Saturday, June 29, 2013

After supper coffees

"Okay, I want to know about the fairy tale. What's going to happen in it?"  Walsh asked. I had gone to Starbucks on my way home from mom's and Walsh was there with his wife and kids.

Wife-:"What fairy tale?"

Me-:"Uh just this thing I'm writing."  She nodded and seemed to be waiting for a better explanation. Sipping my coffee, I started playing with a sugar pack. "I just added a new chapter last night..." Walsh nodded sipping his own iced coffee. It's weird, I can sit here and type about almost anything, but just discussing my work like that in person with people, freaks me out. "...okay so we've got the character based on Werewolf King, he's the strong silent type right, and he's going to end up having a big secret. There is something he knows that no one else is aware of that's going to play big time down the road. And the character based on Rebel without a Cause, he's the sweet innocent one..."

Walsh-:"Why though?"

Me-:"Cause someone had to be the sweet innocent one, and the character based on Mad Hatter just didn't jive for it."


Me-:"Yes, jive. You said you wanted to know so let me talk." I nearly swore but caught myself remembering the kids were right there beside us. "And of course you have the character based on Mad Hatter. He's totally...Mad Hatter."

My cousin giggled nodding, his knee bouncing which tells me that he was wanting a cigarette.

Wife-:"This going to take long cause we should get going." she didn't even look at me.

Walsh-:"Can I have a smoke first?"

Wife-:"Half. Hurry up."

He and I went outside for a few minutes so that he could have a cigarette and I could talk to him freely.

Me-:"How do you have half a smoke?" I asked stupidly.

My cousin shrugged and told me to hurry up with my story. "I see you made the Mad Hatter character hate the girl. Why?"

Me-:"You read wrong. He doesn't hate her, he just doesn't know what to do with her in the first half. She makes him uncomfortable. Is that what you really wanted to talk about or is something up?"

He shrugged again, blowing smoke over his shoulder. "Did you catch the promo on the website? What was up with Rebel without a Cause in that?"

Me-:"Wanted to be noticed I suppose. Showing off a bit."

Walsh-:"Seemed like it. Seemed like he couldn't sit still."

Me-:"I know that was strange eh? Showing his butt to the world for no reason. Maybe he just wanted to prove Mad Hatter isn't the only one with a nice butt and killer arms, and nice hands..."  my cousin tossed his cigarette that was not anywhere near finished and nodded to me. I heard the kids then behind me.

Walsh-:"I gotta go. I'll talk to you soon. Say hi to auntie for me."    I nodded turning to head home myself. 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Must be a Friday

"Are you watching the show?" the text from Walsh said.

I officially think this is my cousin's catch phrase. Seriously, if he was single this might even be his pick up line. Not that I could ever imagine him single. He's been with his wife for almost twenty years.

Me-:"No. At home, you know the drill. Why what's up?"

Walsh-:"Boring tonight. Oh, and your boys lost."

Me-:"Damn you and your spoilers! Yeah, think they're getting ready to have them drop the belts."

Walsh-:"Hahaha! They can't be gods forever."

Me-:"I know. But, doesn't mean I have to like it. I'm not liking much as of late. They just brought the Vlad the Impaler look alike back to the rookie show this week, so that I'm happy with."

Walsh-:"Okay what's wrong?"

Me-:"Nothing. Just a little restless. It's summer and I don't really want to be home alone all the time."

Walsh-:"You could always order a pizza dude haha!"

Me-:"Not funny."

Double J-word

I was at the grocery, standing in line forever, cause I forgot about it being a long weekend and the store being closed for half of it. Everyone was there today it seems. By the time I got to the front of the line, a new checkout guy took over while the first checkout guy went on break.
Great. But, he was speedy.  I noticed his name tag said Josh. 
The checkout guys always make it a point to check the name if you have a points card or use credit cards, and tell you to have a great day then whatever your name is.  I've gotten into the habit of thanking them, and calling them by their name as well.

Josh.-:"Actually, it's John, but there are like five John's already working here so I said I'd use something else so that it's not totally confusing."

I know I had a stupid look on my face because he then raised an eyebrow and sort of leaned back a bit.

The cosmic joke has gone on long enough, I wish whomever the mystical Johnathan is would just appear already, cause this is getting beyond ridiculous.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Post-it Notes 26th June 2013

Herman, Mr. Scratchy;  having a few issues tonight with the blog. Driving me nutballs.
How is your night going? 

