Friday, December 24, 2010

Random Friday Dec 24th 2010

I was at the grocery and this woman who I've known since I was about 6 years old was working, The Drama Queen.  She's got the gossip on everyone not too mention is constantly having a mid-life crisis of her own every week, and it's always something different. 
Anyways, she was working and she said to me out of nowhere   "I think you've been hitting on the wrong guy."

Me:  "What?"

The Drama Queen : "I think you've been hitting on the wrong guy."

Me: "Um okay. I haven't been hitting on anyone recently.  So whom are you talking about?" 

TDQ :"That wrestler. I was reading something and I right away started to think about your blog and started to think that that other guy; the one you were telling to get a haircut, he's who you should have been giving your attention too." 

Me: "Okay that's pointless but why?"   (I was laughing)

TDQ: "I read something he wrote and right away remembered something you wrote on your blog and was reading your blog last night and it sounds like he was lecturing you."

Me: "I'm sure he might have been lecturing me. After all the stuff I've said on my blog about him, I would not doubt he decided it was time to lecture back. Doesn't mean anything other then maybe he was bored or pissed off."  (me still laughing) "What was it anyways?"

TDQ: "Oh I don't remember now. You were talking about your novel and how it's not happening."

Me: "I meant what did you read of his that made you think he was trying to talk to me?"

TDQ : "Choosing your goals and stuff and how you are responsible for your own life." she shrugged as she took my money and turned her attention back to the line up of people at her checkout. 

I have no idea what she was referring to and am very confused at this conversation.


  1. OMG! I went through her check out and all she did was talk about how her in-laws think she's cheating. I try to avoid her now.


    P.S. I found you through Helen

  2. xxBethxx- I have known her since we were kids, and don't take too much of what she says too seriously.