Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Love lines

I've recently tried my hand at palm reading, pun not intended; and learned that the marriage lines don't really mean a bunch of marriages. This is news to me. I've always been under the assumption that they meant how many times you'd be married or in a long term relationship. But, as I learned today, they apparently mean how you were impacted by the relationship.
It would seem, that the longer the marriage lines -which are located at the edge of your hand under the pinky- the earlier in your life the relationship happened. And the shorter the lines, the later in your life. Also, it would seem, the deeper the grooves the more they meant to you.
I've got one line that goes from the edge of my hand to almost touch the heart line, which is the one that starts under your forefinger and runs to the edge under the pinky; which it would seem means that relationship happened when I was in my teens/early twenties. It's also the deepest groove on my hand.

The average amount of marriage lines is suppose to be four, I have six.  Five of  these lines are short stubby little lines that are barely noticeable to the untrained eye, well to me anyways, until they were covered in big black inky marker; all indicating that those relationships are still to come and impact me.

So do I look at this with joy or dread? 

I like the idea that this indicates more chances at real love in my future, but dislike the idea that no one will create a soulmate connection with me. The idea that this deep grooved long marriage line is telling me, my one real soul connection has already happened, makes me sad.

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