Tuesday, August 4, 2015

post it note Aug 4th 2015

Dear Herman:

I just wanted to come in and write you a little note.  It's been way too long since I have let myself believe in...well this I suppose. 
The other day, this 20something guy saw me walking down the street and opened a door for me. I wasn't even going into that building, I was headed to the building next to it, but it was just very cool and sweet and so not the kind of thing that happens to me. V-neck shirt and a bra really does do wonders eh?
Definitely the boost I needed that day.

Weird dream about The Celebrity; nothing interesting, nothing steamy sadly enough, just a dream about him cooking eggs. They were scrambled eggs. So weird, so out of place.  Maybe not so much, given the way I would tease him on my blog about food for those few years. So I suppose fitting.

Anyways Mr. Scratchy, I imagine you checking in tonight, drained of energy. I believe you're dressed in navy shorts, bare feet, a red baseball cap on backwards, and have a red twizzlers candy hanging out of your mouth. I think you've just made yourself a cup of tea, and are catching up with the last three parts of the fairy tale.

I hope I put a smirk on your lips tonight.

as always, smile smirk and snarl.

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