Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dirty Laundry 40

I had turned off my phone to charge last night, and seems I missed a message from my cousin Walsh. Which of course was the usual "you watching the show?"

Me-:"Yes, I watched the show."  this I sent few hours ago.

Walsh-:"So you saw then?"   he replied about forty five minutes ago.

Me-:"Just said I did."

Walsh-:"No I mean your man and the arm."

Me-:"That a Twin Peaks reference? Don't remember any little dancing dwarf." 

Walsh-:"Funny. The promo in the ring with the crash test dummy."

Me-:"Was pretty spiffy. Wonder if he writes his own stuff or just goes off the cuff?" which I've wondered many times.

Walsh-:"I thought you wrote something close? Like in your fairy tale or something?"

Ah right on, good to know someone is still reading my stuff.

Me-:" but I got the idea from that old promo Mad Hatter did for the indie company...so no."

Walsh-:"Oh....I really thought he was giving you an inside joke type of thing."

Me-:"Don't think so. More like the other way around."

Walsh-:"Well...the fairy tale is better. No more writer's block?"

Me-:"For the moment all is smooth...how's things with you?"

Walsh-:"Same old same old. Got the guys coming over on the weekend for the ppv."

Me-:"Tell Duncan I said hi."  I sent the text instantly regretting it. I have no idea why I even thought of him.

Walsh-:"???? What? Now you're interested in him? He's got a girlfriend sort of now."

Me-:"Then don't tell him I said hi."

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