Thursday, March 3, 2011

Partners in Crime

Ever notice how sometimes one conversation will lead into another, sometimes with a different person.

I ended up in a really crazy conversation with Walsh, one of my cousins.  Walsh said "Maybe he's jealous? Have you ever thought of that?"  Meaning The Celebrity.  I laughed so hard I hurt my ribs. "Think about it. You've spent all this time like, like, like just  talking about him, and like  no matter what he might have done in the past, you've like 'always been there' right, so now you've smartened up and started talking about that French guy..." 
I was still half laughing, holding my sides but trying to listen to what Walsh was saying. Walsh was totally stoned out of his mind by the way, which made this conversation so much more interesting and I can say without a doubt, why Walsh was willing to have the conversation with me.  "That chef you started talking about." 

Oh. Yes. The celebrity Chef.  I wonder what the chances are of the hot French celebrity chef  noticing that I've been blogging about him? 

"And just maybe maybe you know. The Celebrity is feeling like you abandoned him cause you're not you know, you any more. You're someone else now. Someone who likes food." 

"I've always liked food. No secret there. One of the big rants to do with The Celebrity." 

"But now, youre like you know, not all his you know."

"No I don't know, but go on. "  my laughing had turned to hicups. Painful ones by the way.

"You know, you know. He thinks like that maybe he thinks you're not  going to talk about him any more cause you're not his anymore. But he's still yours and you are still his but you're not cause like you know you're like that new one's now, the Frenchie with the spatula." he made a to and fro motion that had me laughing again. "And like you know maybe maybe he's like thinking you aren't interested anymore."

All I could think was, why isn't my family ever this sweet to me when they are sober? 

He continued on about a few other things and came back round with a simple "Have you ever thought that? He's hurt you've started giving all your attention to the Frenchie?"

"But everyone keeps reminding me it's just a blog. The Celebrity hasn't even read my blog in months. At lest he hasn't written anything on the company one to indicate he's been reading me lately. It's more like loosing a job."

Walsh smiled at me. "Doesn't mean he doesn't like you. Maybe he's like you know, seeing that you are always talking about him, seeing you as being there. And you don't know could be that he's been screwed around by fans before dating him for his money." Walsh  blushed as he mentioned having to get home before his wife got back from the store.  " you know, cause it's just like you know, hard to trust when you've been hurt before." 

Again, I ask, why can't my family be this sweet when they are sober?

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