticking around to watch the car wreck if he does. 

Friday, January 6, 2012


"Parker?" Earnan asked as he handed Nura a cup of tea.

Nura-: "Fill him in while I go pee."

Me-:"You know, in season 4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, she meets this guy like second or third episode who is all charm and uber slick.  She ends up sleeping with him then he gives her a lame excuse for not getting together with her again and makes her believe that he was honest the whole time coming across like he let her know up front that it was a one off and that he thought she understood all he wanted was a quickie.  When you know he's just lying like a scumbag.  I've had way too many 'Parkers' in my life and I just do not want to put up with crap like that anymore.  God, I'm way too old for bad guys and bad one nightstands."

He nodded and laughed at me and I continued cause I was in a talking mood. 

Me-: "I realized something, was watching Sex and the City, the pilot episode.  I've had friends and acquaintances over the years who have dated more then I have, but have had less types of relationships then I have.   I've dated a bartender {like Miranda dates Steve throughout the show}  I've dated another writer {Carrie dates two writers, the first in the episode "Shortcomings" and then in the 5th-6th season when she dates Berger.}  I've dated Biguys {Carrie dates a Bisexual man in "Boy Girl Boy Girl" } I've dated a guy who could not get it up { Charlotte marries Trey who for the majority of their storyline is impotent} I've dated two actors {Samantha dates Jarrod in season 6 and the first movie and Charlotte dates a movie star in the episode "The Caste System" } I've dated musicians and djs {Carrie dates the jazz player with ADD in season 4} I've dated younger men {all the women do throughout the show} I've dated divorced men {they all do at different points in the series} I've dated guys with kids {Miranda dates a single dad in the episode "Shortcomings"}  I've dated guys who were addicts {Carrie dates a guy who replaces her for his alcohol addiction in the episode "Was it Good for You?"} I've dated guys with a premature ejaculation issue {Carrie's boyfriend in the Shortcomings episode as well as the character of JJ that Samantha almost has sex with in the episode "A Change of A Dress" } I've dated a guy who had had a mental breakdown {Carrie dates an ex who's staying at a mental hospital in the episode "Boy, Interrupted" }"

Nura-: "What now?"   she asked as she returned from the bathroom

Me-: "I was listing off my dating mistakes."

Earnan-: "That's ... wow. Okay."

Me-: "What wow?"

Earnan-: "You want me to be honest?"   I said that I did while Nura just sipped her tea sort of not looking at the webcam.  "I wouldn't have figured... I sort of thought you were less..."

Nura-: "He's politely saying he thought you were more innocent then that."

Me-: "I've been dating since I was I was fifteen which is like twenty-three years of dating.  I actually haven't dated that many compared to other people we know. Just pointing out the fact I've dated a wide range of ... wrong men. Not too mention, you forget that some of these types of guys overlapped. Like the dude with the mental breakdown was one of the divorced single dads. And one of the musicians was a bisexual."

Nura-: "And who's your Mr. Big?"

Me-: "When he shows up I'll let you know."

Nura-: "I think he's here.  I think Mr. Big is your Mr. Scratchy."

Earnan-: "Which one is Mr.Big?"

Nura-: "Mr. Big is the one Carrie marries in the movie hon. You remember we rented the SATC movie not too long ago."

Earnan-: "Right right yeah.  I thought your Mr. Big was The Celebrity..." he smiled wide then wandered away from the webcam to take the dogs for their walk. 

Nura just laughed "I forgot what we were talking about before."

Me-: "I can't remember."

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Storm Warning

I was out this morning, made my way to the grocery.  First time in over a month I've been able to do my own groceries.  And no sooner had I walked -hobbled actually as I'm still not healed fully and having to use a cane- into the store when Storm spotted me and dropped everything he was working with and ran to the back room.
Hum, this is becoming a pattern with that boy.   After nearly 8 months last year of him being overly friendly he's suddenly acting like he's been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

I hate men like that.

But that tells me what my instincts were hinting at months ago, that I'm better off not putting my attention on him.   I never did resolve within myself if I really ever even liked him. 

Not really a big loss.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Family Matters

"I'll get this back to you in a few days."   Walsh said a bit ago referring to a photo of our Grandparents.  My cousin had been helping his oldest put together a 'this is my family' project for school and decided to make an album for himself and was collecting as many photos of our Grandparents as he could find.

Me-: "Just drop it off at my mom's. I'll get it later in the week." 

Walsh-: "You said you were writing when I called.  The novel still or something new?"

Me-: "Something new.  Why?"

He shrugged. "What's it about?"

Me-: "The new one or the main one?"

Walsh-: "Both."

Me-: "The main one is about two brothers who are in love with the same woman.  The new one, I'm not totally sure yet I'm only 20 pages into it. All I really have fleshed out is that the lead works for a newspaper and his best friend is a teacher."

Walsh licked his lips biting the corner of his mouth.

Me-: "What's that look for?"

Walsh-: "Two brothers same woman.  Are you ever going to forgive my sister for stealing what's his name all those years ago?"

Me-: "The bitch did me a favour.  I worked my anger out with the novel. But that doesn't mean I ever want to be at the same dinner party with her, cause I'm pretty damn sure I'd be tempted to RKO her."

Walsh-: "Oh yeah, all your anger issues worked out totally I see that.  Honestly Darling, the way my sister's life has been going, she could used an RKO or something."   he had a sad look to his eyes and his shoulders tightened up.  "Okay, better get going.  Let me know when you finally finish editing the main novel, I'd like to read it.  And I have no intention of having to pay for a copy either."

Me:-"Well there went my one change at making a living."

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Downtown Chic

"I got this at the second hand store. It's it the most?"  Nura said holding up to the webcam a kimono in yellow. 

Me-: "Not bad."

Nura-: "You need to get some more colour into your clothes again. All that grey and black washes you out."

Me-:"That's the idea."

We talked about clothes for a while before she asked me if I had heard anything yet.  I am starting to think that Nura and her husband are more worried about Mr. Scratchy finally coming forward then even I am. Then she laughed.

Nura-: "What if it's someone you've never really noticed in the companies?  Like that Crossroads Guy from Company #1?"

Me-:"Doesn't jive. Doesn't feel right.  Anyways, you look like you've got something on your mind besides playing  whorton hears a who the wrestler is."

Nura-: "Uh... okay remember that lady I told you about few months back who joined my Wicca group? The one who had been in an abusive relationship and then decided she was gay?"

Me-: "No, but continue."

Nura-: "Um..." she started to giggle and I could see her fidgeting in her seat on the webcam. "Her and I.."

Me-: "OH MY GOD! You didn't?" 

Nura-: "I think I am Bi. There is just when I'm with her, she's all I think about.  I'm not leaving Earnan or anything but...I'm considering a relationship with her sort of.  My husband knows..."

Me-: "I need a cocktail. You two were my marriage role models.  You two are like so connected."  I was in shock total shock.  {I had two shots of rum}

Nura-: "Hey, Happy New Year."