Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Hermit meets the 4 of Pentacles


The Hermit card in tarot can mean either knowledge from seclusion or it can mean being stuck in a rut.
The 4 of Pentacles can mean being rooted and prepared or it can mean being stubborn and unwilling because of fear.

These two cards together, ironically, seem to be popping up at times when planets are in retro, as Mars is for the next few weeks.

It's letting you know there is change about to happen, but maybe not obviously, or even right away, as most retro phases are about going over the issue, to examine other points of view.

My aunt sent me a link to an article about how we sometimes deprive others our love/gifts/talents without even knowing it, simply by being stuck in a certain stage of mind, or in a rut.
So what happens when you have no idea what your gifts/talents are?  How can you break out of the rut and give that part of yourself to someone else?

As I sit here this morning, thinking about this bit of information, all I can think is that my words are the only gift I have to give.  It's all I think I have ever had to offer. Conversation, strange facts, odd thoughts.

The Hermit and 4 of Pentacles seems to be trying to say otherwise.

As we head into the next stage of things, everyone will start to see shades of other possibilities unfolding over the next few months.  In the meantime, this is all I have to give. 

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