Thursday, December 4, 2014

post it dec 4th 2014

Dear Herman:

Ever get that feeling that someone is working against you behind your back, yet you don't know who or why?  Wait, your in the wrestling industry so I'm sure you have. The past week, my ear has been burning like madness, until last night. Last night and tonight I got together with Mardi, for a few hours.  No burning. So the person who's been talking about me hasn't last night or tonight. Should I be worried, or chalk it up to your buddies and you?  Sometimes omens and paranoia go hand in hand.

Igor is looking over your shoulder right now laughing rolling his eyes because he knew, I'd write another post it note at some point.  stop laughing you'll split something.

I imagine you tonight reading this, a coffee in hand, arms covered in ink and paint, from whatever your latest drawing is, a half eaten ham sandwich in front of you, relaxing dressed in those grey pajama bottoms and a flannel shirt half unbuttoned sleeves rolled up to expose the smeared ink and paint. 

Okay Mr. always smile smirk and snarl

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