Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Jon the metal dude

Mardi and I were talking this morning. Her husband had to go into work, and she had the day off. I met her few months ago, standing in line at the movies.  We were talking about Mr. Freeze at one point. Her reaction, went from shock to disgust.

Mardi-:"Never had that happen."

Me-:"I find that hard to believe. You've never in your whole life, had a man just stare at you like that? Follow you around?"    Mardi can only be described as a goddess, perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect waist size. And her husband looks like he should be on the cover of fitness magazines.

Mardi-:"Not that I've seen. Mind you, I don't pay attention to people. But, you need to do something about it. Sounds like a total stalker." I heard her gulp down her tea. "Don't want to find you locked up in a deep freezer somewhere, hacked into hamburger."

Me-:"Good point."

Mardi-:"What's that? You got company?"

I had been watching a lecture on youtube, and bumped the mouse unpausing it.  "No. Just a video."

Mardi-:"For what? Tv show?"


Mardi-:"Send me the link."  I heard her start the dishwasher.


Mardi-:"Why not? I've got nothing else to do right now other then moping the floors." I sent her the link, knowing she's an Atheist. Couldn't wait for her remarks on this one. "Okay, got it. How far into are you?"

Me-:"Bout half way." 

Mardi-:"Then let me fast forward to where you are."  then I heard giggling. "He's cute! I see the appeal of the lecture."

Me-:"Yeah, have to admit, his lectures make it easy to listen."  I could hear part of the youtube lecture over the phone, didn't have to unpause my video. "Dare I say, a new favourite celebrity crush."

Mardi-:"Is he a celebrity? This living god dude? I've never heard of him before."

Me-:"That's because you're an Atheist." that got me laughing then for no real reason.

Mardi-:"That your type?" there was crunching. "Dark hair, heavy metal, and all that?"

Me-:"Pretty much. Why?" I decided I needed a coffee then as I waited for her to continue. There was more crunching for a long minute, the video no longer audible on her end. "Mardi?"

Mardi-:"Just thinking. There's this guy at work who kinda looks like this dude. I know he's single, he asked me out before he realized I was married. Wears death metal shirts to work all the time."

Me-:"Huh. If you tell me he's name is Johnathan I'm hanging up."  she was silent, even stopped crunching on her snack.

Mardi-:" know him?"

Me-:"No. I just...seriously? Are you screwing with me right now?"  I was standing in the middle of the kitchen, not sure if I wanted to laugh or cry or hyperventilate.

Mardi-:"Why would I screw with you about introducing you to a guy?"   I had to tell her about the whole cosmic joke and how every time I turn around, there's another Johnathan popping up. She laughed at me for like ten minutes. 

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