Sunday, July 30, 2017

post it note July 30th 2017

Dear Mr. Scratchy;

It's just before 7:30 pm EST here, and still we are sitting at +30C with +32C humidex. I've said a million times over, I'm not designed for this heat.

I've watched my friend Marie chase after a guy getting mixed results. I say it's mixed results because she keeps sabotaging herself. Purposely doing rituals and love spells to push him towards someone else, someone she thinks is more his type physically. Yet, the more she does that, the harder she falls for him herself.  She's not listening to me when I tell her it's because she's meant to be with the guy. Sadly, I'm seeing this sort of thing in people a lot lately. Most of the witches and pagans I talk to have been blocking themselves from their own happiness, just because they think the other person will ultimately reject them. Usually over something really stupid like career or their own insecurities.  I'm talking some really strong spell crafters here too. People who can say something once and have it manifest within hours without any other effort.

Anyways, I believe Herman, you are checking in tonight, wearing dark jeans, white t-shirt and a yellow a yellow dress shirt open over it. I want to say you were at church or something where you had to dress appropriate. Airport even. Good god man, I just see a horde of little old ladies flapping around that shirt. Dude, going out on a limb and saying I imagine you were spending the day with your grandmother, taking her to lunch or something the like. Don't ask, I just roll with what pops into my brain as I write. I can't shake the feeling you're a bit unsettled tonight.

Okay Herman; Mr. Scratchy, should you feel the need...

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