Thursday, January 15, 2015

Old new borrowed blue

Picture it, me standing in line at the dollar store with valentine's day cookie cutters in hand, when Mr. Freeze opens the outside set of doors to the store. He saw me took a half step back as if frightened, then walked in through the "out" door. Right past me to the point I thought he was going to smash my shoulder, then walked around to the far end of the store for whatever it was he had come in for. Which, by the way, had he gone through the "in" door would have only needed to take one step to get to that area. I went to pay for my stuff, looked up and he was right behind me in line. Cut in front of some old man. It get's weirder, I turned to put my basket back and he stepped out of line blocking me then stepped back into line, dropped his stuff and headed back into the far end of the store.

But the hits keep rolling. I then went the next building over, to the actual grocery and bumped into this guy I haven't seen in years. Former Neighbour who lived across the street from me when we were kids. He was standing there with his girlfriend/wife (he's been divorced few times I can't keep up with the rumors) spotted me, and screamed my name out as if he was actually happy to see me. Wasn't expecting that. Expecting maybe a semi-polite nod of acknowledgement or at the most a mid-air hand wave. His girlfriend/wife turned looking at me then stormed off, turned back and  grabbed him by the sleeve. When I was leaving the grocery few minutes later, they past me at the doors. He turned to start talking and she glared at me, like she wanted me dead.  
Now, Former Neighbour dated/slept with everyone of my friends when we were younger. It was like I would make a friend and within weeks, they seemed to end up with him. I swear it was like the universe planned it for me to be the stepping stone for those chicks to bump into FN. All I ever got from FN was a beehive stuck in my bedroom window one night when he was stoned. He seemed to love torturing me. So no matter his reputation, I'm in no way a threat.

To think I could ever be a threat in any way is beyond funny.

Then arrive home, check emails, and there was a message from a guy I had a one night stand with years ago. Just out of the blue, asking me how my day was. Odd.

Things happen in threes. What else is on the agenda?

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