Monday, November 24, 2014

Sunday night late

Got a message from my cousin Walsh about an hour ago. I figured it was the same old same old about the ppv, so didn't bother to check it right away. Waited till after the ppv was over to bother to look. And it wasn't about that.  He asked if I was okay?  Told him I was fine, then asked why?

Walsh-:"You killed the fairy tale. What's going on?"

Me-:"I did not kill it. Everything is fine."

Walsh-:"You broke up the leads. Are you sure you're okay? Depressed?"

Me-:"No. Totally fine."    I did decide to move the fairy tale into a new direction, hell after almost two years, it's time to get that soap opera some new blood. 

Walsh-:"You talked about not being interested in Mad Hatter anymore, then you kill the asking..."

Me-:"You worry me. You are way too invested in my fairy tale. Get a hobby..."

Walsh-:"I have more then enough hobbies...don't have enough time for my hobbies at it is. I like reading your stuff. So all this time, I thought the lead male was based on Mad Hatter and the lead female on you, but you had the male do your stuff..."

Me-:"I'm the writer, everything the characters do is my stuff. Where is this going?"

Walsh-:"Nowhere I guess. What did you think of the ppv?"

Me-:"Fine, nothing overly special. I have hobbies too you know."  

Walsh-:"Yeah yeah. so, you going to fix it?"

He seemed very determined to have me change the new direction back to the old boring direction. "No. Don't think so. Think I'm going to see where this new direction takes me. I haven't worked Cinderella into it yet or Jekyll and Hyde."

Walsh-:"Jekyll and Hyde isn't a fairy tale."

Me-:"To a point it is. It's a version of Beauty and the Beast."

Silence for a few minutes.  "Okay, I'll buy that. Hang on..." more silence. "I've picked out Alice in Wonderland, Red Ridding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel... Miss anything?"

Me-:"Sleeping Beauty, Frankenstein, Dracula, Robin Hood..."

Walsh-:"Robin Hood! Okay yeah see that now."

Me-:"Obviously, Beauty and the Beast."

Walsh-:"Obviously...okay, carry on. Just make sure you patch up the leads. They really belong together."

Me-:"They need some strife. Can't be all roses and hearts."

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