Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Here's the pattern

A guy messaged me on the dating site. Which I had once again lost faith in. Anyways, he messaged we chatted very briefly, and made plans for coffee. Only on the day of, he never messaged to confirm. Right, surprisingly, I was fine with it. He wasn't my type, and I only said yes, well because no one's asked in a long while.
A few days go by, and suddenly Mr. No Show, messages asking how I am. Tell him I'm fine, and then he asks if I want to try again. Tell him sure, and we set a semi-date.  Again, my gut tells me he isn't going to show, and again I'm fairly okay with it.
Right, he didn't. Then I get a message a few days after that telling me he's going to Vancouver till the new year for work. When he gets back he wants to try once more to have that coffee.
Fine whatever.   

This has been the base pattern for the last few years with me. A guy I'm not interested in, chats it up makes vague plans and cancels. The weird part is, I always know when the cancellation call/message is coming.

You've heard of the rebound, well I guess this makes me the practice run. And it never gets out the gate. Maybe that's why I'm not fully interested in the guy? Because I know he's not really interested in me?
Figuring out how to break this pattern is the hardest thing that seems to have crossed my path.

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