Sunday, February 14, 2016

post it note Feb 14th 2016

Dear Herman:

I had stopped doing these because, well you've never answered. But, I've got an old Bon Jovi song stuck in my head all day "Never Say Goodbye". Thought it was strangely needing to be mentioned.

Anyways, so you can tell by the lack of anything on here in the last few months, there is nothing going on in my life. Nothing of interest anyways. My big mouth has got me locked into hobbies and challenges and projects that I've no real interest in. But people are holding me to them. My mouth gets me into trouble a lot. Though, must admit not like it used to. Insert crude joke right about here.

Okay Mr. Scratchy, I imagine you checking in tonight, dressed in plain dark jeans, a faded black t-shirt with a logo for the Ramones, hair freshly washed and cut for that matter, little wire rimmed glasses on, glass of whiskey beside you. I think you're stretched out on your bed, waiting. Waiting for your night to get started.

I'm going to go watch Downton Abbey

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