Tuesday, September 20, 2016

post it note Sept 20th 2016

It's just before 3pm here where I am, and for some strange reason, I had this overwhelming urge to come in and write a little note, Mr. Scratchy.  I was working on the next couple of segments of the fairy tale, when I literally felt like something was tugging me towards here. To write a post it for you guys.  And I do mean it that way Herman, I think this is meant for you and one of your buddies. Don't ask, I'm learning to trust my intuition more and when something grabs me, I am just jumping in.

I had the craziest out of nowhere for no point in anything vivid as if it were happening image/vision. A pink fishnet glove. It's got something to do with something, only I have no idea what?  Not something I'd ever wear. In fact, it was a man's hand and they were reaching out to touch my face. Creepy on so many levels. I really kinda hate fishnets.  No, not you then, had to ask.

But, not even the point of why I felt the need to write this. The cards are coming up like madness talking of being stabbed in the back. Of someone out to sabotage. One thing I've learned, is that when the tarots repeat constantly, they will continue to repeat the same cards until I find out what the situation is, or who I am suppose to be helping. And when I say repeating; I mean no matter what deck I use (I have over 20 tarot decks) no matter who I'm doing the readings for or how often they are shuffled (by me or the client) the same few come up every time.  The cheating cards. The 10 of Swords with the 2 of Cups and Lovers. The cups and lovers both reversed. The Lovers card is about choices, and ironically the 2 of Cups is more about relationships.

And now...I imagine you reading this, a cup of hot chocolate in hand, a bagel beside you. I imagine you are wearing a green shirt, jeans and a dark jacket. I don't think you've shaved in a few days and are looking as if a round of sleepless nights have left you zombied.

Okay Herman, consider this a hug from me.

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