Working now on the second draft of the novel. Time to give some focus to the best friend character, the one who Rebel without a Cause was the baseline for. He gets seduced a lot... in the novel I mean. Looks like he could be very seduce-able... Rebel without a Cause, I mean.  Though, I suppose anyone could be seduced.
You can pass that on to Rebel without a Cause, or you know, if you're him, then try not to choke on your coffee when you laugh at me.

I imagine you checking in tonight, having just gotten out of the shower, after a late dinner. Maybe you had a light day at work and spent time working out? 
I have a question that sort of has nothing to do with anything but my novel... has anyone been able to make the Mad Hatter blush?  He seems like the type of guy that is just incapable of blushing. I know that's not humanly possible, to never blush. But you know what I mean.
You can pass that on too. Less of course he's you, in which case that gives you a small hint at the lead in the novel.

There is an energy that those two wrestlers have, that I haven't seen in a long while. Probably why I found them so inspiring. Why I still do at this moment.
And Herman, if by chance you're not one of them, you might still be in the novel. There are seven other male characters in it.

G-Babbs strikes again

I was on my way home from mom's, when I bumped into G-Babbs, she was out walking her dog. She commented on how the construction workers had left everything around the street, from where they were putting in a new sewer line.
Then she switched gears and was talking about how some of the construction workers were blocking in the cars in the parking lot in their building, and how they had set up a port-a-potty in the lane right behind her side of the building.
All I could think was that they needed to install it somewhere.

G-Babbs-:"I was talking to a few of them, asking very nicely if they could maybe move it somewhere else, because really who wants to look out their window and see that!" she gestured to the back of the building. I turned to look, but couldn't see anything from where we were standing.  "The one guy was really nice about it, but they wouldn't move it. He did tell me that they put it there because of the other sewer drain, so I suppose there is nothing we can do about it till they're done working on all this. You seeing anyone?"


G-Babbs-:"You should pick yourself up one of these workers."  she started to gesture to the empty street towards the man hole that had the orange safety cones around it. "Some of them are not bad looking. Tanned from being out in the sun. Only spotted wedding rings on about two of them. The one I was talking to about the thing, he was smoking like a chimney, but what can you do?" the dog started to dance around us, knotting the leash around her legs.

Me-:"Ironically, you're not the first to suggest the idea. Though, I really don't see that working for me."

G-Babbs:"Why not? You're not getting any younger. If you don't find someone soon, you're going to dry up like your mom and the rest of the old bitties around here."  she said it without a hint of humour. "You coming back tomorrow to see your mom?"

Me-:"Actually, I'm suppose to be going to the movies."

G-Babbs-:"Well, you make sure you stop by tomorrow before these guys are done their work. I'll figure out a way to introduce you to a few of them. Leave it to me, we'll have you married before christmas if I have anything to do about it."

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

post it june 25 2013

Right off the bat can I nag... Dimmer, shave. Please.

Okay Herman, I'm counting on you to pass that plea on to your buddy. Less of course you're him in which case, there you go.   More and more Mr. Scratchy, I think you were connected at one time to the late Trent Acid.  Which means, you're either The Celebrity, Rebel without a Cause or Mad Hatter.

Anyways, I imagine you checking in tonight after work, tired bruised and needing a laugh. That's what I'm here for. To make you laugh, smirk and relax.
I think you're sitting there with a cup of tea, in a travel mug, wearing those wire rimmed glasses and grey shorts. I think there is a stack of comic beside you given it's a new release day. Or at lest it's new release day where I am.

If you are The Celebrity... hey. How is everything? I miss the silliness, do you miss the silliness of stuff that I would spew out in black and white?  I'm sure you must on some level. I was cleaning out some old wrestling on the DVR few days ago, and came across an old ppv from like a year and a half ago from Company #2.  The Celebrity vs DoubleStarr.  Can't believe I forgot about that match.

Well Mr. Scratchy, Herman; we're sitting at +29C with a humidex of +33C today. Too hot to think. My brain is melting. So I will just While you sit there in your cool aired shadows in a twist of barbed wire. Smile. You know you want to.

Monday, June 24, 2013

I'll take a deep dish Dimmer

I was chatting on the social site, in a chat thread with a few of the other wrestling fans, when one of the girls commented on Dimmer and how she doesn't care for him.
My reply, was "All the more for me."  The chat went off in all directions, then out of nowhere, some dude called me a stupid whore because I said Dimmer is good looking.

Really now? 

What is it, with these guys on these things?  Male Friend #2- John- making his comments the other week about Mad Hatter's looks, and the one actor's, to this guy's comments tonight about Dimmer. 

Let's face it, no matter how talented these guys are, the fact they are drool worthy is bonus material. I find it ironic and extremely hypercritical that these guys, talk about the women in the business/female actors, to an even higher extent then us girls do the men; and it's accepted. But the second we start showing the same designs about the men, we get slammed and insulted.
How is that right?

