Friday, October 24, 2014

Dirty Laundry 41 B

I got a call from Walsh's step mom, asking me how I was. I can only guess she saw the blog.


Aunt-:"Are you really?"

Me-:"Peachy with an order of Keen and a side of Spiffy."

Aunt-:"Huh! You've really got to let things roll off you more."   

Me-:"Aunty, I love you for this, but I can't do this light and love crap anymore. I've been trying to stay positive on things, but just when I start to think everything is going to work out, when I start feeling good about myself, that  Mr. Right (I stopped calling him Mr. Scratchy to most people since I'm no longer feeling like they are the same man) is out there; I hit a wall. Someone from my past pops up. Ex-boyfriends, past one night stands. know, the bad stuff pours back."

I heard her slurping one of her power shakes. "That's because you're a sensitive, you wear your heart on your sleeve. Do you still have that book I gave you on positive affirmations and meditations?"

Me-:"Somewhere in a box. Might take me a few days to find it."

Aunt-:"That won't help you today...oh another call coming in hold on..."   I was ready to hang up I was on hold so long thinking she forgot me when she popped back on. " know everything happens when it's suppose to not when you want it to. Remember that, let that be your affirmation today. And tomorrow till you find that book. And while you're waiting for Mr. Right, why not just relax and let yourself find a Mr. Right Now?" she giggled.

Me-:"Every time I've gone that route I've ended up in a worse situation then before I started. I've made a promise to myself no more maybes, I'm holding out for the real deal."

Aunt-:"Well, he's never going to find you if you keep repeating your old negative ways. Positive brings positive. Treat yourself. Get some new clothes, go have a spa day, redecorate...okay I've got a client here now for a reiki session talk to you later. Remember, stay positive."

I'm positive that after that phone call I'm no longer depressed as much as pissed off.

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