Thursday, October 22, 2015

My mind tricked me

I was on my way to the grocery about an hour ago, staring at the construction workers, gazing dreamily into the window of the sandwich shop when I looked up to see this guy. My heart stopped for a half second as I nearly lost by breath.
There was this dude who was about 5 '8, half a mohawk-ish style slicked back, great arms walking a foot and a half ahead of me at warp speed through the parking lot.
Seriously, my brain shut down for the minute and a half as I continued to move on auto-pilot towards the store.  The guy kept looking over his shoulder like he was expecting to be raped or mugged or something.

I got into the store and walked past what I was looking for about five times before my mind cleared. Either I just saw the best look alike ever, or...The Celebrity is in town.

Never saw this dude straight on, so can't say if I've just lost my bleeding mind, or what?  I of course messaged my cousin Walsh asking him if there was any indie wrestling companies in town? Not to his knowledge.

Walsh-: "But...did you know that the Mexican Vampire is in town?"

Me-:"Yeah. He moved back like a year ago. Heard about it on the news...well mom heard about it on the news and told me."

Walsh-:"And you never told me!"

Me-:"Hey Walsh, guess what the Mexican Vampire moved back to town mom said she saw it on the news."

Walsh-:"Not funny. But if he's in town then it's totally possible that you saw The Celebrity."

Me-:"I would rather think it was a look alike. Hate to think I was literally two feet from my favourite wrestler, favourite famous person and..."

Walsh-:"And didn't faint at his feet. Haha!"

Me-:"Pretty much. What if it was him?"

Walsh-:"Then...I don't know? Anything is possible"

Me-:"Had to be a look alike, why would he be sprinting through the city? If it was some crazy off chance The Celebrity was here slumming in our crappy city, wouldn't he be driving?"

Walsh-:"Again, remember anything is possible."

Of course, be it him, look alike, or just a really hot dude; I was looking like the creature from the black lagoon today. Whenever I bother to do hair and make-up and such, the streets are empty like a ghost town. But when I barely run a comb through my hair, I am tripping over hot guys. Figures.

That is seriously all I'm going to be able to think about now. What if and why?

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