Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday June 27th

My sister and I were at the new apartment for a bit, dropping off some of the lighter stuff, when one of the neighbour's door opened.  No one came out, no one was entering, the door just seemed to open about two inches.

"That's the creeper." I said as we entered my new apartment.


Me-:"Every time I've been here in the last few days, that guy opens his door and just stands there. I have no idea what his deal is? Doesn't say anything, doesn't go out of his apartment, just stands there. The first day, I thought it was one of those life size cut outs of like movie stars or something, but it was him."

Sister-:"Okay. Welcome to crazy town. Have you met anyone else in the building yet?"

Me-:"One of the neighbours from the third floor. She was outside when I came to pick up the keys the other day, and when I said what floor I was moving into, she screwed up her nose at me. "


Me-:"Yeah, seems I'm moving into the 'low rent district' of the building. The third floor it would seem is high quality and anything else is considered scum."

Sister-:"Ha! If she only knew where you were moving from eh?"  she walked around the apartment opening and closing the cupboards and closets. "This place is tiny! You could fit this whole apartment into the living room where you're moving out of. Why would you move? Scratch that, I know why you're moving, but to downsize like're going to have to get rid of like everything you own to fit anything in here. You're not going to get everything done in a month. Unless you like don't sleep at all for the next 30 days."

We locked up and headed to the sandwich shop next door, for dinner. The place was packed, and even with her wedding ring, my sister got hit on by two guys. Pour more salt on that wound.

Me-:"I think this is going to be my new go to place."

Sister-:"You will get so if you eat here too often. But, I can see the attraction. And the food's good too."

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