Thursday, January 7, 2016


For the last while, I've been under the assumption that my neighbour- the desperate housewife- was having an affair with her female best friend. Every time her husband leaves for more than an hour, the best friend is over like a shot and many sexual noises can be heard through the wall.
So, assumption firmly established.

Little bit ago, there was shouting, doors slamming, and everyone suddenly in the hallway. There was the husband home early, and the desperate housewife's best friend being shoved in her underwear into the hall.
Assumption still firmly established by myself and the other two people who peeked out their doors at the noise.

Then more screaming as the husband threw their laptop into the hallway smashing it, before shoving the wife back into the apartment.

None of this was in English by the way, so I have no idea what was actually being said. Only, that it scared the hell out of me and the other two people who had peeked out their doors at the noise.

Sometimes it just doesn't pay to get online.

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