It would seem that green is the theme for the evening.

Afternoon Tidbits June 24th

Coming home from the grocery, and saw this car parked in the parking lot, that was keyed. Someone had scratched the words "pervert" and "molester" into the side of the car.  Then, saw this little old lady who looked to be about 70 get into the car and drive away.

Really?  I wouldn't be seen in a destroyed car that had that scratched into the paint.
And it's not like she didn't know it was there, it was everywhere. On both sides, the roof, the front and back.

Makes you wonder what kind of society we truly live in?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Skin it

"Alice in Wonderland?" Walsh said. It was more a comment then a question. He stopped by for a minute with another book his step-mom had lent me.

Me-:"Yes and no. Alice in Wonderland, Red Ridding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, fairy tales in general. Just wait, wait till you see the whole queenie thing. Half planned out already."  We were talking about a bit of writing I've been doing on a short story.  "It will come together. Trust me on this, I know what I'm doing. I'm a professional of course, not like the others."

Walsh-:"Oh my god." he shook his head giggling at me. "At lest you're in a good mood."

Me-:"For once. Who knows how long it will last though?"

Walsh-:"Did Mad Hatter finally talk to you?" he had this look on his face just filled with hope as he lit a cigarette.

Me-:"Would I be this calm if Mr. Scratchy talked to me? Good god man. Trust me, the entire world would know if Mr. Scratchy talked to me. Everything is copy, I have a rep to protect."

He put his hand on my forehead. "Are you sure you're okay? Don't seem to have a fever, have you been drinking? I haven't seen you in this good a mood in I can't even remember."

Me-:"Nothing to drink. Not since before my knee injury last year. But shut up or you'll make me crave a martini. Or wine, or bourbon."

Walsh-:"Better get going, have to pick the kids up from the movies." he turned to leave just as the neighbour and three very loud chicks in way too tight skirts bound up the stairs and into the apartment across the hall. "Well looks like he's going to have fun."

Me-:"Wanna play guess how many diseases he's going to have in the morning?"

My cousin nearly choked on his cigarette he started laughing so hard. "I can't believe you sometimes. But you know what I can believe in?" he was down the stairs then opening the main door. "Mad Hatter."

Me-:"Has a great ass. And arms to die for, great hands. And what is it with men having perfect skin? No matter what we women do, our skin looks like death and you men, always perfect looking skin. Why?"

Walsh shrugged as music blasted from the across the hall neighbour's. "Ask Mad Hatter."  he tossed the filter of his cigarette in a puddle and left.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Post-it Note Sat 22nd

Herman, how are you doing today?

Just finished catching up with last night's wrestling and the rookie show.  I'm surprised they made GraveDigger look bad.

Anyways, I imagine you checking in tonight, a cup of tea in hand, dressed in a pair of shorts. I don't think you're up to anything silly, or creative. Just, think you're unwinding after work. Reading what I've been writing. 
That's all for now, hope your evening is comfortable, Mr. Scratchy.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

You know that scene in every film

I was out at the bus stop, had some stuff to do, and the first bus came roaring up hit a puddle and dirty water and mud went flying everywhere.  90% of it landed on me. My clothes, my purse, my cane, my hair.  It's actually funny now, five hours later, but at the time not so funny.  It was like the classic scene in every romantic comedy ever done, like in the Bridget Jones movie.
Me, covered in muck.  And the two ladies that were standing just three feet away, totally clean. I was standing there thinking they must have been scotch-guarded or something?

Get to where I had to go, and waiting in line. I look up and the security guard was an ex boyfriend. The one who cheated on me years ago with my cousin.   Great, wonderful. And he just stood there with that look on his face, you know the look, when you sort of recognize someone but you are not sure where you know them from.  Yeah, that look.

On my way home, stopped in at a Starbucks because I had time to kill before the next bus, and there were construction workers hanging around on their break. Cute ones.  So I'm coming out of the Starbucks, and this dude slams into me, cappuccino all over my t-shirt. Right in front of the construction workers.  Wait it gets worse, Duncan, that moron my cousin is buddies with, was one of them.  So you know, there's me, covered in mud, coffee, and sweating by this point from the nice weather and all the hobbling around I had to do, and I look up to see not just Duncan laughing like a lunatic, but the really cute co-worker of his nearly pissing himself laughing.

So my day is proof that all the bad cliches that we see in romantic comedies happened to someone at some point. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wed posting post-its

Herman, how's your day going?
I was in the middle of doing some stuff and had this overwhelming need to come in and write you. I'm finding it better to listen to my gut lately.

