Thursday, September 3, 2015

Then and now

Two days ago, I bumped into a guy I had gone to college with. Haven't seen him in 20 years, didn't even know he was still living in town.
He hasn't aged a day. His hair was shorter but otherwise, he looked just the same as he did back in 1995.

We just stared at each other. Silly, I know, but neither of us spoke. We both just kept looking at each other, turning away at first when the other caught us looking. Then, just stood there staring each other in the eye.  He was fifteen or so feet away from me in line at the post office.

In college, we had been drinking buddies. I had a total crush on him, but he was always dating someone else. Always a new chick every few weeks. 

I have no idea what it was that froze me in place, keeping me from actually saying hi?  Just staring at him like I was a silly teenager once again.  Yeah, totally kicking myself for not having the guts to do anything.

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