Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cooking with tarots

I was out for a few hours this morning, ended up stopping at mom's and then the grocery on the way home. Old grocery, in the old neighbourhood.  Storm was working, and he screamed at me from across the whole place, very hyper.

This lady who was standing right behind me at the tofu counter, was looking around and she is like "Oh, he's talking to you. I'm like who the hell is that, I don't know him why is he calling me, but he's not he was talking to you." then she just giggled, started to walk away and came back "Shame, thought he was flirting with me." she shrugged and walked off.

Storm-:"You are looking really good. I mean really good."

Me-:"Thanks. I've lost 30 pounds." I didn't tell him it's taken since x-mas to do so, but still.  "So what's new?"

Storm-:"The cherries are half price."

Me-:" No what's new in your life?"

Storm-:"Oh! My ex and I broke up again. But I'm dating this new chick."  The smile on his face was like a little kid. "What's new with you?"

Me-:"Not much. Doing the tarot readings."

Storm-:"Oh yeah! I've just got a set of runines."


Storm-:"Yeah, however you pronounce it."  he went on for a good ten minutes then about some instructor he came across on youtube and how he's getting into the Aztec mythology.  He ended up writing down the dude's name making me promise to check it out. 

As I was leaving the place, I decided to head into starbucks, and there was this group of construction workers just hanging around waiting for their orders. One just kept staring at me. On the walk home, an old guy tipped his hat to me as he passed.  He actually tipped his hat. Like something you see in a movie about the 1800's.
And then there was the dude in the silver van who was just grinning at me like a goof while at the lights, and started waving. I have no idea who it was. One of those situations when I had to look around to see who was behind me. There wasn't anyone. No cars even waiting to cross in that direction.

So weird some days.

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