Friday, September 23, 2016

Patiently Passing Past Pastimes

I got a message from my cousin Walsh two days ago simply asking "are you going?"  I had no clue what he was talking about?


Walsh-:"The wrestling. Next week. You going?"

Me-:"What wrestling?"

He sent me a link to the facebook page. No sooner did I start checking it out, when my mother called me to tell me she'd seen a flyer for it.  Huh. I find this interesting as I was thinking about my old sports blog and wondering if I should start it up again?  It's gets a bit more synchronized. I ended up with two hits within an hour of hanging up the phone with mother, to my sports blog to an old review I did. The review was about the big named wrestler who is suppose to be coming here for this tour.
Then today, while hanging out at the occult shop, Keira was working, and she asked me if I was going to go? 

Me-:"I haven't decided. But, funny you should mention it. You're like the third person in as many days to tell me it's coming to town."

Keira-:"I think that's your answer. Don't over think it."

I can't help but overthink it. It's just who I am. Then we got talking about Janny and how she snagged a new boyfriend in the last few days. One of the regulars who comes into the occult shop.

Me-:"That's it! This place has been lucky for everyone but me. That's what five of the six! Cause if he's dating a staff member, that's six of the regulars who come here who met someone here."   Keira laughed and nodded and laughed some more.

Keira-:"I never even noticed you know. It's because of you though! You know how you talked me into making those love mojos. Everyone of them bought one. Every single one." she pointed at the little red silken baggies.

Me-:"See, I can fix everyone's love life but my own."

Keira-:"Buy one of the mojos."

Me-:"It's my recipe! I have plenty." I was laughing then, half laughing half pouting. "I don't understand. I swear the universe is taunting me. Big cosmic joke that I'm the butt of."

Keira-:"Well, maybe you'll met Mr. Right at the wrestling?"

Me-:"Or maybe Mr. Best Friend of Mr. Right Who Will Introduce Me..." 

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