So, again how is your day going?

Middle of the week, beautiful blue skies here today, and bees the size of a teaspoon smashing against the windows. I swear they get larger every season.

I imagine you checking in today, over lunch or something. A baseball cap on to your nose, hiding. Maybe you felt like not washing your hair this morning, which is cool. We all have days like that. For some reason, I think you're having cupcakes. Designer cupcakes with pink icing.  And I think you reading a very large novel. The question would be, what genre?  Sci-fi? Horror? Thriller? What kind of novel would peak your interest?  Let's go with horror.
So I imagine you today just relaxing. Maybe one of your buddies is getting a tattoo and you went with him? 

Okay Mr. Scratchy, Herman, hope as always that I made you smile.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jealous bones

"You watch the show?"  the message from Walsh read.

Me-:"Yeah, stayed again at mom's so got to see it.Why, what's on your mind?"

Walsh-:"Nothing. They never said anything."

Me-:"I know. You know why they didn't say anything?"


Me-:"Cause they knew we were looking for them to say something. Dude, they read the blog. Every time we made a deal, those were the episodes they ended up not doing promos. You realize this right?"

Silence for a bit from my cousin. Everyone likes to be right, and I do like being right, just wish that this could be one of those situations when I could be right and happy both.

Walsh-:"Oh my god. I just went to the social site and was looking through some of your chats for the night. See this is the sort of thing I try to avoid when my wife has her friends over. You actually said you thought Dimmer checked out Werewolf King's ass?"

Me-:"Probably, I know I said it looked like Mad Hatter had checked out Divine Mrs V's ass when he leaned over her shoulder."   My cousin dug up the link for the conversation he was talking about with the comment about Werewolf King. "Oh, yeah suppose that I did say that. Yeah and?"

Walsh-:"And women complain that us men are pigs with nothing but sex on the brain."

Me-:"Never said women weren't pigs with nothing but sex on the brain. We freely admit we're smutty. Dimmer is the new IT boy right now. Everyone seems to want a piece of him, were you not paying attention to the chat thread? It even looked like Rebel without a Cause at one point checked out Divine Mrs V as well."

Walsh-:"If I didn't know better I'd say you were sounding jealous."

Me-:"I can't sound anything on text. I can appear, but not sound."

Walsh-:"You are. The question is, which one?"

Me-:"How about I just say all and leave it at that."

Walsh-:"There is a new guy at work, Ben, he used to be on the local hockey team."

Me-:"Thanks but no."

Walsh-:"Why not?"

Me-:"Just not okay. Just let me meet whomever naturally. On my own."

Walsh-:"You mean your Johnathan hahahaha!"

Me-:"Yes, I mean the poor unfortunate soul named Johnathan who is out there somewhere thinking he's going totally mad because he's most likely by now seeing variations of my name popping up everywhere; unless he's a witch himself in which case, he's already picked up the signs."

Right, like that's not too much to hope for, whomever the mystical Johnathan is being a witchy type himself.  I think I stand a better chance snagging myself either Mad Hatter, Rebel without a Cause, or Dimmer, then him being a witchy type.

Monday, June 17, 2013

The rise of Dimmer

The girls on the social site tonight are all a flutter over Dimmer.  I find it ironic, that in about four seconds of him standing there dressed in shades of black and grey, he not only got noticed by like half the people in the chat threads, but by the core group of female wrestling fans I chat with.
Damn, never underestimate the power of nice butt.

As Dimmer's spotlight gets brighter, I wonder who the other girls will climb over to try to get to him now at live shows that they all go to on a regular basis?

Psstt Dimmer, if any of them manage to rip a chunk out of you... well that will be ironic, when you think about it.

Cryptic messages

I got a text from Walsh. "Your boys were in shadows?"


Walsh-:"Have you seen their video promo?"

Me-:"Hang on. No."  went to the website and found the video clip. "Okay yeah now."

Walsh-:"Notice they were in the shadows?"

Me-:"I did."

Walsh-:"Are you going to try to tell me that wasn't a hint for you?"

Me-:"I am not going to tell you anything anymore. You get my hopes up too much."

Walsh-:"That was clearly a hint for you. CLEARLY!"

Me-:"Shadows aren't really clear, they are dark and foggy-ish. Musty even like a graveyard."

Walsh-:"You and your damn vampires."


There was silence for a bit and I have got to learn not to take that as the end of the conversation. Cause there will be a pause for like twenty minutes or more some times.

Walsh-:"How about this, listen to your boys and see which one of them goes for a vampire reference?"

