Wednesday, December 31, 2014

post it note new year's eve

Dear Mr. Scratchy,

What's up with you tonight? Nothing out of the ordinary here, just pizza and a few movies. Just watched Duets. I've talked about that over the years online bunch of times. I must have seen it now close to twenty times, and it makes me cry every time. Yeah Herman, I'm such a girl.  There is a line at the end of it, when one of the characters mentions how he can't go back to the life he was living before his adventure because he sings now. On the surface it's the big chuckle. But, when you look at the comment as the wrap for the whole movie, it's the deepest line there is. Well, okay, not the deepest, but it's the one most on point. Before I ever saw this movie, I thought people who did karaoke were the biggest hosers around. Then I had my own adventures in karaoke and damn it, the movie really made sense. It changed my life, much like the characters in the film. For good and bad. Damn I miss it every now and then. Like nights like tonight. The idea that the real world slips away for five minutes while you get to be in the spotlight with everyone adoring you for all your faults. The strange way people become these little cults of worshipers for their favourite regulars, defending them no matter how horrible of a singer they might be. Can let you forget sometimes that those people are not your real friends.

Anyways Herman...I imagine you checking in tonight dressed in a grey t-shirt and paint stained jeans. And I think the t-shirt was a last minute change of clothes, something from work with one of the guys' logo on it. Cause I think you had someone smash into you drunk, spilling their drink on you and forced you to change clothes. Might be why you've got on paint stained jeans my mind anyways.

I miss Dimmer on weekly tv, can you pass a hey to him...

as always, smile smirk and snarl.

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