Thursday, December 30, 2010

Do you have a passport?

Was hanging out last night again with my buddy the Musician and a few of his friends and out of nowhere he asked me if I had a passport.

Me: "Yeah why?"

Musician: "I want to go to Duluth."

Me: "What does you going to Duluth have to do with me having a passport?"

Musician : "Wanted to know if you ever go over the border into the states... if you want to go sometime just let me know." 

Me: "Um... I never have that kind of money."

Little weird when you think about it, but he was drinking very heavily all night, so that and the off handed comment about how he's the first guy in town I've met in over a year who's not married; I'm just sweeping under the rug with a "your drunk" note for it.

My comment to his comment was simply "I like my men like I like my tag teams young and from Detroit"  Then he asked me if I only date guys from Detroit. 

" I mean if they'll have me."


  1. He totally wants you.

  2. Anonymous... He was drunk and I was the only straight girl in the bar.

  3. Actually I wasn't meaning your friend

  4. You're friend was trying to sleep with you. Inviting you to go out of town with him, he's just trying to have sex with you. Fastest way to ruin your friendship.

    And it sounds like you are not interested in your friend so you have to let him know this.

  5. Elle...I agree that it's the fastest way to ruin everything, and I still think he was just drunk.