Yeah, that makes sense given the stuff I talk about most of the time on the wrestling stuff.

Me-:"Tell you what, if Mad Hatter makes an out of place werewolf comment I'll  finally believe you on this. No more doubts. But if Rebel without a Cause makes an out of place vampire comment I'm going to start leaning in his direction. But it only counts if it's this week. Either the live show tonight, or the Friday night show."

Walsh-:"Rebel without a Cause? Why can't you just believe it's Mad Hatter? Okay deal."

Me-:"And then will you finally drop it?"


post-it after the show

Mr. Scratchy, Herman.  Just watched the ppv. It was not as good as some in the past have been.
Just saying.  Happy the Pack won their matches.  Werewolves with shinny always a good thing.

I imagine you checking in tonight, tired and dressed in a pair of jeans. Having a cup of tea, and a bag of pretzels, and carrot sticks.   Don't ask man, I haven't figured my own brain out yet. 
I think you're sitting there, reading this, debating if you should watch the movie This is the End, or not if you haven't already. Go see it if you haven't, dude so damned funny.  That's one thing I hope Herman we share some taste in, movies. I'm a total movie junkie.  Then, when you decide it's time to open up and say ah, at lest we'll have a jumping off point.

Anyways, Herman, Mr. Scratchy, hope you're night is good. Comfortable.   I don't know why lately that word keeps jumping into my mind when I think about writing these for you? It just does. Comfortable. Is that something you're having issues with right now in your real life?  Anyways, hope you're having a decent night. And as always, hope I made you smile.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

June 15th 2013

No cute titles today. Just felt the need to come in and write something, Mr. Scratchy.

I hope your day is a comfortable one, Herman, wherever it is you might happen to be today.  I was going to watch last night's wrestling, but I just can't seem to bring myself to do so.
I think maybe, just maybe the crush on Mad Hatter might finally be toning down some. I can't seem to shake it, but it's not as obsessively needful as it was few weeks ago when I was still writing the first draft of the novel.
And I suppose, depending on who you really are, that might be seen as a good thing or a bad thing.

Well, I imagine you reading this right now, iPod on, maybe you decided to scrap through some of the posts on here and find some of the songs I've talked about over the years, and make a playlist ?  See, now that would be cool.   Anyways, I imagine you listening to music while reading this, a slight smirk on your lips, maybe even blushing if you're not alone.  Your buddy leaning over your shoulder, reading along cause he's bored. And I think he's got mustard on his face and you haven't told him cause it's funny.

Okay Mr. Scratchy, Herman, have a good rest of your day, and as always, I hope I made you smile.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Werewolves and Men with coffee

Just got back from being out all day, and as I was checking messages on the social site, there was one from Male Friend #2-John- that made zero sense.
He had commented on a random topic that it seemed to me had nothing to do with what he was saying. Which was, how he wasn't trying to change my point of view on things and that he felt I had more to offer then the other women he was talking to regularly on the site, and that he liked talking about stuff other then wrestling.
I made the mistake of replying and asking him if that was really meant for me or if he meant it for someone else?   He got offended because I didn't remember the fact I had disagreed with his thoughts on the value of Werewolf King as a singles wrestler.

What? Really?
He dug up the old chat thread and showed it to me.  He said Werewolf King sucks, I said he had his head up his arse.  He spent the rest of the chat thread telling me why I was wrong and why he knew better.

Fine, whatever. I've mentioned before how wrestling chat threads can get heated, with everyone pumping up their heroes.

Then he again said he didn't mean it. That he didn't want to sound like he was trying to change my point of view on things. That he doesn't treat women that way.

Good to know. But I'm wondering why he brought it up in the first place?
Meanwhile, I was chatting on another chat thread about a certain actor, when he butted in to the thread and started attacking the actor. Not for his talents, but for his looks.  The same thing he did the other week with Mad Hatter in a wrestling chat thread.

I'm just at a loss here. Ignoring him just seems to make him worse. And blocking him is not an option, as that just takes him from my friends list, but the chat threads are open to the whole site so he'll just keep doing what he's doing. Which is steam rolling over other people in the chats, and insulting any other man I say I like.

Walsh's idea of saying that I'm dating a wrestler is sounding better and better all the time.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I just couldn't help but wonder?

