Sunday, December 5, 2010

Who's Your Andy Warhol?

Celebutantes.  Socialites. Debutantes. Glitterati.  They're all looking for one thing. The Paparazzi.

I got an email from Starbucks Dude asking how things went with International Model Guy. I had to tell him nothing happened as IMG never followed through with his promise.

Starbucks Dude -"I think he was put off by your lack of enthusiasm." he commented.

Me -"I think he was put off by my ... well me. I knew it wouldn't get anywhere."

Starbucks Dude -"Candy my Darling, where's your spirit?  You have become a hermit and no one wants a hermit." {referring to the fact I look like Candy Darling.}

Me -"Thanks for that really point out something I don't already know."

Starbucks Dude -"The woman I met few years ago would not have let anything get her down. What happened to you?  You were going to be the next Andy Warhol. Are you even still painting?"

Me -"No. Haven't done a canvas in about two years."

Starbucks Dude -"Did you ever get your movie finished?"

Me -"No. Totally dead on that." 

Starbucks Dude -"I think you need to give up writing, at lest for now cause it's killing the rest of you. Get out, get drunk, get over the past.  You used to have your nose to the fashion grind stone and I can't even remember the last time I saw you in make up. You hear about Gilly's sewing group thing?  She's doing costumes now for the theater group. I can't stand that woman but she's taken a step forward which means you should be miles ahead of her. Her stuff is shit."

Me -"I can't sew to save my life."

Starbucks Dude -"I don't mean actually sewing Darling, I mean you have more style then she does. Christ, I have more style then she does. I don't understand why you never tried to get a job on that show you always watched." {Fashion File}

Me -"I don't live in Toronto. I live here. Sucky old here."

Starbucks Dude -"So move.  Move to Toronto.  Move to the States.  Move to Montreal.  Get out of your little batcave, get out of your pajamas, and no wrestling shirt. When was the last time you got pretty, made an effort to look sexy? And don't say sexy is wasted on you because that's your problem. You gave up. There used to be something delicious about you try and find that again. Go sing or something the bar still has karaoke on the weekends."