Tuesday, December 28, 2010

You should meet him but he has a girlfriend

I went out for coffee yesterday with my friend the Musician.   We are working on a project together and this was the first time in a month he's had time off.

Somewhere around the hour mark of sitting in a crowded Tim Hortons, the talk came around to how we both are single at the moment.  Then he says sort of out of nowhere that I should meet his friend D. then said "but he's got a girlfriend at the moment."

Um... then why would I need to meet him?  I'm confused.  He continued chatting a bit about the topic of dating in general and made another comment about another friend of his and all I can say is warning bells went off. 

When a man says to me "You totally have to meet my buddy he's really depressed right now"  I know he's not someone who I should be getting anywhere near.   It's great and all that he wants to see his buddy doing better, but no one wants to be the band-aid rebound.  Ever.

So I showed my friend the Musician a photo of my wrestler and flat out said "This is my type."   Topic got changed very quickly.

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