Just managed to catch up with last night's wrestling. And ... on a night like this, I just couldn't help but wonder, Rebel without a Cause is got to be the most vocal wrestler this side of The Celebrity. I want to know, do they mic him or is he really that loud? For all the talent he has and he's got more talent then I've seen in a long while, he screeches when he's at ringside. Gotta feel sorry sometimes for the rest of the Pack -Werewolf King and Mad Hatter- if they are standing right beside him when he screams like that. Ears must be ringing to near bleeding. Gorgeous, talented, he always that much of a screech owl?  (insert dirty thoughts right about there)

I watched an episode of Sex and the City earlier, (Season 2 Episode 21 Old Dogs New Dicks) in which, Charlotte dates a guy who's uncircumcised and freaks out about it.  Okay, was totally feeling like a deja vu on that topic. (while back I talked about it in the post -Just a Tip) In the episode, she shames him into getting it done. 
Seriously, would any man want to get that done after the age of two?  If there was no medical reason, would any of you men reading right now actually do that?  And for someone who you might not even continue dating? And for someone who made you feel crappy about yourself to begin with?
I think it's one of the more out there episodes of the show, but not even for that. For the fact a main character behaves the way she does by making her date feel ashamed of his body. It's also a brave step because it makes the character less then perfect, and shows how self absorbed we all can be.

So in true SATC style... I just couldn't help but wonder, are we screaming at each other because we really need to be heard or are we just trying to distract from our own insecurities?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Post-it note 10th June

It's one of those too humid to think nights. I hope wherever you are tonight, Mr. Scratchy, that it's a comfortable degree.

Quiet night. Sometimes those can be really good, sometimes they can be really bad.  Other then the temp it seems to be okay.

I imagine you checking in tonight, in those striped pajama bottoms I think you wear, covered in paint from working on that painting I think you are doing.  Actually, I think you finished the original one, and are working on a second one. Medium canvas. And I imagine you just got a hair cut, so your hair is spiky.

Maybe you bake? Could happen. You could bake in your spare time. I think you were the oldest grand kid and got your grandmother's recipe book. That would totally work in my world.

Yeah, I don't know. I keep hoping that I've said something right, something that jarred you enough to be like "whoa, how did she know this that and that? Dude, I'd better talk to her." 
As always, I hope I made you smile Herman.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Post-it Sunday night

Mr. Scratchy, Herman.
How are you tonight? 

I imagine you checking in tonight, a drink in hand. Something cold, whiskey maybe? Winding down after a long day. Dressed in shorts and a grey t-shirt with some faded logo on it for a movie or cartoon or something, having just gotten back from the gym.
I would love to actually flirt with you but, you're never around and even if you were, I've never been good at flirting.  I think that made you smirk a bit, maybe even slightly laugh?

Anyways Herman, just thought I'd say hey. Hey.
And as always, I hope I brightened your evening just a bit.

Recap of a Random SATC episode part 6

This week marks the 15 year anniversary since Sex and the City debuted. So I thought it was time for another random recap of another random episode. 

Season 2 Episode 19- The Chicken Dance

We open with Carrie and Miranda in the middle of decorating Miranda's apartment. Or at lest, talking about why she's hired a decorator. It ends up, an old friend, Jeremy, is going to be a house guest with her. 
We then see Carrie at Mr. Big's, where he offers her a spare toothbrush, which for Carrie means more then it really means.
Miranda and Jeremy are in the middle of dinner when the decorator shows up, and it's love at first sight for her and Jeremy.  A few days later, as Miranda throws what is suppose to be a going away party, turns into an engagement party for Jeremy.  While the girls are pouting, a friend of Jeremy's shows up and Samantha goes home with him. Where upon she realizes she's slept with him in the past, which for Samantha is a no-no.
We then see Carrie call Mr. Big, asking him what he thinks about this love at first sight thing? He tells her he just doesn't believe in it, but believes that people fall into lust at first sight. 

Carrie's quote of the week is  "In a city as cynical as New York, is it still possible to believe in love at first sight?"

Carrie then is asked by the new bride to write a poem for the wedding.
We then see the girls sitting around over lunch complaining about having to go to this wedding, while Samantha still can't get over the fact she slept with a guy more then once, and fears she's used up all the men in the city.
We then see Carrie and Mr. Big sitting around his apartment while she tries to write the poem, with Big mocking her.  The next scene is Big picking Carrie up for the wedding, and refusing to sign his name to the card. He even asks how they knew his name to begin with for the invitation? Carrie tells him she thinks it was Charlotte, who said something but the tone of her voice suggests it was in fact her.
We are then at the wedding, Miranda is feeling left out, Charlotte has sex with the best man, Samantha gets drunk and Carrie and Big fight because he took a cell phone call during her reading of the poem. This makes Carrie feel like she's not important.
We then see all four girls standing together as the bride throws the flowers, which lands at their feet and they all walk away from it. Carrie then leaves with Mr. Big who hands her a piece of wedding cake.

