Sunday, November 2, 2014

Return of the Deperate Housewife

Woken by this banging and rattling sound. Loud enough that I thought someone was trying to get in. Given it's a big building and one drunken wrong turn could find you trying your keys in the wrong door...then I heard a woman screaming to be let in. I peeked out the peeper and saw the Desperate Housewife standing in the hallway. She was screaming for her husband to let her in.

Here's the thing, I thought they had moved two weeks ago. The furniture people came, sofas and tables and boxes were moved. I haven't seen him coming or going, nor have I heard their baby.

But there she was this morning, rattling the key that simply wasn't working, screaming to be let in. I saw her then banging on the door closest to her left, waking the neighbour. They told her something, not in English, pointing to her apartment door. She left her stuff in the hallway, stormed up the stairs, stormed down the stairs, and was screaming into the phone.

Security arrived few minutes ago.  Something tells me this is going to be a noisy day around here.

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