Saturday, December 14, 2013

After Friday 13th

Sister was in a crap mood earlier. My brother in law is sick and acting like the world is coming to an end. We were at mom's for a very rare night where we had dinner together. That happens maybe once every four years.
My cousin Walsh dropped Mavis off for babysitting.  She saw me hunched over a notepad writing.  "What you writing?"

Me-:"Fairy Tale."

Mavis-:"What's it about? Can I read it?"

Me-:"These are just notes for the real story which I've been writing on the blog."

Mavis-:"Can I read the story on the blog?"

Me-:"It's not for kids."

Mavis-:"But you just said it's a fairy tale. How can it not be for kids if it's a fairy tale?"

Me-:"It's a fairy tale for grown ups."

Mavis-:"What's it about?"

Me-:"Alice in Wonderland meets the Big Bad Wolf."

Mavis-:"Oh. I want that." she was pointing to a commercial on tv. "What do you want for christmas?"

Me-:"For the readers of my fairy tale to comment on my blog and to be married happily ever after for real."

Mavis started laughing like it was the funniest thing on the planet, then flopped back on the sofa as if she'd worked pulling a mountain, her hand over her forehead dramatically.

Walsh-:"Yeah, I don't understand why no one's commented on that yet? I mean, they are reading it right?" he was still fighting his winter boots the one shoelace having a knot in it.

Me-:"Yeah, if you mean the wrestlers. Pretty sure of it. Steady hits on the fairy tale same amount every time I post, so guess so."

Mavis-:"Why aren't you married? And why don't you have kids? Someone I could play with."

Me-:"I ask myself that every day."

Mavis-:"You ask yourself what every day? Why I don't have anyone to play with when I'm here?" she was standing up at that point her hands on head, starting to jump up and down."

Me-:"If that's what you want to hear sure."

Walsh-:"Don't get her started."

Me-:"I'm not doing anything."

Walsh-:"I was talking to Mavis. I really don't feel like seeing you cry right now."

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