At some point, all the girls feel used and ignored in this episode. It gives the impression that they are questioning their own values and beliefs up to this point.
The running theme for Miranda, is that everyone around her has broken out of their romantic shell leaving her standing there just waiting.

Each of the four have set into motion what they think will bring them their desires, only to have it blow up in their faces.

Charlotte breaks all her dating rules on what she thinks will be her answer, only to find out that it was just a lustful heat of the moment, moment.
In fact, this episode could very well have been named "in the heat of the moment" as much as The Chicken Dance. But it brings up the real question of what is love at first sight?  Is there really such a thing, or are we confusing it with lust? (I know I've talked about that over the years like everywhere)

Friday, June 7, 2013

Must be a Friday

Got a text from Walsh, with the usual "Are you watching the wrestling?"
I had been wondering what was going on with him.  My answer was the usual, no I'm at home no cable, and that I'd catch up with it tomorrow. Then silence for a few minutes.

Walsh-:"You think I'm damnaged?"

Oh, I see he read the blog in the last few days.

Me-:"Yes. You know you are."

There was nothing for a bit, figured that was the end of the conversation.

Walsh-:"Must be why your man hasn't told you who he is yet? Mad Hatter's life would be perfect, not damaged in any way, and by your theory, that means he's not needing you."

Hate to admit it, but my cousin sort of had a point. If I go totally by my past pattern with men, Mr. Scratchy, no matter who he ends up being, if he's in the wrestling industry specially company #1, then yeah he's coasting and I'm not...damn! That blows.

Me-:"You suck."


More of the J-word

I was out picking up craft supplies the other day, when one of the sales guys came up to see if I need help. Told him I was fine, but wishing I had needed some help with something. Cause he was cute.
He had short dark spiky hair, glasses, a smile that could light up a room, eyes the colour of the sky and really great arms.

So there's me just sort of standing there for a few seconds, wondering why whenever I look like crap I meet someone cute?  Never meet anyone anymore when I put effort in, just when I look like a rumpled snotrag or something.
So there's me, wondering if I should even bother trying to flirt when he started to turn and his store vest flapped and I saw his name tag, which to that point was hidden.

I see a J and an O and think that I let out a half groan. Sure enough the rest of his name tag came into full view.  Johnathan.  And it was the full name, not John or Johnny or Jon. But full out Johnathan.


That's it, I give up. I'm just going to wait for the mystical Johnathan to appear now. And there better be stars and cartoon birdies and swelling theme music when he does. So I know it's the right Johnathan. And damn it, it better happen when I've put effort into looking good myself. I'd hate to meet the mystical one looking like a old hag.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Walking wounded

"Did he just tell you he doesn't want you dating?"  Cheryl asked when I showed her the latest chat thread. I had been talking to Male Friend #2-John- earlier tonight for a bit.

Me-:"Yes. Freaked out much?"

Cheryl-:"You really need to stop chatting with him all together."

Me-:"Cousin suggested I tell him I'm dating a wrestler."  left out the fact Walsh seems to believe I should be anyway.

Cheryl-:"Do it. Or you know, just start ignoring him. Why are you still chatting with him anyways?"

Me-:"He keeps popping up in my chat threads. Besides, I seem to attract wounded men."

Cheryl-:"What do you mean wounded men?"

Me-:"I've noticed a pattern over the years. Guys only come into my life when they are going through something bad. Like being dumped, or fired, or injured. They only seem to stick around during their transition, then they go back to wherever. Doesn't matter if it's a boyfriend, a buddy, a business partner or even a male relative. Whenever something traumatic happens, that's when they seem to find me."

Cheryl-:"Maybe it's your karma? Maybe in a past life you were responsible for their issues and this is you having to heal it?"

Me-:"Makes as much sense as anything else so far. It's been like this my whole life. Since I was about nine or ten years old."

Cheryl-:"Out of curiosity, how many of these walking wounded were boyfriends?"

Me-:"All my exes."

Cheryl-:"ALL? Every man you've ever dated? Ever slept with?"

Me-:"Yeah. Every man who's come into my life. Like I said, boyfriends, buddies, business partners, and even when my male relatives hung around. Every man who's been in my life has been going through something when he comes into my life."

Cheryl-:"Huh, if it is karma, then what did you do, kill an army?"

Me-:"Beyond me man"

Monday, June 3, 2013

Post-it Monday night

Herman, Mr. Scratchy;
What's up? It's just after 10pm EST here, and I seem to have gotten an attack of right side scratchy. Leads me to ask, how are you doing tonight?

