Tuesday, March 28, 2017

All out of cute media

I'm sitting here this morning, trying to figure out some stuff. Relationship wise, if you want to call my social status on social media a relationship?  If you've been reading this for any real bit of time, you've seen me say that my aunt who is a life coach and apparent social media goddess; keeps trying to get me to turn my facebook and youtube and instagram into my gateway to romance. Which, I'm sure, millions of people can do easily, suavely and not think twice about it.
The me of twenty-five years ago, probably could have too. The me of now. Not so much. 

My aunt has this philosophy that the average person has 10 people in their lifetime fall in love with them, beautiful people have around 50, and famous people have a few hundred. Now, add in social media and the numbers sky rocket. The average person suddenly goes upwards to about 2000, beautiful people in the millions, and famous people...why bother trying to count?
So, according to my aunt, just because of the invention of youtube and instagram, I should be sporting a score of 1550, give or take twenty.

Obviously, not the case, otherwise I'd be happily married by this point. Or at the very lest, running a fan page for myself on facebook.

I made the sad mistake of actually checking my youtube stats this morning. My results were nothing that could indicate my future husband was watching me, one handed.  I've always assumed my target audience were A ) wrestlers, B ) gay men, C ) male witches, D ) men between 28-40.   It seems, not the case. According to youtube, my core audience are women in their 50's.  Yeah, I don't know how that happened either?

I guess it's time to buy a new push-up bra and a tight black dress or something.

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