Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Druid and the Pirate

I had gone to the occult store across town, met this semi-good looking guy hanging around there. And of course surprise surprise, he was gay. I swear, there isn't a straight male witch on this planet outside of movies. Anyways, the Druid and I were talking about rituals, and spell books. This is actually the second guy in a month I've met who is a druid. The first guy, I met while waiting in line at the bagel shop in the mall. He was straight but married. I swear my luck gets worse not better.

After leaving there, I headed to the comic store and I can't even tell you why? I literally spotted the sign for the place as I was walking down the street towards the bus, and just turned heading inside. I am not a comic person, so this was one of those gut reactions to go in there.
Anyways, this dude was standing at the far end of the place, dressed in leather pants, a black vest, black shirt and long trenchcoat, his hair jet black and more eyeliner then me. My first thought was he was either coming from a play or he's a massive fan of Once Upon a Time, cause he looked like the actor who plays Hook.  He started picking up random comics and commenting loudly about how the storylines in them sucked, and the problem with them these days is that there are too many crossover stories. 
I wandered through the store, just feeling...not even sure? Still don't know why I wandered in there to begin with? But the Pirate leaned over the bin of comics, raised an eyebrow at me asking if I agreed. I just gave a half smile and moved on. The salesman asked if there was anything he could help me with, and I said no as I spotted some old band shirts. And while I was standing there looking at some Megadeth and Kiss t-shirts, the Pirate decided to come over to where I was, walk a full circle around me, and then stood there just hovering. I still am not sure what to think of him? He was cute I'll give him that.

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