Friday, October 24, 2014

Dirty Laundry 41

Ever have one of those days when you just can't seem to get any work done? Not for lack of trying, but because no one will leave you alone?

Been in a pretty steady groove lately with the fairy tale, and managing to get some notes for a new story, then today gone out the window. Why? Because my phone has been psycho. Here's the thing, I don't give my number out.  But I've gotten this bizarre bunch of calls and texts from people looking for a guy named Carl. This has been happening since last week. I put the first one off as a simple wrong number, but, it's gotten to the point one person said they talked to him just this morning on this number.  The phone company had no explanation  And I've had the same phone number for 8 years. Crazy right?  Either way, it's disrupted my train of thought.

That was the lesser of the badness.  What really got my heart to catch in my throat was a twitter email. I have one, I just refuse to use it. Anyways, I got one of those "do you know blah blah blah?" with a list of so called famous/popular Canadians.  Mr. B. was on the list. (talked about him before "Cursed-id-ed" was one)
This is a guy I haven't talked to or seen in 20 years, and suddenly he's being offered up as a possible contact?  I thought about it. Damn, I thought about reaching out and saying hey. But, I thought better. Didn't do it.
Instead, just sat there staring at his photo for five minutes before deleting the email. Then I sat there for another twenty minutes mindlessly looking into the depths of my coffee cup while listening to the Dracula soundtrack.

You've heard of emotional affairs. I believe they are rare but extreme. My sister has always referred to Mr. B. as my real first love.  Everyone was in love with Mr. B.  He just had that way about him. It's weird how one little thing can get your mind racing to what ifs and shoulda coulda wouldas...
This dude, was Jim Morrison/Hunter S. Thompson/Jon Lennon/Trent Reznor/Jack Kerouac all rolled into one. From the photo, he's still got it.
So now, he's all I can think about, which doesn't help my writing.

The 6 of Cups has been popping up in my tarots lately. That's the card of remembering, past, nostalgia, forgotten friends. Now I know why.

Emotional affairs.  This is like the term of the last decade, the term made popular by internet relationships/affairs. It's become a cop out for a lot of people, and a dirty word for others.

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