Tuesday, December 16, 2014

post it dec 16th 2014

Ever know when something is over, be it a relationship, or job or whatever; and then still be a little shaken when the end happens?  Well Mr. Scratchy, it's one of those days.  For once, won't bore with details, just say I saw the end of it weeks ago, but the hammer came down today.  And it surprisingly still hurt.

They always say Herman, when one door closes another opens. I wish I could say that were visibly true, but all I seem to see is a hallway of locked doors.

I honestly don't know why I bother to hang on to these post it notes, Herman, I know you'll never respond in any way shape or form. But they are oddly comforting.

Anyways, I guess this is the point where I say that I imagine you checking in today, dressed in black track pants, winter boots cause I think wherever you are it's cold enough, a dark blue sweater and a grey hoodie. I believe you are sitting in a coffee shop somewhere, a large coffee in front of you, the local newspaper and a half eaten sandwich. And I just made you twitch.
Okay Herman, I'm going to work on the next part of the fairy tale, cause it's all I can think of to keep sane.

As always, smile smirk and snarl.

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