Friday, January 27, 2017

Dirty Laundry 62

Just got a text from my cousin Walsh, "What did you think?"

Me-:"What am I thinking about?"

Walsh-:"The show last night."

Me-:"What show?"

Walsh-:"Company Two."

Me-:"Haven't watched it in months. Why?"

Walsh-:"New Fav was on."

Me-:"Brilliant, why'd you not tell me when the show was on?"

Walsh-:"Thought you were watching it."

Me-:"No, gave up on all of it months ago. Last wrestling I watched was New Company back like October. Was actually thinking about getting rid of my sports package cause there's no indication New Company will be back on Canadian tv."

Walsh-:"There's a replay tomorrow." he was meaning Company Two

Me-:"Thanks. At lest that will help with the fairy tale and maybe keep the writer's block away."

Walsh-:"I told you, they have a youtube."   he was meaning New Company.

Me-:"Yeah, and I think I've seen the one promo of his like 30 times now. There's only so much storyline I can squeeze out of a 45 second promo."

Walsh-:"hahaha! Well there you go. He's back on Canadian tv."

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