I imagine you checking in maybe tired from a long day at work. Sweating maybe? A few glasses of bourbon on the menu? Dressed in only a pair of faded track pants. 

Mind the seagulls. Yeah, another of those pointless things that popped into my mind as I was typing and thought, what the hell add it.

Okay Herman, try not to laugh too hard or you might choke on your drink.  And of course, hope I lightened your evening.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

And they called it puppy love...some more

Jody messaged me wanting to know if I was aware that Male Friend #1- the kid in Mexico- was saying that I rejected him.

Me-:"What? Hang on! How can I reject him when he's just being silly."

Jody-:"Uh, I think he really honestly likes you. I told you he had a major crush on you but you didn't listen. You broke the poor guy's heart."

Me-:"Me? Me break someone's heart? That's just not humanly possible."

Jody-:"Why not? Everyone gets their heart broken by someone at some point."

Me-:"Yeah, I'm usually the one. I've never broken anyone's heart."

Jody-:"That you're aware of. Just because you haven't seen the evidence doesn't mean you haven't. But here's your evidence. What the hell did you say to the poor guy?"

Me-:"Nothing. You know the normal. He was bummed, tried to cheer him up by pointing out how a few of the girls on some of the chat threads were flirting back with him, which he just seemed to not notice. He was complaining how no one where he lives is single and the few that are just want rich men, which he's not."

Jody-:"What did he say?"

Me-:"That he didn't believe they were flirting back. That they were just being nice to him."

Jody-:"Wow, he's either more innocent then we thought or he's snowing you?"

Me-:"No man is that innocent. He's just got really low self esteem. He's really sweet though, he'll find someone."

Jody-:"Still, I warned you."

Me-:"Yes, yes you did."

Mixed Tape night

Foolish Love - Lord Tracy
Dream On - Helix
Should have Found Love- Michael Damian
Open Arms- Journey
Honestly- Harem Scarem
Almost Paradise- Loverboy with Ann Wilson
When a Heart Breaks- Rik Emmett
By the Fireside- Slik Toxik
Home Sweet Home- Motley Crue
1000 Degrees- Vain
Smoke and Shadows- Vain
Ballad of Jayne- L.A. Guns
Can You Take Me High Enough-Damn Yankees
I Don't Love You Anymore- London Quireboys
Every Time I look at You- Kiss

And you're asking yourself what the hell is all that?

A mixed tape I found. Yes, tape as in cassette. You know when you start thinking it's time to clean out your desk drawer and you find lost treasure. It was one of those nights.  The only thing is, I'm a product of the movie Trick or Treat from 1986. You know, where the lead character makes this tape for his frienemy and the cassette doesn't have a label.  Yeah, I grew up in a time when that empty tape look was cool. We almost never put labels on the actual cassette, we put labels on the tape case and hoped we didn't mix up which one went where.
Anyways, I came across this tonight and you know what, I still have a very very very old, 25 year old tape player that I use maybe once a year when I'm really feeling nostalgic, so I popped it in and there you go.  The mix had that on it.
So it must have been one of my billion slow dance mixes. Romantic sappy drippy love songs.

Morning post-it

Mr. Scratchy, Herman;  I have this overwhelming need to post you a note this morning. Not too sure why.
Also, want to ask you how your nose and ribs are?  Yeah, not too sure where that came from, but I'm going to start going with my gut more and not second guess myself so much. So... how's your nose and ribs?
"Blues Skies"...I've got that damned song in my head suddenly, the Rod Stewart version. I suppose it's going to be one of those days. Days where things pop to mind that make even me feel like it's a weird day.
Birds suddenly started to chirp outside my window as I was typing that...too cool.

Alright, that's it for right now, hope your day is smooth and the alcohol free.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

post-it note June 1st

Mr. Scratchy, Herman; been a few days since I left you a note. Hope all is well on your end.

Rainy day here. Humid.

I imagine you checking in tonight, a cup of coffee at your side, working on that unfinished painting that I mentioned like a year ago. Yes, I still think you paint/draw for some reason.
Dressed in nothing but your underwear. Grey of course.  And I think you might be covered with paint splats.  Which I might add, is a sexy look for a man. 
Anyways, I imagine you reading this, biting your bottom lip, a smirk on your pale lips. I also think you missed me the last few days without a note.

Alright Herman, my little twist of barbed wire, try not to bump into anything in those dark shadows.

p.s. If you want to hear the song I keep referring to, it's on the Nashville soundtrack volume one "Twist of Barbed Wire" by Johnathan Jackson.... yeah the cosmic joke hits from every side.  You know, if you really are a Johnathan, it's going to be priceless.

Hope I brought a smile to your face.